Some news from France CLXVI

Yesterday was a sunny calm wind day in the Morbihan Breton, looking out of my window ,it feels a slight breeze, temps at 21C or 72F. It is bug time again to write about my belle France. The countdown began for my long European summer vacation soon.

If anybody around will be by the Les Valseuses bar in old town Vannes tonite ::)  Just behind the Chateau de l’Hermine and close by the ramparts of Vannes. more here:

Issues with public transport, always a nightmare in Paris if you happened to have worked there like me for 10 years; lucky some visitors that do not have to go thru this everyday.

there is work going on to renew and renovate the rails for 3,7 km (2,2 miles) of the RER A requiring the closing of the line between La Défense and Nation until August 27th. As you come out of the RER A station Auber, you will see water in the tunnel coming from the phreatic nappe at about 30 meters deep and one of the lowest point in this line. There is extraction of stones here needing to close four stations Charles-de-Gaulle/Etoile, Auber, Châtelet-les-Halles, and Gare de Lyon.  There are seven trains of 200-400 meters long doing this work according to the SNCF (France rail authority).

The work continues in the rue de Rivoli to make a bicycle lane on the bus lane now ; this will this line stop between rue de Fourcy ,and the rue Lobau in the 4eme arrondissement. They will maintain the two lanes road for cars/autos until mid October 2017. This according to the city of Paris

There is a new entrance by the rue Custine for the new station of Château-Rouge requiring closing the old entrance at the crossing of boulevard Barbés and rue Poulet in the 18eme arrondissement. The new station will be on the metro line 4 .  This according to the RATP ,the Paris region transport authority.

If you follow the news, there has been a huge delay at Montparnasse (my station luckily no need to travel there now!) The delays are going on two days! Many of the trains are been change to the station gare Austerlitz and some others to the one at Massy-Palaiseau.  This in the effort to make it possible for 3 out of 4 TGV to continue working. The SNCF has indicated the motive of this huge delays was a defect in the isolation of an electrical installation on a signal post !!!. Of course, the government criticize them for this delay but the govt knows they are on the red and do not want to bail out again!!

And Paris France has it’s Olympic Games for 2024!! making the 100 anniversary of the first one in 1924! Credit goes to Bernard Lapasset and Tony Estanguet.  The first one is former President of the International Federation of Rugby and the latter is former Olympic Champion in canoe and member of the CIO; and will be the organsier boss of the organisation committee. Los Angeles were given the games of  2028.  Giving them a bit more on Marketing period that will give them better revenues. More here:

A landmark gone and too sad to report here from my beloved Versailles.

The librairie Puzin library opened in 1908 in the 30, rue de la Paroisse (not far from the marche Notre Dame and the Church of same name) my area…! has stop activity! The webpage here:

The last books were sold to another wonderful library in Versailles, Le Facteur Cheval. Georges Robert Puzin, a Parisien already established in Paris at the avenue Wagram, opened another one in Versailles because his wife wanted to be close to the Royal town  where her sister lived.  They first, opened at the  rue de Maurepas, and shortly after at the current address at the rue de la Paroisse. The family library story will continue as one nephew has a library in Senlis (Oise-60). History abound here, as once Marcel Proust came to lived not far at the Hôtel des Réservoirs and a year later writes in his book “L’affaire Lemoine” telling about a witness of a customer from the librairie Puzin! Versailles the owners rightfully said are of gentle, curious and culture people! Yes indeed.

I will missed stopping by or passing by for many years and even visiting the city now always stop by there. 1908 is a long time to have a library, 109 years!!!!

And after this still sad news, we go eat ice creams in Paris! Many popular ones, these are my hidden favorites.

You come to Hugo & Victor 40 bd Raspail (7eme) Mondays to Fridays and Sundays from 10h to 19h ,Saturdays from 9h to 20h, one scoop 3€ on site or 3,50€ take away. Flavors change every month, like Herbacé for August, and chocolate in September. there are more than a dozen flavors in cone or cup great:more here:

Continue onto Géronimi, 5 rue Férou (6eme) from Tuesdays to Sundays from 9h30 to 20h ,3,80€ to take away, 4,50€ on site. The owner are from Corsica and just open the shop last December. About 30 flavors with a nice Salon de Thé or in terrace.  More here:

Lastly , in my choices you come to Senoble, 11 rue des petits-champs (1eme) open every day from 10h to 22h, minimum two scoops 3,70€ to take away or 5€ on site. It has two stores one at the île Saint Louis and other near the Palais Royal. it does 7 sorbet done on site home made with season fruits like the mandarine kalamansi or the fraise mara des bois (strawberries).  More here:

And this one is closer to me but saw an article in Le Figaro that just need to tell you about it.

In the bay of Lorient only 6 kms from the continent you have the island or île de Groix. It only has 8 kms long and 3 kms wide but it has many mysteries to geologists. On the North side as well as South is rocky coast but it has some beautiful beaches like the one at anse de Locmaria, on the south side or the beach at Grands Sables, one of the only beaches in Europe to have a convex shape! Info on the beaches here in English:

The traject lasts about 45 minutes arriving at the harbor or Port Tudy by the Compagnie Océane serving the island all year around departing from the maritime station of Lorient. Round trip cost is  34,50€ per adult . There is Escal’Ouest that links the island from May to September as well  leaving from the harbor at the Cité de la Voile or Port Louis. Round trip are between  20€ to 28€ for an adult.  The island can be done with a car but is is very nice by bus with  3 lines of them with spaces ; there is one individualise minibus you can contact the  «chauffeur de Groix», at +33 (0) You have many bike rentals at Port Tudy as well. You can see a natural reserve such as the réserve naturelle François Le Bail, with a great mineralogical value in its rocks, schists, blue and green, micaschists unique in France. The association Bretagne Vivante organises tours and if you like to go under water the club de plongée Subagrec does baptism ,explorations, and training for scuba diving.


Compagnie Océane:


réserve naturelle François Le Bail:

Bretagne Vivante:

Club de plongée Subagrec:

The tourist office of the île de Groix is here(French):

And I was here on business luncheon once ,and nice memories and history behind it. For the lovers of chic Paris. The mythical Le Pére Claude, 51 avenue de la Motte-Picquet, 15eme, tel +33 (0) 1 47 34 03 05; menus at 29,50€ and 35€. Open every day. This is where Jacques Chirac and his cabinet came to eat what was offered by the previous owner a name Michel Troigros. A minimum is 3 plates serving dinner or lunch to choose from 5. We had the 29,50€ menu of  entrée, plat, café gourmand, glass of wine and water; great value/price ratio. You have 7 other specialties totaling 17 dishes to choose from ! More info here:

Now, let’s close this post with one of my favorite staying in France, the wines. And especially at this time, what to drink with the heat, hot summer months.  In reality all three main colors can be serve in Summer as long as we know which ones.

The rosé wines are evidently the first ones to think when we think of sun and summer, however, careful not all rosés are refreshing. The more corsés with a sustain robe are for the cooler summer times. The more dry will be be cooler and you put them all in the fridge or in a bucket of ice while serving it.

The red wines can be light and fruity for the strong heat of summers. The wines from the Val de Loire (my favorites), or the pinot noir of Alsace are good for this time. We drink them between 12 and 14C and not at room temperature. We put them in the fridge to cool and bring out the perfums.

The white wines of summer are to be drank between 8c to 12C and some like the grands of Burgundy or those of Alsace better around 10C to preserve their perfum. The most refreshing are again those from the Val de Loire, Corbiéres and Corsica.

We can serve the Champagne between 8-10C. On some are more appropiate than others in Summer. We tend to go for the extra brut with a sugar content less important.  And a final tip, serve all of them about 2C degrees less of the temperature recommended because they can warm up fast in the glass.

And, one final point on wines from Le Figaro.  The prestigious house of the Côtes-du-Rhône of the family Marcel Guigal ,especially present in the Côte-Rôtie and Saint-Joseph  just came to purchase a vinyard in the Châteauneuf-du-Pape, the Domaine de Nalys with 50 hectares and well known for its white wines. It was owned by the insurance group Groupama, now this vinyard oldest in the appellation with origins going back to the 17C.

The family Guigal webpage here:

The Domaine de Nalys here:

Have fun, we are in AUGUST in France; do you know what that means ? Lol!! Cheers

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