The best of the beach Carnac and Quiberon!

Ok so today was windy , cloudy, and a bit of rain with cool temps but anyway there is always a good time to go out in Brittany. As we said, when there is a will , there is a way. So we headed for our favorite beach towns with a visiting friend.

It’s amazing to read that I have not written on Carnac since June 2015 in my blog yet it is a wonderful beach about 30 minutes from my house and an Unesco World Heritage Site on the megalith stones!!!

The tourist office in English for Carnac is here:

We took a ride by La Trinité sur Mer, Plouharnel, and then headed for Carnac arriving in city center doing some walks checking the high prices on the shops and then headed for a the Grande Plage or big beach here. Of course ,nobody on the water , too cold and windy , just the thrill of been on a nice flat sandy beach.  A view of the grande plage in French here:

We went by our favorite places such as Memestra brasserie facing the grande plage and the Fisher’s Club right on the sand, both wonderful to spend a day there! Ther webpages to follow:–tra

Then, we moved on to Quiberon, our favorite spot on a peninsula. We did came back thru the Côte Sauvage or wild coast, both previously written on it.

We cam straight to our favorite water hole here L’Esplanade Café on the place Hoche facing the Grande Plage or big beach here. You have plenty to choose from all around as well as a wonderful promenade boulevard facing the beach and plenty of goodies. You, also, have a Fisher’s Club here.

At the L’Esplanade Café you can drink the famous Belzubeth 8,5% beers as well as the St Omer premium drafts. All very friendly and nice ambiance always.

The Esplanade Hoche here is surrounded by shops, restos, bars galore on a central compact location in the beach. You can, also, spent a day here or combine the day with the above Carnac.

More on the above here in French :é

And more on the tourist office of Quiberon here:

And more on the tourist page of the region Bretagne:

Enjoy the ride, more to come soon, in my beautiful Brittany, Bretagne, Breizh, and kenavo !!!

 Carnac  Carnac  Carnac  Carnac  Carnac  Quiberon  Quiberon  Quiberon  Quiberon

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