Gare Saint Lazare train station Paris

Just looking over my blogs I notice that I have not dedicated a post to my old precious wonderful train station in Paris. I worked there for 9 years or so and came always by the Gare Saint Lazare.

Paris has several train stations ,7 to be exact. These are Montparnasse where I go in now when visiting Paris; Nord, Lyon, Est, Austerlitz, and Bercy. The Saint Lazare has a nice hub and connection to my beloved Versailles on the rive droite train station there, closest to home.  Info on the rive droite is here in French:

The Gare Saint Lazare train station is located in the Europe neighborhood or quartier of the 8éme arrondissement or district of Paris. It was the first station built in 1837!!! Being amongst other numbers the second in France in numbers of passangers with over 105M (2015) . It has a whole complex protected by France National Monument designation such as the areas of the front facade, and roofstops as well as the main hallway or salle des pas-perdus , and the hallway of embarkation , the facades and roofstops facing the rue de Rome, as well as those facing the old  hôtel Terminus Saint-Lazare, now the Hotel Hilton Paris Opéra, its lobby and the entry as well as the interior decoration.

Vast renovations has been going on, and it is not the same station I used to do to go to work anymore.  The transformation of the old hallway or sale des pas perdus into a shopping center on three levels with 194 meters long (213 meters on the façade),the creation of an underground parking and better connection to the metro of Paris.  The big glass canopy on the sale des pas perdu which is in steel and wood dating from the 19C have been raised to create an airy space for protection against fires. The WWII bunker in the first basement near platforms 4 and 5 (my usual old platforms) behind the commercial gallery were destroyed as was not compatible with the new image. Further renovation had the open spaces to the rue de  Rome and rue du Havre as well as the rue intérieure, between the main building and the hotel Concorde Opéra Paris has been expanded. A new taxi stand is now at the cour du Havre and by the cour de Rome a bus terminal. Work is done from the passarelle dite l’Impératrice linking the station to the hotel to allow guest to go directly from hotel to station inside.

Line J and L on regular trains go for hundreds from here as well as the RER E, and big lines such as those covering part of Normandie with terminus in the coast of the Manche between Dieppe and Cherbourg. The big lines are not much used here concentrating on the suburban services instead. The metro lines 3,12, 13,and 14 are direct. There is a hallway where you can connect  from the station at Saint Augustin to the line 9 in the station Saint Lazare of the line 14 and onwards to the train station gare Saint-Lazare.  You can join the station Opéra from  Saint-Augustin and Saint-Lazare by going to the platforms of the RER E and then taking the hallways leading you to the metro lines 7 and 8 of the station Opéra as well as the station RER A of Auber. The bus lines here are 21, 24, 26, 27, 28, 29, 32, 43, 53, 66, 80, 81, 94 and 95. Hours start by 5h30 (5:30am) to 00h47 (12h47 pm). The bus schedules are here:

Buses 95,81,and 27 are great sightseeing too and cheaper than the tourist buses….They are at terminus in the .cour de Rome, place Gabriel Péri and rue St-Lazare.

The official SNCF in French here:

On the section Plans de la Gare you have pdf file you can print for maps of the station, here

And the regular train TER schedules here in French:

The city of Paris tourist office has more in English:

And this is the car/auto parking I have used lately, very good ,convenient to all. As well as the site I use here for parkings NeoParking:

For the new shopping center which is great indeed, here is information in English:

And a brand new resto not try yet Lazare on the parvis of the station;

A magnifying network map of trains RER , metro ,tramways of Paris here:

making a train station connection mainly for those on the Eurostar but can be easily adapted to others see here in English.

Now , as said ,I used to come by here to work in Paris but only while working did not use the public transports, upon arriving at Saint Lazare I walked 18 minutes to the office same time as taking the public transport but you see Paris, glorious grand department stores, Madeleine, rue Saint Honoré, passing by rue de Rivoli , like I said once in Paris, walk. If this is not possible, than use the Bus, see Paris above ground, much better ::)

Later, as came to visit it and entering thru another station (Montparnasse) I did use the bus especially lines 81,and 95. Sometimes on dire time took metro line 6 that goes above ground for sections of it. And of course, continue to walk as much as possible. Enjoy Saint Lazare always good memories for me. Paris is eternal….!

Enjoy your week, mine just goes into time off, vacation for a long five day weekend. Cheers!

Paris Paris

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