La Roche Maurice, and other Finistère!!!

Saturday was a busy day , nice sunny and great to be out. So we decided to ride along the N165 into areas we have been briefly in our lovely Brittany/Bretagne/Breizh. We rode into Hanvec, Landivisiau, and La Roche Maurice in the Finistére dept 29 next door neighbor.

We have been by this area before, just a bit more into it ,we can never have enough of Brittany, its gorgeous. Here is the last post touching on La Roche Maurice.  La Roche Maurice

As I said we rode on the D16 from our town to connect with the N165 at Landevant, and continue straight into first Hanvec , then La Roche Maurice , and finally Landivisiau before heading back home on the D18 to connect with the N165.

Passing by Hanvec, we saw the nice imposing Church Saint Pierre (St Peter) in city center/downtown. This is a small town , where Eugéne Boudin describe it in 1867 as a vast town with a spectacular view of the inland hills; here he finds what was to be his wife  Marie-Anne Guédès which he married in le Havre. Vast history of Sirs of Kerohan and Quélen and many calvaries and monuments to show from old age. The Church of Saint Pierre  is on the side of an older church of which the only remaining parts of the south porch from 1625 . After been almost in ruins it was ordered to rebuilt and finally finished in 1877 with the spiral tower not done until 1879.

Here we continue our route to reach La Roche Maurice, two major monuments here. First, the Church enclose paroissial of Saint Yves. This is a gorgeous church with an ossuaire and chapel with calvary all together in an enclose area in city center. Not far from there the feudal castle in ruins of the old counts of Léon with a wonderful tourist office.

The Church Saint Yves; more here from the city page in French:  Church of Saint Yves

You see a Calvary of Christ with soldiers in costumes of Henri II, the Church built in the 14C replacing an older Church.  The stained glass and the belltower dates from 1589.  The stained glass windows shows in 21 panels the life of Christ.  They were renovated several times the last in July 11-20, 1950 with on the left view the statue of the Virgin of Notre Dame de Bon Secours and on the right the polychrome group of Saint-Yves between the rich and the poor. The rood screen was done in 1570-1580 in sculpture polychrome oak wood.  The gallery shows several personage with 12 statues in lower level and 12 others on top of the rood screen where you see the Cross of Christ surrounded by the Virgin and Saint John with views of the daily life. The ossuaire is in renaissance style with an inscription dating from 1639 with a writing on the front of the entrance door that says remember men that you are only but dust.

Another key monument to visit is the  Castle of the counts of Léon, the area under their jurisdiction in 1100’s. Do not forget here to visit the new tourist office at the foot of the castle ;it has great representation of its history and a nice friendly welcome. Inside you see a passage way that led from the castle to the riviere on what was an old house recently demolished to built the tourist office!

This is the castle in local language call the Castle of Roc’h Morvan or La Roche Maurice. The tourist office on the castle here in French:  Castle of Roc Morvan

The castle was first mentioned in 1263 but it is really a lot older than that. During the Franco Breton wars of 1489-1491 initiated by the viscount John II of Rohan that tries to inherit the duchy of Brittany because of the ascentry of his wife Marie de Bretagne against the king of France Charles VIII, the castle is completely dismantled.  By 1580 the Rohan in the war of Religions takes to the cause Protestant and this signals the destruction of the castle, which was never rebuilt.  The castle stayed in the hand of the Rohan family until it was acquired by the general council of the Finistère in 1986.

Finally, on our way back home we stop at Landivisiau, a quiet in land town with a nice halle de terre native or bio product covered market sharing the building with the salle François de Tournemine theater in city center/downtown, all facing the nice Church of Saint Thuriau.

Location contact for the halle terre Native or covered live earth market here:  Halle Terre Native

The salle François de Tournemine here:  Salle Francois de Tournemine

And the Church Saint Thuriau original Church dates from 1554 and then renovated until the one today done in 1968. The belltower is from 1590! The porches are rich in statues of Saints ,and a wonderful organ from the 19C. More from the city on the Church in French here:  Church Saint Thuriau

Lovely country great for a car ride in a natural environment and coming up to quaint pretty towns all over the Finistère and Brittany/Bretagne/Breizh. One day I will see you on this roads welcome to let me know when in the area.

Enjoy your Sunday, me continuing on to the boats lol! Cheers

Hanvec  La Roche Maurice  La Roche Maurice  La Roche Maurice  La Roche Maurice  La Roche Maurice  La Roche Maurice  La Roche Maurice  La Roche Maurice  La Roche Maurice  La Roche Maurice  Landivisiau  Landivisiau  Landivisiau

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