My new home of Pluvigner in the Morbihan Breton XVIII

And here we are on a great sunny day of about 23C and even down to 9C early this morning. We had a wonderful National Day , Friday July 14 (for those abroad Bastille Day) with festivities all over France. IT was highlighted by the visit of President Trump of the USA on behalf of President Macron of France to commemorate the centenary (100) anniversary of American entry into World War I on the side of France. It was remarked their friendship has endure and will last forever,indeed since 1776.

We leisurely saw the festivities on TV from our home for those in Paris and it was great to see the 1st Infantry Division US marching on the Champs Elysées as will as fly over of the F22 etc US planes; the US Air Force Thunderbirds flew over Mont Saint Michel and the beaches of Normandy.

We waited late to go to our town ,Pluvigner;  celebration in the park Goh Lanno not far from us. Here there was plenty of Breton music in a traditional Fest Noz where the crowd jump in to dance. There were huts all over serving the traditional galette and crêpes ,cotton candy, and all kinds of drinks including beer.

As one local told me weird that there is a longer line at the cotton candy stand than on the beer stand, and I said, there are probably the tourists lol!!!  It was merry and cheers and a chance to speak to local people that still do not know; great evening. We had our galettes and plenty of beers !!!!

Afterward, the fireworks began offered by the city, and it was nice to see that and the whole crowd numb watching from the park fields and the grassy stands on the side, it seems the whole town was here at 23h30. We walked home of course ::)

We had gone to the local market (marché) today Saturday July 15. Going over to Auray and the V&B store to gather our Belgians and German beers  of course ::) Of course, forgot to tell you on the way back we had our baguette at the old neighborhood bakery as our is on vacation lol: this one is a good one too at Brec’h Boulangerie Lucas on Corn er Hoët D768. no webpage  and new one there now new owners different name.Des Saveurs de Pains who also have a store in Pluvigner.

And on our tour to you of daily life in France and especially Brittany:

On our way back we did some errands stopping by the Pluvigner motoculture shop for parts of lawn mowers garden equipment supplies that we use at home almost acre of land. Facebook page:

Just across is the Jardinerie de Porh Mirabeau , route de Auray D768;  where we gathered some growing dirt and 3 plants for our front garden. No webpage ,here is some info on town of Pluvigner webpage:

And we got home at last. A bit of rest and ready for some other adventures even this afternoon next;stay tune, and enjoy your Saturday anywhere. Cheers!

 Pluvigner  Pluvigner  Pluvigner  Pluvigner  Pluvigner  Pluvigner

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