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July 8, 2017

My travels in the Morbihan ,XXXV

Today was a blistering day around 30-32C and UV high sunshine, or about 90’s F; it was time for me to fine tune my car for the annual checkup, only needed replace the brake fluid lol!!! Now ready to roll and next month vacation will be big no the road. In my sequels to show the every day life in France as normal and simple as in most places.

We set out early for our shop in Vannes, Norauto ,been using them for years…never a problem with their advice or work. There are in other posts as well.  We had time while the work was done so we walked around. First going into the Centrakor store for any gadgets, none this time but always good to go and look, we use them a lot.  We stop at our furniture place Conforama, and of course here was on sales as much as 80% so we got a commode , ranging table at 60%!  While at it we took a look at the Mustangs in our dealer Ford Mustiére in Vannes; all our cars are Ford,and for years….Had a Mustang in USA now trying to get one here ….::)  We end up at Carrefour to do some shopping, late minute stuff , actually we didn’t buy anything but my sons got their video games at Micromania store in the shopping center attach Centre Commercial Carrefour de Vannes.  In addition to the big hypermarket you have about 57 stores.

Before leaving we had our quick lunch at Burger King in Vannes, yes , we do love it and so do the French. Resto at 1pm or 13h was packed even the terraces. We continue the tradition started back in FLA USA ::)

Our way back home, we stop at several places, some already mentioned in previous posts and others newbies. These were:

We stop by our old hunting ground of Brec’h and try to visit again the La Chartreuse where the remains of the 795 Breton immigrants from  England who came to fight the against the French revolution and all executed in 1795 laid to rest here; very important Breton monument. Unfortunately now they have by appointment only Mondays to Sundays from 14h30  to 16h calling tel +33 (0) 2 97 24 27 02. There are now retirement homes and monastic order of the Filles de la Sagesse ,and the front of Saint Michel is very nice, parking area. See the photos on visits info. We will be back again. Info in French at the area bay of Quiberon tourist office:

And for guided tours contact Detourdart here:

The city of Brec’h Chartreuse has lovely photos with text in French here:

On the retirement home Filles de la Sagesse :

Nearby us in Brandivy, you have the artificial lake or étang de la fôret, a large lake with oars and pedal boats fishing allowed ,picnic tables and scale walls of 6-8 meters as well as playground for kiddies. There is a snack bar open from 14h3o to 19h . A great family outing in nature; the boats are on fees of 6-8 euros per hour.  webpage Gulf of Morbihan  info here:

And the site for kids in French has more here:

We past by Grand Champ, one of the towns of my route to work and here the nice Church Saint Tugdual is very nice even if now there is heavy construction around the city center with detours in residential areas.  More in French here on the Gulf of Morbihan webpage :

The Church was destroyed during the French revolution and rebuilt in 1817, not to the satisfaction of the people so it was rebuilt again in 1865. Past by it every day to work and do need to look into it more ::)

We continue to Colpo , a nice town for cider producers that we buy from. This time a quick passing by the Church Notre Dame de l’Assomption and my sons trying to get in but it was closed. This Church was finished in 1868, and the town has a strong influence by emperor Napoléon III. The niece of the emperor Princess Elisa Baciocchi purchased vast lands here and built most of the town, including the church, she died here here in 1869 and her body is in a chapel of the Church since 1870. The Church was renovated in 1936. It is one of the rare towns in France where you can still see the symbol of the Empire on buildings. The city is a member of the  Fédération Européenne des Cités Napoléoniennes.or the European Federation of Napoleonic cities. More on it in French here:

And onwards tireless we went …reaching for the first time Moustoir AC , where we took a look at the Church Saint Barbe or Santa Barbara in city center and one I always past by but had never stop in the commune of Kerhéro part of Moustoir AC, the Chapelle Notre Dame des Sept Douleurs or Our Lady of the Seven Pains.Completely rebuilt in 1896 and renovated in 1943; there is a statue of Saint George inside dating from the 19C.  In French info here:

The Church of Santa Barbara goes back to the 15C but many times renovated last time in 1838. A retable altar is from 1730 and the wooden grill chapel doors from the 18C.  To do a personal note, she is also the patron Saint of my native town!!! She is always represented by a tower of 3 windows on her hand or behind her, a lightning bolt (that one that stroke her father), a book, a crown of martyrdom, the sword that served to slit his head, a ciborium or sacred vase, and hosties. Catholilcs pray to her for protection from lightning, fire and sudden deathShe is also the patron of the sappers, firefighters, architects, geologists, miners, gunners, metalworkers and other fire-related corporations. More here in French:

And ,finally coming home to Pluvigner, we stop behind us on a country road along farms! where we had yet to pass by!! of course. And we saw the Chapelle Saint Guénaêl. This chapel was in ruined in 1888 and in another spot ,a farmer sold his farm so the Chapel can be moved and rebuilt where it is today in the 19C. It has a stone altar and statues of many Saints including Saint Guénaêl and Saint Guigner and shown on the stained glass windows. More in French and Breton on our town tourism page here:

Well, it was a car tour of our area, and we can tell , we have a lot of work to do to see it all. Of course, do not think we will in our lifetime; this is France and we are in Brittany; land of the Bretons; where history is all over you even in your backyard! We will just keep pushing the envelope of travel curiosities and knowledge and share them in my blog,  my history book and yours.

Enjoy your weekend wherever you are, and happy and safe travels. Cheers!!!

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