Lesconil, again the Finistére!

On an unusual Sunday , we could not resist to stay home with so much beauty all around us and plenty to still see here. So on a cloudy looming rain day and cool 15C we set out for the neighboring department 29 of Finistére.

We took a winding ride by car on the N165 by passing the town on my next post we reach on the D44 and later the D102 roads the towns of Fouesnant, La Fôret-Fouesnant, Plobannalec, and Lesconil.

Fouesnant, and La Fôret-Fouesnant are part of the Riviera Bretonne and plenty of beaches on really much better time than today. More on it here in English: http://www.tourisme-fouesnant.fr/en/la-riviera-bretonne-English

We came to Fouesnant on the day of a trocs et puces or barter and flea market event, the city center/Downtown was packed and lively.  Passing by more quiet La Fôret-Fouesnant

We went on the road D44 to Pont l’Abbé, never visited and really not much to see here, so we continue our journey. More on the town here: http://www.paysdepontlabbe-tourisme.com/fr/infos-pratiques/infos-office-de-tourisme

We continue our discovery ride into the nice town of Plobannalec  right on the edge of the Pays Bigoudin Breton. The town here first impression was nice and a wonderful historical Church.

We reach the end of the road until decided to come back home. However,not before reaching the sister city of Lesconil a fisherman’s harbor paradise. Here you have all the action around the harbor with lots of fisherman’s boat even if the trade has almost disappear, you can still see plenty of boats and the off island of Men ar Groas visible from the harbor deck. There is a lively square with plenty of restaurants and shops and a really good in the Cantine de Mer. Good one from the menu and prices not try as we were heading home early on a Sunday. You can even see the friendly seagull that came to welcome me in the harbor looking for food seems so used to that and is not good to do so please. More on the harbor here: http://www.plobannalec-lesconil.com/port-de-peche-de-plaisance/

In French how to come to this area on many modes of transports: http://www.plobannalec-lesconil.com/comment-venir-a-plobannalec-lesconil/

In all as usual ,it was a pleasant trip to get to know another area of our belle Bretagne. These are pick and savor and family decisions we will be back eventually. Enjoy your Sunday, Cheers

 Fouesnant  Fouesnant  Lesconil  Lesconil  Lesconil  Lesconil  Lesconil  Lesconil

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