Bénodet , The Riviera Bretonne


The main reason of me coming today Sunday was to visit this beach town. We made teh best of the day and visited other towns, see previous post. However, Bénodet was it. It is part of the new  Riviera Bretonne and a five stars beach area. The town is located in the pays Fouesnantais,and extends from the cove of Penfoul (extension of the river Odet) to the small harbor of Sainte-Marine (Combrit) located across in the pays Bigouden,until the cove of petit Moulin and the cove of Groasguen that opens to the white sea ( a lagoon that creates a small interior sea between the towns of Fouesnant and Bénodet). More on the tourism here http://www.benodet.fr/en/accueil/1/13/

To discover the new tourist designation of the Riviera Bretonne and its towns of Bénodet, Fouesnant-les Glénan, and La Fôret-Fouesnant/Port La Fôret see here in French: https://www.rivierabretonne.com/

Bénodet is easily reach from my house; a little more than an hour along the N165 to exit just by Quimper that tells you Bénodet, here take the road D44 and just follow the signs! More on getting there from the tourist office here :http://www.benodet.fr/en/practical-guide/coming-to-benodet/17/91/

This is really a beach, sea town with connections to the gorgeous Glénan islands on the Vedette de l’Odet , as well as the river. This trips are taken from the harbor area, and there is a wonderful marina too.

You have several choices of beaches but I will tell you two. Coq plage has a nice Coq lighthouse and a bigger Pyramide lighthouse inland; with beautiful mansions and a nice beach for the entire family. Then, you come to Trez plage ,the main circular one with all the actions,and amenities even changing stalls and many with direct access to the mansions behind them.

I took a picture of a great mansion, and behold it is a Moorish minaret and indeed a wonderful nice restaurant L’Alhambra,  that should be hit next time by yours truly; rather than tell you , here it is better explained: http://www.benodet.fr/en/discover/patrimoine/17/28/actu-3634/

Of course ,there is a nice seaside museum and casino Barriére that I should be back too; this was just a sample and the place looks marvelous. There is ,also, a Escale Spa! and a Carousel for kids on a hill overlooking the harbor and beaches.

It is very much a Riviera by a river and many upscale amenities with a clean , chic , quaint outlook; we drove by the residential areas and all looks wonderful.

Entering town you can stop to the Biscuiterie de Bénodet for some goodies from the area and Brittany in general. This is on the D44 road coming into town, or out; more here: http://www.biscuiteriedebenodet.com/

See the wonderful Chapelle  de Perguet as this was the name of the town until 1878! and the Church! More here: http://www.benodet.fr/en/decouvrir/visites/17/65/actu-130/

see the beach bordering nice Corniche de la Mer and Corniche de l’Estuaire along the set up concert structure for the summer; and the great pasarelle with more changing rooms and the Children playground on the beach.

You will see the Petit  Train passing along the beach area, quaint always nice for a ride with the family;and the wonderful beaches sights. More on the train here: http://www.benodet.fr/en/decouvrir/visites/17/65/actu-2130/

In all, it was a good trip, really enjoyed the town, and sure will be back for more in detail look at Bénodet. For the moment, enjoy the photos.

Have a great Sunday y’all ,happy travels and good health to do so : Cheers.



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  1. it looks really niece and peaceful: my kind of place. Thank you for sharing yet again!

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