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July 1, 2017

Vannes , the Raid , the market ,and Us ::)

Today was a off and on sun and no sun day with temps in the 15C , no rain; and of course as on every Saturday we went out in town. We decided to stay close to home this day and why not go back to our department capital; Vannes.

The city was packed with hardly any parking available we made our turns and found a nice one at Place de la Liberation easy to go down to the old town area.  This is becoming typical of Vannes and of course with the notoriety the home prices are going up,and the town has become the more expensive to live in the area. I only work here and live about 30 minutes away in the country with more money for your euros:bucks etc. The average price per square meter in the city is 2765€ compare to 1685€ where I live…So basically living in the countryside you can get a house twice in volume and living space for the same price. More on the local newspaper France Ouest in French here:

Today , the celebration was the Raid du Golfe de Morbihan , a triathlon race around the coast that go to 177 kms long! It is an interesting event full of activities in town, we are not fond of this, so here is the link for it here:

We went first to the V&B beer store in Auray Océane to stock up on those Belgians and Germans beers we like. This store I have mentioned in many of my posts before;the same can be say of Nicolas in Vannes place du poids public where we get our wines. Saturdays are market days in Vannes and this is always pack and with great produce fruits, vegetables, sausages, meats, cheeses, the works all around stores offering just about everything and a nice indoor fish market in the Halles aux Poissons at the Place de la Poissonnerie. There is ,also, a covered market in Halles des Lices with about 30 merchants. The market is from the rue Le Hellec down to the Place du poids Public and up to the Place des Lices. We of course love it, and load up each week here. From peaches, to cherries bananas, raspberries, cantaloupe melons, lemons, to getting our cheeses from brie de Meaux, to goat’s cheese,and Ewe (sheep) cheeses from local fromageries.

info on the markets: Tuesdays to Sundays in the Halle des Lices indoor market, all year around from 8h to 14h, June they open from 8h to 14h and Saturdays from 8h to 19h, July and August they open from Mondays to Sundays 8h to 14h and Saturdays 8h to 19h . Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Fridays, and Saturdays in the Halle aux poissons all from the sea fresh here from local fisherman; the best.Open from 7h to 13h. The open air market is open from 8h to 13h30 on Wednesdays and Saturdays on the above mentioned streets.

The area has many nice wooden houses going back to the 14C and all originally preserved as the city did not suffered from modern wars.  The Place de la Liberation is nice with the national police headquarters and plenty of restos and hotels around it; this is the terminus for the regional TIM buses like the no 5  my family takes that once there connects with the city Kiceo network but not the only stop mind you. It ,also, has a nice metered parking and some free parking spaces as well been easy walking distance to the old town area down the harbor.

We ,then, went to see the new Transformers: The Last Knight movie with the family at Cinéville parc Lann a very nice cinema complex surrounded by our grocery shopping at E Leclerc and several restaurants I have mentioned in previous posts. The movie was seen in 3D a first for me ::) actually could not tell much difference and still prefer the old fashion 2D ::) the movie was ok, won’t tell you about it just a young girl took many parts of the movie that to me was seen out of the movie main story… that is just me lol! The cinema link is here:

We came home earlier than usual and had some of the goodies from the area and some nice cold bottle of Kerné cider. Now relaxing and already some planning for tomorrow into our neighboring departments.

You all have a wonderful weekend and enjoy your travels with plenty of good health. Cheers!!!

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