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And we are half way in the week and arriving to the end of June, full summer season is here. Temps are been mild around 15C or 64F and cloudy with sun in and out, some light rain and more schedule for tomorrow in my area. Some more goodies from my belle France:

This is a new update no time to wait for next post as Paris with its Major does it again. The two way traffic on rue de Rivoli (1eme) and rue Saint-Antoine (4eme) will be close to automobiles for give way to a bicycle lane on the left hand side of 4 meters wide and only one lane for automobiles. The project will be presented in public meeting in the mairie (mayor’s office)  of the 4eme arrondissement , and the new traffic alignment will be in effect from next August in rue de Rivoli between the portions including between the Hôtel de Ville, and the land spot at Saint-Paul. To be continue……………………………

today starts the Summer Sales or Soldes d’été in France for the most part of the territory and will last until August 8 midnight give or take some spots in the country like the Alpes-Maritimes or Corse.  On a recent Survey by Toluna  for the group  LSA, with  1511 persons interviewed,  73%  of the French think of participating in the Sales this year less 4,4 points than last. This represent about  2,2 millions shoppers less and about 52% do not know yet what budget to apply to them.  Even with all this, the great department stores give it a great importance as 12%  of annual sales of Au Printemps , and  8% of the Galeries Lafayette are done in this period. More on them here:

Enjoy the Sales before the entire renovation of the shopping center Parly II  in Chesnay (just outside Versailles) as by next January 2018 it will be like all new. There will be a connecting bridge to link the stores of BHV and Toys r’Us with 13 new stores just before Christmas. Four names are already guaranteed to be there such as JOTT, Armani, New Balance, and Rituals. After the stores the cinema will be expanded  with a UGC cinema of 12 showings and 2200 places seated. This is great and it was our favorite shopping place when we lived in Versailles for ten years. More on it here:

There is a revolutioin of sort coming for the public transports in the ile de France and Paris. The bus network of the RATP will be modifie in the coming months as it has never been renovated since 1950!!! There will be 4 new lines and modification on about 46 lines over the 60 now existing. The transport site will change name from STIF to Ile-de-France Mobilités. The new plan should be in service by end of 2018. More in French here:

And of course, with all these changes, price hikes are a rigueur. From August 1st the  Pass Navigo will go up 3%, and will then cost  75,20€ (from the  73€ now). The price of the single metro ticket will remain the same but the carnet of 10 will go up 40 centimes to 14,90€. The price for the tickets “Origine-Destination” (where the cost is already over 7€) will supposely not increase. More here:

Going over the wonderful park or Parc des Buttes-Chaumont (19eme),that is celebrating it’s 150 years!! and stay one of the favorite spot of Parisiens that went there for 6 millions last year. The park is located between the districts or  faubourgs Belleville and Villette, annexed to Paris in 1860. The work on the park began in 1864 with huge efforts that lasted 3 years with over 1000 men and hundreds of horses. They installed about 39 kms of rails to extract  800 000 m3 (cubic meters)  of rock using dynamites explosives. A factory of pumping was created in the basin of the Villette to bring the water to the top of the park and feed the cascade, streams and network of irrigation. It is the most expensive park after that of  Montceau with a visionary creation. As it is only about 20 cm of vegetable land recovered from the chalk on which nothing could have sprout; in fact the Buttes-Chaumont are the first garden off the soil , like an inmense flower pot. Around it ,it has 6 hills that forms several valleys where the engineers did a picturesque scenary to invite you to a voyage. It has an alpine orientation that is call the petite Suisse or little Switzerland; this was a wish of emperor Napoléon III  that himself had spent his childhood in the germanic Switzerland.  Large uphills criss cross the park sometimes with streams like the Alps region; a Vosges style forest is planted along the rail lines of the Petite ceinture.  In the Central island you have behind some vegetation an imitation of the cliffs of the Etretat normande with its arch and peak ,and at the top on the belvedere a roman temple in miniataure call the  Sibylle inspired by the one in Tivoli (Italy) culminating at 30 meters above the lake. The park has inspired many artists such as Aragon, Tardi, Despentes, and  George Sand did praises on it, Jacques Tardi  the croque on his aventures with Adèle Blanc-Sec, Alain Resnais filmed in  On connaît la chanson , and represented the ceiling background for Vernon Subutex, the recent trilogy of romance of Virginie Despentes. The greatest hommage to it came from Aragon who in the  « le Paysan de Paris » mentioned the park settle in the inconcious of the city of Paris. A must when coming to Paris.More on it in English from Paris tourist office here:

And from today to Friday the European languages will be mixing in the streets, theater and cinema Ermitage of Fontainebleau. The 6th edition of the Festival Série Séries dedicated to European series with this year the theme courage. Each serie presents its members creators, scénaristes actors on site after the diffusion of each episode creating a real interaction with the public. Each projection is follow by an exchange with the public. You can see « Guerilla »,the new series produce and played by Idris Elba,a German espionnage series name « Same sky », as well as the series  « Match »,a Norwegian series name, and the « The simple Heist », coming from Sweden without forgetting the animated cartoon series such as « Ernest et Célestine »,a French series for small children. More info to be found here:

And this is the time for fleas and garage sales in France as summer arrives; vide greniers and brocantes et marches these are my favorites over the years here:

We start at the classic place in Paris Le village Saint-Paul ; in the heart of the Marais between the streets of rue Saint-Antoine and the Seine river, the village Saint-PAul is a must for lovers of antiques, finds and designs of arts. Also, English porcelains and wooden furniture, antiques from the 18C or even going back to the 17C to our days. A must to walk on the rue Saint-Paul, rue Saint-Antoine and rue Santa Maria in the 4eme district/arrondissement. More here:

Another nice one is at the Trolls et puces, 5 rue du Marché-Popincourt 11eme where fleasgoers and restaurant people are associated to propose the crème de la crème of the yearFrom second hand furniture to lamps, mirrors, etc the selection is very nice and renovated oftenMore on their facebook page:

Another we love is the Village Suisse  in the heart of the 15eme district not far from the  tour Eiffel, you have about 150 stands on the site of the old Universal Exposition of 1900. You have decorators interior design, antiques, and art galleries in the middle of suspended gardens and patios covered with trees. Le Village Suisse, 78 avenue de Suffren, 15eme. More here:

And we all know the very popular flea market of Saint-Ouen,however, have you visited the fleas of the Porte de Vanves ?  Here is where you find the best, a giant flea with crazy merchants offering all the rare and beautiful; you need to come early to get the best. Les Puces de la Porte de Vanves, Avenue Georges Lafenestre and avenue Marc Sangnier, 14eme district. More here:

How about some water in Paris, in summer you need it there too.

It is not a pool but a nice splash of water very refreshing in the middle of summer. This it the water sprays in the place de la République , that reflect like a mirror of water,and if stay a while the effect will be like taking a big dive with less effort.

You go to a new place the Démesure sur Seine, a terrace of 900 m2  with giant  barbecues, cocktails à gogo , and good Dj  music. The team has started the Piscine sur Seine, with inflatable boats on pools ,great novelty for Paris . La Piscine sur Seine 69, port de la Râpée – 12e open from 17H free admission.  This took place this week but be on the lookout for the next opening it is great I was told. More here:

And of course, the place to be this summer will be the bassin de la Villette, yes you heard right it will finally be open for swimming. A great basin sunk in to the waters of the Villette and you can swim all summer. Le Bassin de la Villette 45, quai de la Seine , 19eme.

And on a similar vain, you have six parks in Paris open this summer 24/24; these are La place des Vosges (4eme) Le jardin des Grands-Explorateurs (6eme) ,Le parc Montsouris (14eme), Le parc André Citroën (15eme), Le parc des Buttes-Chaumont (19eme), Le square Séverine (20eme) .

Continue with summer activity with the open air Cinema drive in and other in Paris. Around a transat boat, on the lawn, under the stars around a pique nique you can see the classic films of today and yesterterday from July 20 to August 20 at the Terrasse du Parc de la Villette , 211 avenue Jean Jaurés, 19eme.

And the 2017 edition starts for the chapeaux de roues Friday July 7 with film and concert by the original band of the  Gardiens de la Paix. There is a chase from July 7-21 and from August 4-18 on the mayor’s office courtyard in the Jardin de la Folie Titon, 28 rue Chanzy, 11eme  More here on location;

There is a program in memory of  Alfred Hitchcock with one of his most celebrated film The Birds or Les Oiseaux, and two comedy evenings with the Dark Shadows of Tim Burton ,and Moonrise Kingdom of Wes Anderson… From 21h be there with a small pique nique before the film at 22h30. You can the long chairs but it is advise to bring your own with cushions because this is very popular. July 6-8 at the  Château de Vincennes  1, avenue de Paris – 94300 Vincennes: more here:

You will enjoy the new programming for the next edition of the Festival Silhouette  in the very nice park of the Parc de la Butte du Chapeau Rouge, film projections on fiction, clips, animation, and experimental and also concerts to dance at the apéro hour ;From August 25 to September 2 Parc de la Butte du Chapeau Rouge – 19eme. More on the location here:

 Something unique in Pigalle that houses a basketball court with the most style in Paris. After some renovation that took 2 years the founder of the brand Pigalle in collaboration with Nike has it open again. Blue, rose, yellow, and gray on the image of the unisex combo of Nikelab x Pigalle. A basketball court with futuristic vision stamp  « Pigalle » and « Duperré » awating the sports minded and the more artsy people on earth! Playground Duperré  22, rue Duperré – 9eme,  Open from 10h to 20h in Summer time. More in Facebook here:

And last for this post but not least,the wonderful story of the Tati stores is slowly coming to an end. Who searching for real bargains off the tourist traps have not come here during the years; Tati is an institution. Well no more unfortunately for many families it is up for sales. The main store is known to Parisiens as the Tati Barbés, and it will be taken over by another chain call Gifi, also,very popular here. They are negotiating for the former employees destinies and the owner of the building which guarantee is coming to an end, this will be to follow up to see what happened finally to the white and rose window store at Barbés. The Tati site here:

And Gifi stores site here:

Enjoy the rest of your week. Cheers!


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