Quiberon is awesome and it’s our backyard !!!

One more time to Quiberon. Looking back ,I have already 10 posts entries in my blog on it, possibly more than any other single location and for good reason. This is awesome playground just south of me.

Today was hot, temps at 30C or 88F and sunny bright some wind, just a regular summer day before summer. The folks were turn towards the beaches and traffic going there was heavy ,especially from 14H or 2PM onwards.

We decided that after our family errands we will head there for a nice brunch late lunch on a hot Saturday afternoon. This we did, and headed easily with little traffic towards the center of Quiberon, this is the Place Hoche just before hitting the Grande Plage or big beach and just after place du Varquez, and the site of the market on Saturday mornings.

The parking is very nice if arrive early with 210 spaces metered parking, and just walks to the beach and the resto/bars in and around the square and Esplanade or big promenade after the parking Varquez and just before the Place du Varquez.

Here, you have the Café de l’Esplanade Hoche, and Remy the owner, always pleasant helpful talkative and the drinks and snacks just great for a wonderful afternoon. Later on in the evening they stay open until 2-3 AM and the crowds gets more lively. We go with the family so we stay to go in the afternoons more quiet and more time to talk.

We had our usual pate in Mousse de Canard à l’orange (duck in orange ) and Patê de Lapin aux pruneaux (rabbit in prunes) ,and Terrine de Canard au miel (duck with honey), saucisson comte, (comte cheese sausage) ,and of course our local beer 8,5% Belzebuth  (a meaning from the New Testament of the head of demons) , here is just a wonderful Celtic/Breton beer blonde. Wonderful mild houblon taste just melts in your mouth, more on it here, beware of the Devil. Brasserie Grain d’Orge, 185 rue Léo Lagrange, 59500;Douai, Hauts de France region. More here: http://www.belzebuth.fr/

The tourist office on it is here in French: http://www.quiberon.com/se-restaurer/brasseries/1016873-lesplanade-café

And this is the merchant’s site of Quiberon: http://www.quibactiv.fr/commerces/lesplanade-cafe/

The site in Facebook is here: https://www.facebook.com/Esplanadecafequiberon/

It is a fun place, and good quality price ratio, a must for us when stopping in Quiberon ,which is often ::) We live just 45 minutes by car and this is a peninsula with several beaches along the way and the wonderful Wild Coast or Côte Sauvage I have detailed earlier on my blog. Highly recommended if in the area or just come it will be worth it.

Stay cool, drink liquids (any ::)) and have a blast summer times are here again. Cheers

 Quiberon  Quiberon  Quiberon




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