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June 9, 2017

Some news from Spain XLIII

And back to my beloved Spain. Fresh from that great Champions win of my beloved Real Madrid vs Juventus of Turin Italy 1×4!!! Our 12th Champions and first time repeat winner under the new format We have won 3 out of last 4 Champions !!! Hala Madrid!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Now what is going on in Spain and Madrid in particular. Here are the latest buzz news

How about a trip on the North, by  Galicia and Cantabria in my Spain. Driving a car of course ::)

Monforte de Lemos, capital of the Ribeira Sacra.  You see from afar the Torre del Homenaje, medieval tower. You go by the Roman bridge over the river  Cabe  as one of the symbols of the city together with the convent of the Clarisas , and the college of  Padres Escolapios, known as the El Escorial of Galicia Here ,it is grown the grapes mencía and godello very much appreciated since the time of the Romans.  You can get a mouthful at the bodega Regina Viarum, and call for the visit here +34  619 00 99 77; more here:

Santiago de Compostela as a base to see the five denominations of wines of Galicia here. The most known is Rías Baixas of the Ribeira Sacra. To know it better go the town of  Salnés, by the Pontevedra coast and the municipality of  El Grove, known for its beaches and seafood as well. We cross the bridge that joins El Grove with the island of  Isla de La Toja, until you reach the ermite covered with shells of St James.  As you continue the trip you reach the town of Cambados, birthplace of the wine of Albariño the grape of excellence for the D.O Rías Baixas. You can get your mouthful at  Mar de Frades  one of the most popular bodegas of the area . It is located next to the beginning of a forest in front of the river Arosa. Mar de Frades you can reserve your visit here tel +34  986 68 09 11; more here:

Walking the streets of downtown/city center  Oviedo in Asturias you can arrive at the street Calle Gascona known as the boulevard of Cider.  Here you find the most emblematic of the town.  Only 36 km away you find the main bodega of the cider Trabanco .  You can visit and taste here and get to know all the different ciders  Driving a further 10 km you arrive in Gijón.  Take a walk on the quaint neighborhood of  Cimavilla, and the gardens of jardines de La Reina,  to finally admire the Cantabrian fury or furia del Cantábrico  walking by the promenade of the beach at  playa de San Lorenzo. Then, we set our car towards Covadonga, in the Natural Park of the peaks of Europe or  Picos de Europa.  You can visit the sanctuary of the monte Auseva  and the holy cave or Santa Cueva, where the Virgin patron saint of Asturias is since moorish times.  A few km away you come to the lake or Lagos de Covadonga, where the views are spectacular.  A bit of a half an hour driving and you reach the quaint Ribadesella. You can walk the beachfront boulevard climbing to the chapel of the  ermita de La Guía, to see a panorama of the town below. The  Casa Trabanco for info on visit is Tel +34 658 81 37 34. More info here:

Bilbao  is one city that is cross by the route of  txacolí, the local wine that guides the visitor back to this area. You come to the area of the two denomination of it, the Txacolí de Álava , and the D.O Bizkaia.  As you continue walking you will find the city/town hall and nearby the theater or teatro Arriaga, next to it you will be in the old town or casco Viejo one of the best areas to taste the local gastronomy with the favorites pinxos and txacolí.  The local go from bar to bar in what is locally known as the «ir de poteo».  Under the beams of the square or Plaza Nueva you will find some of the bar of pinxhos best known and visit a bodega of Txacolí. The closest one to town is  Magalarte  and it is in the municipality of  Lezama offering guided tours and tastings while looking at the valley or valle de Asúa. For information of Magalarte Txacolina tel +34 636 62 14 55. More here:

To go back to Madrid and enjoy the night and summer drinks in style, this is my kind of town. Some notables and visited here:

Amén Canalla at  calle Agustín de Foxá, s/n. Sundays from 15h to 24h.  The prices are 6-8 euros More info here:

Atico 11  at the  6+1  of  Hotel Iberostar Las Letras de Gran Vía here you have  Marco Llorente, one of the most popular DJ and has every Sunday from 19h to 23h in calle Gran Vía, 11. Every other day is open from 18h to 02h; drinks from 10-14€ More info here:

Casa Corona  at calle Fortuny, 53 .Every Wednesdays and Thursdays from 18h to 24h ; Fridays from 15h to 24h and Saturdays/Sundays from 12h to 24h; beers from 2,50€ , drinks from 4€ sodas from 3€ and cocktails from 7,50€ . More info here:

La Casa Encendida  at the  Ronda de Valencia, 2.  From Wednesdays to Sundays and from 17h30 to 21h30.  Drinks from 2€ the sodas, more info here:

Dray martini in the  Meliá Fénix ,Plaza de Colón, with citric and fruity options without alcohol call the mocktail.  Very nice ambiance and lively. Located at Calle Hermosilla, 2. From Mondays to Sundays from 10h to 02h; cocktails from 4,50€.  The first hotel I stayed with my then girlfriend today wife just wonderful place still lol! More info here:

Florida Retiro (my place since early teen and now reopen again)  This is a great place for a happy hour ,after works, apéro or the first drinks of the night It has several terraces and one in the upper level ! with great cocktail presentation. It is inside the Retiro park by street or Paseo República de Panamá, 1. Open from 20h30 to 24h and drinks cost from 10-12€ . La Terraza. Located in the roofstop of El Pabellón, lower roof and surrounded by garden where one can enjoy the sunrise with drinks and the shades of the trees in the Retiro park. More info here:

The Hat, really baggy cocktails presented to you in a bag! like the  Mojitown or the Yellow Submarine. It is in calle Imperial, 9.From Fridays at  18h to 24h,and Saturdays/Sundays from 13h to 24h. Cocktails from 10€. More information here:

Me Roofstop bar  in the Hotel ME Madrid Reina Victoria has a great ludic space with shows in direct and thematic nights of rock, jazz and Caribbean music seven days a week.  Located at the Plaza Santa Ana, 14. From Mondays to Thursdays from 17h to 01h30 ,Fridays until 03h30 Saturdays from 12h to 03h30 and Sundays from 11h to 01h30. Cocktails between 15-18€. More info here:

Sunset lookers  in the Plaza de Santo Domingo, 13. EVeryday from 20h to 02h, cost cocktails from 10-15€. More info here:

Back to the arts, to see until July 9 in Granada ,Centro Cultural Caja, Puerta Real the show Maestros de la Pintura; or master painters.the jewels of the late renaissance and baroque of the historic collection of the family Lladro will be shown.  Some of the artists represented will be from the 16C to 17C such as Juan de Juanes, Alonso de Berruguete, El Greco, Herrera el Viejo, Sanchéz Cotàn, Juan Ribalta, Zurbaran, José de Ribera, Rubens, Valdés Leal ,and Claudio Coello. More on it in Spanish here:

The Pablo Picasso diferente, or a different Pablo Picasso will be shown in the Fundacion Canal on the exposition  Picasso y el Mediterràneo that allows to appreciate the influence of the sea from his childhood.  There are about 91 portraits coming from the Fundacion Picasso-Museo Casa Natal de Málaga  One example is the painting  El taller de Picasso (1955),  a lithograph of his working place in Cannes where you can see the palms thru windows that reminds him of his native Malaga and his youth in Barcelona, it has engraving done between December 1945 and January 1946 such as  El Toro or  Página de toros  . This shows the great international project of Picasso-Mediterràneo a wide network of expos where more than 60 museums from South Europe to the North of Africa promoted by the museum or Musée Picasso of París in which it has been added the Fundación Canal. Showing until August 15  More in Spanish here:

The museum of  Prado has added to its showing the work  ‘Retrato de Felipe III’, a portrait of Philip III recently credited to  Velázquez. The portrait was donated William Jordan to the institution American Friends of the Prado Museum ,and can be seen on a temporary collection with extention. This is a portrait in preparation of the corps of king Felipe III  that the artist did on the composition of the expulsion of the moors or  ‘La expulsión de los moriscos’, dated in 1627 , and that was destroyed in the fire on the  Real Alcázar de Madrid in 1734, only the written description was known  Again Velazquez  will be exhibit next to the painting of  Tiziano ‘Felipe II offering the heaven to the infant Don Fernando’,that was recently restored. More here:

Carlos Saura: España. Años 50, is about hundred photos that the filmmaker did to showcase the mosaic of the villages and people of that period. Photos done by him in the 50’s while traveling in the country Under PhotoEspaña2017  until September 3 2017 in the museum or Museo Cerralbo, calle Ventura Rodriguez 17 . More here:

Something nice historical and seldom seen, in Toledo. The convent or Convento de Caballeros de Calatrava next to the synagogue or Sinagoga del Trànsito houses the Jewish history in Spain; the Museo Sefardî .The permanent exposition contains about 1253 works illustrating the origins of the Jewish people, its historical  and geographical context in the old Middle East as well as cultural items. You can see mesophotamic objects, coins, marriage contracts, judeo Arabic jewelry, coffins such as that of Pileta Trilingue of Tarragona, the box of Torah and items in gold ans silver. Also, an excavation in the patio of the convent . Opening hours in winter are varied so check the webpage.Admission is a very good 3€ adults. Located in the calle Samuel Levî, s/n, More here:

Enjoy Spain ,everything under the sun ::) Cheers and have a great weekend. I will see what I do lol!


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