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June 8, 2017

Some news from France CLVII

Back to the routine of living in wonderful Morbihan , Brittany, France. Today we had cloudy day with some shots of sunshine and temps in the 60’sF or 14-19C thereabouts. Paris is hotter now at 81F or about 27C .

Giving some good news about what is happening in France and keeping eye on election in the UK with France legislatives election coming up Sunday June 11 with a second round in June 18, which is Father’s Day here!

Vinexpo in Bordeaux, the 19th edition will open June 18 as well , the greatest gathering of wine connoisseurs and amateurs etc the works.  Four days and 45000 professionals will be there. ALso, 2300 stands coming from 40 countries mostly from France, Italy,and Spain . And one of the novelties is the showcase of Bio wine with 150 producers! China will be here with 22 stands from two on the last edition coming strong.  The house of Möet Hennessy will be there with its 21 houses offering their full line of Champagne, spirits, and wines. More here:

The primeurs of wine from a region very dear to me, Médoc and more precisely St Julien all in Bordeaux. The 2016 are coming up superb according to article in Le Figaro newspaper. Some of the best producers are here with score from the journal staff: I would highlight those I like the most, of course, over the years I have tried them all ::)

Château Gloria 2016, 16.5/20; Red fruit nose, black berries, Zan, vanilla. Fresh juice, beautiful mash, tonic, soft tannins, gourmet wine.
Château Langoa-Barton 2016, 17/20; Nose of small notes prunes, bramble, violet. Ample mouth, tannins a little tight, beautiful elongation.
Château Saint-Pierre 2016, 17/20; Intense red fruits, red plum, small black berries. Fresh mouth, small, mature tip, free attack, ample tannin, long final.
Château Gruaud-LaRose 2016, 18/20; Black fruit nose, graphite tip. Fresh, fruity, supple and elegant tannins, fresh finale.
Château Talbot 2016, 18/20; Dense nose, black fruits, red plum. Ample mouth, beautiful acidity, ample tannin, elegant, final very long, wine digestible.
Château Brane-Ducru 2016, 18.5/20; Small black fruits, fresh fruit. Ample mouth, fresh, silky tannins, medium intense, graphite tip, beautiful stretch, nice wine.
Château Lagrange 2016, 18.5/20; Intense red fruits, bramble, Zan, Black cherry. Fresh, elegant mouth, lots of pep, soft tannins, beautiful material, superb elongation. Nice.
Château Léoville Barton 2016, 19/20: Nose of pretty red fruits, cherry, floral, deep. Ample mouth, beautiful attack, elegant tannins, superb finale. Very good success.
Château Léoville Poyferré 2016, 19.5/20; Very fresh red fruit nose, Zan, vanilla. Ample mouth, fruity, ample, greedy, very nice touch of mouth, elegant tannins and coated. Final Sapid. Very big wine.
Moving on away from the wonderful wine of France, the best YES!  I have other news to tell you
The SNCF  is going to renovate the gare du Nord, the biggest in Europe. It will have the first section of work in the period ending in 2018. If  things goes according to plan , there will be a second phase before the opening of the Olympic Games of  2024… if Paris gets the nod. There is a new way of working teaming up with private companies. If all goes well, there will be renovations like it on the stations of  Toulouse-Matabiau, Marseille Saint-Charles ,and the gare de Lyon in Paris. Source: Les Echos business journal
About telling you about those wonderful places where you can have a cup of coffee in a nice garden within a wonderful museum of Paris! These are some of my favorites:

Café Branly,  in the Musée du quai Branly-Jacques Chirac, 37 quai Branly, (7eme). Tel +33 (0)  1 47 53 68 01. Average price of entrée-main meal or main meal and dessert is  35€. More here:

Café Renoir,in the musée de Montmartre, a secret place that you will love to keep for yourself but I couldn’t .  At the foot of the house of the shop of  Suzanne Valadon, located at  12-14 rue Cortot,(18eme). Tél. +33 (0) 1 49 25 89 39. Lunch for about 14€. More here:

A temple of sculpture in the hôtel Biron  where Rodin came in 1908  for never leave. It has a wonderful garden with 3 hectares of garden in the French style and works of art of the master Rodin. You go from an alley to the amphitheater of bower in the basin that you can see the clouds ,rosary, and the great lawn ,also walk in the promenade with shades of trees by the wall of the fence. Here you have the Café du Musée ;Musée Rodin, 77 Rue de Varenne (7eme) Tel +33 (0) 1 45 55 84 39.  average price with entrée-main meal or main meal and dessert is 35€. More here:

In the museum , the café in the Petit Palais is our best. Le Jardin du Petit Palais  is a dream niche in the center of the dome on a long courtyard with beautiful exposition salons, given to an luxurious garden with palmiers, banana trees, maniocs trees bamboos on a basin bordered with mosaics . The ceilings painted in al fresco with rose granite columns and golden flees around it and a terra cotta floor just a Proustian charm.  Le Jardin du Petit Palais, musée des Beaux-arts de la Ville de Paris. Avenue Winston Churchill, (8eme). Tél. +33 (0) 1 40 07 11 41.  menu of the day with main meal and dessert just 16,90€. More here:

You have the small coffee shop in the mansion of Ary Scheffer,  painter of history and portrait maker of amongst others  George Sand, Chopin, Ernest Renan, etc. It is a heaven of peace, a tea in this garden of the musée de la Vie romantique. Hôtel Scheffer-Renan, 16 rue Chaptal, (9eme), Tél. +33 (0) 1 55 31 95 67. Garden formula menu of tarte salée, dessert,and drink for 15,90€. More here:

More on the Americans in Paris trail, the Mona Bismarck American Center  has a wonderful weekend to start the season of pop culture.  The place renamed the  « Summer House » for the occasion welcome the concerts in open air and film projections by the cinéma Christine 21.  Without forgetting the Texan BBQ , with bar and cocktails.  All this until September 2017.

The Forum des Halles  welcomes you for the second year of the Festival Rock en Seine to show you the event « Unexpected Festival», 3 days of discovery of rock and pop music such as Barbagallo et Peter Peter ,Friday, Findlay et Her Saturday, and the  Papooz Sunday. More here:

The 14th meeting of the jardin des  Tuileries  has for theme the « La ville nature». You will discover ephemeral gardens created by expert gardeners with the idea to show in evidence the terraces and balconies all with over 100 shops exposing their trade. This is over with but a good idea to jotted down for next year.  More here and in English in pdf file;

Dedicated to SubSaharan AFrica and the Caribbean the musée Dapper  will closed its doors on June 18 unfortunately. This is the last day of the exhibition “Masterpieces of Africa” . You have about a week to admire it at 35 bis rue Paul-Valéry (16eme), its collection of remarkable art.  The foundation will remain on its work thru cultural events beyond its current walls especially in Senegal and the Caribbean. Enjoy while you can here:

An update on previous post on it; the last sections of the old railroad line around Paris long of 32 kms will be given back to the walkers and pedestrian traffic by 2020. This is on the 20eme south of the rue de la Mare, in the 14eme between the promenade Broussais  and the avenue du Général-Leclerc, in the 17eme along the boulevard Pereire ,and the rue Saussure ,and early by 2019, in the 12eme between the villa du Bel-Air ,and the rue des Meuniers. The petite ceinture is back! More in French here:

Well the local take is not so good on the new café on top of the Arch de la Défense but here it is for info; as not been back since it reopen. The food is not so good and very expensive with four radishes , salt butter etc they propose a menu with entrée-main meal and -dessert for  50€,! The opening was well waited for on the top June 1st after 8 years closed. The lunch at 110 meters high is an experience.  The main advantage when you reserve a table is the ticket to the top is included with the meal so you save 15€  ,which in itself is pretty expensive just to climb to the top terrace. There on top you come to see and enjoy ..the  Les Jardins de Joséphine . No webpage just call the restaurant for reservations at  restaurant Joséphine Chez Dumonet Tel +33 (0)

Curly wigs and bodice dresses are back in the alleys of the Château de Vaux-le-Vicomte (Seine-et-Marne). This coming Sunday, the time of a costumed day, “The Grand Siécle Experience” the home of Nicolas Fouquet, superintendent of Finance of Louis XIV, reconnects with the splendour of the Great century.  Courtiers, Marquises and gentlemen have an appointment in the garden of 33 hectares imagined by Andre Le Nôtre. Lace parasols, ribbon-decorated shoes, taffeta scarves … all the details count to win the best costume prize. Awarded at the end of the day, it will reward the most successful dresses in men, women and children, as well as the best fancy costume. At Chateau de Vaux-le-Vicomte, Maincy (77) Sunday from 10h to 17h, admission 15,50€ to 17,50€ and only 11,50€ for those coming with costumes. You can rent one on site for 35€: more here:
The coronation Mass and Mozart’s Requiem, you know? These two major works by Mozart Open the 37th Festival of Auvers this Friday, June 9. Until July 7, the events take place under the vaults of the Church of Notre-Dame of Auvers, dear to Van Gogh, or the Château de Méry-sur-Oise, a stone’s walk away; You will love Saturday Karine Deshayes, winner of several victories of classical music and Delphine Haiden. These two mezzo-sopranos have prepared a repertoire full of humour from the 19C and Mendelssohn’s songs to the operettas of Offenbach.  On Sunday, with his show “The Pianist with 50 fingers”, Pascal Amoyel will pay homage to the undisputed master of the instrument Georges Cziffra, guest of the festival just 30 years ago, just before his death. Among the inescapable: the great Mass in C of Mozart, on June 25th, relocated to the musical scene of the Ile Seguin in Boulogne (92) directed in Baroque version by the famous chef Laurence Equilbey. Finally, a great accustomed, Natalie Dessay, the immense singer who never takes herself seriously will perform for the closing of the Arias of Schubert, Debussy or Gonod. She will be in duet with pianist Philippe Cassard.  See the Festival of Auvers, Opus 37. Friday, Saturday Sunday and until 7 July. Complete on June 14th. at the Church of Auvers and Château de Méry-sur-Oise. Prices from 20€  to 95€.   Reservations at +33 (0) 1 30 36 77 77. more here :
And last ,but not least in my beloved Versailles:Chez ReminiSens, located in the heart of  Versailles,  the lady Caroline Masselin wanted to create the ambiance of the court in the 17C and 18C at the time of a meal where the food served to the kings of France was appreciated accompany by baroque music such as  « Le Nôtre et les secrets des jardins », « Louis XV et ses liaisons dangereuses » or « Les scandales à la cour du Roi Soleil ». Many emblematic stories told at the table with playing actors that do all this without disturbing the guests. The lady was inspired by recipe books of the time like « Le cuisinier royal et bourgeois », edition of  1729. For the dinner spectacle you will pay between 100€  and 195€  menus.  However, for those not reaching these prices you can have a formule like the « Les petits soupers du régent », going from 12€ to 20€ ,which includes gourmand dishes that you accompany with a glass of Champagne or Rose water. All this located at  20, rue Baillet-Reviron. Tuesdays to Sundays from  19h30 to 23h. Information and reservation at +33 (0) or Cell +33 (0)  More here in pdf file and French:

Easy to come to the above restaurant, just walk out of castle museum on your left hand side take avenue Saint Cloud (past the Grande Ecurie) turn right here; continue walking until Rue du Maréchale Foch passed the market at Notre Dame square, the street before the boulevard de la Reine on your left hand side turn into rue Baillet-Reviron, and the theater restaurant is on your left hand side on what was before the Table of Agadir resto.

Enjoy France as much as I do every day. Cheers!

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