Concarneau has its charms and it bring us back!

This is a nice town with a gorgeous ville close or enclosed old town in a fortress about 40  minutes by car from me. This is Concarneau; enjoy it.

 We were back this past Monday an Ascension holiday in France, and had our chow in a familiar place. Some additional photos to complement those taken in the three posts above. You get a bookful of Concarneau but all worth it

We were at Quimper (see previous posts) and on our way back home had some time so we decided to stop by again. We headed for downtown or city center and it was packed . Not only was market day in Place du Guesclin but also a sailing event and parking was hard to be found. We drove into the other side of the harbor and was able to get an on street parking for free!!!

We come here on the road N165 so easy in and out ride, we did took a quick ride to the Chateau de Keriolet as it opened in the second week of June but , we were late for the guided tour alas!! The story here is of the Russian princess Zénaide Narischkine-Youssoupov and her husband the Count Charles de Chauveau in a wonderful castle of the 19C. The Castle itself foundations dates from the 13C,  and was finance by the princess to built the new renovated castle.  One of the castle owners was prince Félix Youssoupov who was the assassin of Raspoutin.  The castle is only 5 minutes by car from the downtown of Concarneau. More on it here for now:

We took our usual walks in the city by the covered market and the square Guesclin ,the tourist office where this time we got a nice map of the city, and the harbor area.

The ville close was gorgeous as usual and the pleasure boats lovely on a calm day just before the storm. We had our lunch in the restaurant of the Hotel des Grands Voyageurs on the main square facing the ville close fortified city and wonderful as usual. We had our chorizo omelets, mussels in cream sauce, pizzas and salads all down with the local St Omer amber beer and good desserts of a sort of different ice creams mine the Breton favorite caramel sauce over ice cream caramel ! all for less than 22€ per person. A wonderful location to stay if coming visit here from afar: more here :

On way out we saw a new monument the lighthouse or Phare de Beuzec-Conq , this is literally in the home of someone’s property! It was built in 1848 at a height of 9,3 meters…The optic is white and fix until 1894 it will have optic red and white. In 1907 it was refitted with the new tower and electricity finally arrived in 1943 always working until 1964. Some info in French here:

In all  a pleasant ending to a nice ride out with the family, just enjoying the bountiful of Bretagne land of the Bretons! Cheers!

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  1. That looks really pretty. Cheers!

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