Beautiful Finistére 29 and gorgeous Quimper!

This is what I mean of having so much around you to see and travel , sometimes we tend to think as a  family what to do ,and instead of going to new places we just settled down to go back to the previously seen beauties and close to home. This is the case of this city.

I am talking about Quimper, in the Finistére dept 29 of Brittany in France. My last post on Quimper was in Feb 2013 here:

Plenty of pictures there above and some new ones and some nice repetitions here now. We decided this Monday Ascension day off from work to go back to it just driving on the expressway N165 to it easy 1h27 from our home.

We did a walk over to all the shops , resto and hotels we like. Of course, the hotels have not stayed but these are the ones we would if coming to the city for their charm and location. The shops with their webpage when available are here:

The Quimper covered market a wonderful building and good choices inside even if today was a holiday and not full, usually it is. It is known as the Les Halles  Saint François opened in 1847. More from the city in French here:

Eurodif dept store right by the Cathedral is a wonderful heavens of good prices and brands truly French.

The wonderful fish canning and food store of the Belle-île-en-Mer call the La Belle Iloise is here same square front of Cathedral.

For wonderful breads and sweets not to missed anytime come to the chain and locally owned La Mie Caline, several stores in the city. The photo is the one near the river Odet and the covered market. More here:

Our favorite store for souvenirs and local Breton food and drinks is La Trinitaine, here too in Quimper. Not far from covered market Saint-François; more here:

For overall wonderful gifts souvenirs and just useful Breton stuff come to the parvis of the Cathedral for the store L’Art de Cornouaille. Simply a bazaar of wonderful gadgets for the house and gift giving. More here:

The Paris famous and all over small dept Store for groceries, clothings, house items etc, you won’t go wrong shopping in Monoprix. By the river Odet not far from Cathedral and just across the river the tourist office of Quimper. More here:

For the ladies especially , my wife’s favorite flower shop in town, and great creations in a wooden house quaint building is Rosa Rosae near Church Saint Mathieu. More here:

For eating, we have tried some but the best for us is the Taverne des Halles, once inside there are windows that let you see the covered market Saint François from above, nice, quaint, and good eating at reasonable prices. Lunch is good Dinner is romantic, more here:

The night action here is centered around the theaters and cinemas very nice indeed; other of course than the nightclubs. For us the best ones in order are:

The Théatre Max-Jacob; it opened in 1904. Totally renovated and showing all kinds of arts events. It is gorgeous over the river Odet and the bridge leading to it the pont du Théatre. More here in French:

Right over in front of the Church Saint Mathieu, you will see the more modern Théatre de Cornouaille. Showing more on the creative artistic side of theaters. More here in French:

You can see wonderful movies facing the river Odet and our favorite the Cinema Les Arcades. More and movies coming up or showing now in French here:

The other one is just past the above one tucked in a bit from the river Odet. Quai Duplex 5 cinemas too, more on it here:

There is an excellent Congress expo for all events including many tourism oriented such as the Chapeau Rouge right after the Church Saint Mathieu and across from the Théatre de Cornouaille.  More in French here:

We always come by car, but Quimper has an excellent public transport network, with a great gare or train station with TGV connection to Montparnasse Paris and soon from July even faster. TER regional trains all over the area, as well as a great bus terminal or gare routiére next door with buses to nearby towns and far away like Paris! on Flexbus and Ouibus who have stops here. Taxi that I can recommend due to local input are: Radio Taxi Quimpérois, tel +33 (0) 2 98 90 21 21 webpage:  

And Allo Taxi Quimpérois, tel +33 (0) 2 98 90 20 20 ,webpage:

The train station is here:

The bus terminal is next to train station see photos. More in French here:

and the local bus network is QUB and you can find the lines here in French:

There is an airport at Lorient and Brest. Lorient here:

Brest here:

And do not forget the petit train taken in front of the Cathedral. A good way to see the city in a hurry. The Celtic’train, here is more

It has a nice Hôtel de ville/Mairie building and a wonderful castle like regional government building or préfécture. Nice square Place Terre au Duc with fountain, great wooden houses all over, gorgeous bridges and passarelles over the river Odet and a nice Tourist office.

To stay right in the city I recommend these two hotels. Best Western Hotel Kegrenn just behind the Cathedral on rue des Réguaires. More on the hotel in English here:

The other is a local ones, The Hôtel de l’Epée facing the river Odet. It is now a cafe brasserie worth checking out; a historic Brasserie dating from 1830 and the scene of local politicians; Considered the oldest in Brittany; richly decorated.  Lead yourselves on the Passage de l’Epée, and see the connection of these streets and the ceilings some is kept in the museum of Fine Arts. The Brasserie webpage in French:

Some museums mentioned before in previous posts are the Musée departamental Breton with a trace of the local history and a must to see ,just gorgeous.  Webpage here:

And ,of course, the fine arts or Musée des Beaux-Arts next to the Hôtel de Ville. Webpage here:

Hope you enjoy the photos of this wonderful Breton city, and will have a separate post on the Cathedral Corentin and Church Saint Mathieu which they deserve. Enjoy your week, cheers!

 Quimper  Quimper  Quimper  Quimper  Quimper  Quimper  Quimper  Quimper  Quimper  Quimper  Quimper  Quimper  Quimper  Quimper  Quimper  Quimper  Quimper

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