One more time in Crac’h and Saint Philibert in my Morbihan

Amazing ,it nevers amazes me to see the places that one lives so close yet visit so few. Always in the travel trails elsewhere and we left home unattended. This is our case with so much to see in our belle France, and so many close countries to visit around us. I am talking of the small town of Crac’h and the gorgeous beach town of Saint Philibert. Only about 30 minutes by car from our home.

The tourist office of Crac’h not far from me and where one of my sons worked. This is a town of megalith stones, nice Church but above all great breeders of oysters and mussels that sells even from their homes. The webpage is here in French:

The nicer and beach town of Saint Philibert , tourist webpage is here:

At St Philibert you have more megalith stones, more religious buildings from chapels to Churches and of course the beaches. These are some of the best in the area; and we love it. The architecture is modern spacious home of the good living variety.

st philibert

We went by car from home of course, D768 to D781 to D28 roads; but there are transports by train from my station of Auray and by bus the line 1 from the train station in Auray. The train station info in Auray is here:

From the train station you can connect with the line 1 of bus system TIM to Saint Philibert and Crac’h. The schedule until end June 2017 as in summer times change slightly are here:

We went to our wagon fruit and vegetables in Crac’h on the way to Saint Philibert, local farmers fresh French produce ,the best. Here we got our load, cherries, nectarines, avocados, melons, bananas, abricots, kiwis yellow and green, oranges, and strawberries !!! these are gorgeous fruits and real thing nothing artificial here just straight from the farms.

We went on to Saint Philibert to check on the beaches as temps were in the late 20’s Celsius and folks were flocking already even if it was before 3pm or 15h. Passing by the city center and the mayor’s office(Mairie)  we continue straight to the beach areas.

The first one was the beach or plage de men er beleg really nice with nuts trees and good condominiums for rentals behind it.

Before, the next one, we passed by many oysters and mussels producers like those at Intrenn Passion at the corner of rue des presses and rue de l’océan; more here:

Or a bit further the Tasting of oysters and mussels at Chez Jaouen , more here:

And, after further loading here from the real thing, we continue to see the splendid beaches of Kernevest ; these are gorgeous and not far from the first one above. Toilet facilities and parking in the pines in a wild environment. Just what the doctor calls for relax you are in heavens.

It’s the main beach and lovely with families and young crowd as well but quiet and beautifully serene facing the ocean and to your right the entrance to the harbor of La Trinité sur Mer

On the way back, we could not help it but continue our shopping spree and stopping at the main factory store of La Trinitaine a great sweets, gourmet, fisheries, and souvenir store with a shopping complex of créperie, clothing store, bakery and salon de thé as well as the main factory outlet of La Trinitaine where we again load up on goodies.The store is right on the road D781 coming back thru Crac’h direction Auray. More on the store here in French:

More and photos on the store from the ST Philibert area tourist board:

This is my Morbihan, a heaven spot on Brittany and just 3h20 from Montparnasse Paris soon in July even shorter with the opening of the LGV train line. Enjoy it and happy Sunday to all. Cheers!!!

 St Philibert  St Philibert  St Philibert  St Philibert

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2 Comments to “One more time in Crac’h and Saint Philibert in my Morbihan”

  1. Those cherries look so juicy and delicious! I really miss the taste of ripe summer fruit here, as it isn’t a patch on what Europe has to offer. We can’t wait to hit those farmers’ markets again. We will be off on 9th July for our long summer tour. House is on the market so, with a bit of luck, we won’t have to come back in September and we will carry on to Spain, Portugal and Morocco for the winter. Fingers crossed.

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