Back to some familiar places in Minas Gerais State, Varginha and Trés Coraçoes

After doing some roundups in Sao Paulo State , it was time to come back to some familiar places in Minas Gerais State.

First, some info on the tourism page of Brazil:

And a bit more here:

I came here from Paulinia in Sao Paulo State by car arriving at Trés Coraçoes. Do you know the great PELE was born here? the footballer/soccer player legend. They even made a museum in his native home, even if he hardly visit the town now. They, also, erected a statue in city center.downtown.  So much for the fame. Now this is great coffee country and wonderful vendas or farm selling the wonderful Mineira food.

The museum of Pele or Museu Terra do Rei , is open Mondays to Fridays from 8h to 18h and Saturdays from 9h to 13h.  A bit more here:

Once there, had the honor of staying at the Pousada Calabreza, a nice simple hotel too simple the TV did not work but did had time to rest after the long 4 hrs trek by car.  They have a hotel propertly said in city center a bit better for longer accommodations. The site is here:

I took a peek out in the town but very inland country town, not much to see here. I move on the next day to the bigger town with more ambiance Varginha as did last time in 2015.  Again not much for tourism here but plenty of architecture as you can see from these photos:

The hotel here was the Hotel Café Royal right in city center near the University campus and much more lively.  This was a very nice hotel, good space rooms and good service as well as a great restaurant with glass windows views of the city. More here:

Is one more fact to show that when traveling as I do, prefer the in country ambiance and real people for great talks and sharing a glass of beer rather than the more bigger tourist traps.  This country is laid back and nice with real people and if you are looking for relax, nice natural sites, architecture ,and especially nice folks around then come here.

Right around Tres Coraçoes we had lunch at the Venda do Chico, a great country place right in the woods with beautiful gardens and great souvenir and foodie store as well as the great restaurant. Real food, Mineira or miners’s town food hearty and plenty at excellent prices.  See it here and take a look at the photos!

In Varginha we went to a nice restaurant trés chic on a secluded street in town but great chefs creation of beef. The great cuts were awesome and the wine from Chile Taparapa was nice.  The chef owner came out to talk to us and it was nice indeed, a memorable moment. this is the Braseado restaurant at ave Salum Assad David ,30 email more on it here:

You can see more in their Facebook page here:

The town has many bars very lively at night and an excellent public transport system.  In all , it was a nice welcome back to an area already visited and by now very homey look. Nice in country Brazil, you ought to give a try yourselves.

Cheers, and I am coming to another 3 day weekend next ::)

tres coracoes Varginha Varginha Varginha Varginha Varginha

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