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June 28, 2017

Some news from France CLX

And we are half way in the week and arriving to the end of June, full summer season is here. Temps are been mild around 15C or 64F and cloudy with sun in and out, some light rain and more schedule for tomorrow in my area. Some more goodies from my belle France:

This is a new update no time to wait for next post as Paris with its Major does it again. The two way traffic on rue de Rivoli (1eme) and rue Saint-Antoine (4eme) will be close to automobiles for give way to a bicycle lane on the left hand side of 4 meters wide and only one lane for automobiles. The project will be presented in public meeting in the mairie (mayor’s office)  of the 4eme arrondissement , and the new traffic alignment will be in effect from next August in rue de Rivoli between the portions including between the Hôtel de Ville, and the land spot at Saint-Paul. To be continue……………………………

today starts the Summer Sales or Soldes d’été in France for the most part of the territory and will last until August 8 midnight give or take some spots in the country like the Alpes-Maritimes or Corse.  On a recent Survey by Toluna  for the group  LSA, with  1511 persons interviewed,  73%  of the French think of participating in the Sales this year less 4,4 points than last. This represent about  2,2 millions shoppers less and about 52% do not know yet what budget to apply to them.  Even with all this, the great department stores give it a great importance as 12%  of annual sales of Au Printemps , and  8% of the Galeries Lafayette are done in this period. More on them here:

Enjoy the Sales before the entire renovation of the shopping center Parly II  in Chesnay (just outside Versailles) as by next January 2018 it will be like all new. There will be a connecting bridge to link the stores of BHV and Toys r’Us with 13 new stores just before Christmas. Four names are already guaranteed to be there such as JOTT, Armani, New Balance, and Rituals. After the stores the cinema will be expanded  with a UGC cinema of 12 showings and 2200 places seated. This is great and it was our favorite shopping place when we lived in Versailles for ten years. More on it here:

There is a revolutioin of sort coming for the public transports in the ile de France and Paris. The bus network of the RATP will be modifie in the coming months as it has never been renovated since 1950!!! There will be 4 new lines and modification on about 46 lines over the 60 now existing. The transport site will change name from STIF to Ile-de-France Mobilités. The new plan should be in service by end of 2018. More in French here:

And of course, with all these changes, price hikes are a rigueur. From August 1st the  Pass Navigo will go up 3%, and will then cost  75,20€ (from the  73€ now). The price of the single metro ticket will remain the same but the carnet of 10 will go up 40 centimes to 14,90€. The price for the tickets “Origine-Destination” (where the cost is already over 7€) will supposely not increase. More here:

Going over the wonderful park or Parc des Buttes-Chaumont (19eme),that is celebrating it’s 150 years!! and stay one of the favorite spot of Parisiens that went there for 6 millions last year. The park is located between the districts or  faubourgs Belleville and Villette, annexed to Paris in 1860. The work on the park began in 1864 with huge efforts that lasted 3 years with over 1000 men and hundreds of horses. They installed about 39 kms of rails to extract  800 000 m3 (cubic meters)  of rock using dynamites explosives. A factory of pumping was created in the basin of the Villette to bring the water to the top of the park and feed the cascade, streams and network of irrigation. It is the most expensive park after that of  Montceau with a visionary creation. As it is only about 20 cm of vegetable land recovered from the chalk on which nothing could have sprout; in fact the Buttes-Chaumont are the first garden off the soil , like an inmense flower pot. Around it ,it has 6 hills that forms several valleys where the engineers did a picturesque scenary to invite you to a voyage. It has an alpine orientation that is call the petite Suisse or little Switzerland; this was a wish of emperor Napoléon III  that himself had spent his childhood in the germanic Switzerland.  Large uphills criss cross the park sometimes with streams like the Alps region; a Vosges style forest is planted along the rail lines of the Petite ceinture.  In the Central island you have behind some vegetation an imitation of the cliffs of the Etretat normande with its arch and peak ,and at the top on the belvedere a roman temple in miniataure call the  Sibylle inspired by the one in Tivoli (Italy) culminating at 30 meters above the lake. The park has inspired many artists such as Aragon, Tardi, Despentes, and  George Sand did praises on it, Jacques Tardi  the croque on his aventures with Adèle Blanc-Sec, Alain Resnais filmed in  On connaît la chanson , and represented the ceiling background for Vernon Subutex, the recent trilogy of romance of Virginie Despentes. The greatest hommage to it came from Aragon who in the  « le Paysan de Paris » mentioned the park settle in the inconcious of the city of Paris. A must when coming to Paris.More on it in English from Paris tourist office here:

And from today to Friday the European languages will be mixing in the streets, theater and cinema Ermitage of Fontainebleau. The 6th edition of the Festival Série Séries dedicated to European series with this year the theme courage. Each serie presents its members creators, scénaristes actors on site after the diffusion of each episode creating a real interaction with the public. Each projection is follow by an exchange with the public. You can see « Guerilla »,the new series produce and played by Idris Elba,a German espionnage series name « Same sky », as well as the series  « Match »,a Norwegian series name, and the « The simple Heist », coming from Sweden without forgetting the animated cartoon series such as « Ernest et Célestine »,a French series for small children. More info to be found here:

And this is the time for fleas and garage sales in France as summer arrives; vide greniers and brocantes et marches these are my favorites over the years here:

We start at the classic place in Paris Le village Saint-Paul ; in the heart of the Marais between the streets of rue Saint-Antoine and the Seine river, the village Saint-PAul is a must for lovers of antiques, finds and designs of arts. Also, English porcelains and wooden furniture, antiques from the 18C or even going back to the 17C to our days. A must to walk on the rue Saint-Paul, rue Saint-Antoine and rue Santa Maria in the 4eme district/arrondissement. More here:

Another nice one is at the Trolls et puces, 5 rue du Marché-Popincourt 11eme where fleasgoers and restaurant people are associated to propose the crème de la crème of the yearFrom second hand furniture to lamps, mirrors, etc the selection is very nice and renovated oftenMore on their facebook page:

Another we love is the Village Suisse  in the heart of the 15eme district not far from the  tour Eiffel, you have about 150 stands on the site of the old Universal Exposition of 1900. You have decorators interior design, antiques, and art galleries in the middle of suspended gardens and patios covered with trees. Le Village Suisse, 78 avenue de Suffren, 15eme. More here:

And we all know the very popular flea market of Saint-Ouen,however, have you visited the fleas of the Porte de Vanves ?  Here is where you find the best, a giant flea with crazy merchants offering all the rare and beautiful; you need to come early to get the best. Les Puces de la Porte de Vanves, Avenue Georges Lafenestre and avenue Marc Sangnier, 14eme district. More here:

How about some water in Paris, in summer you need it there too.

It is not a pool but a nice splash of water very refreshing in the middle of summer. This it the water sprays in the place de la République , that reflect like a mirror of water,and if stay a while the effect will be like taking a big dive with less effort.

You go to a new place the Démesure sur Seine, a terrace of 900 m2  with giant  barbecues, cocktails à gogo , and good Dj  music. The team has started the Piscine sur Seine, with inflatable boats on pools ,great novelty for Paris . La Piscine sur Seine 69, port de la Râpée – 12e open from 17H free admission.  This took place this week but be on the lookout for the next opening it is great I was told. More here:

And of course, the place to be this summer will be the bassin de la Villette, yes you heard right it will finally be open for swimming. A great basin sunk in to the waters of the Villette and you can swim all summer. Le Bassin de la Villette 45, quai de la Seine , 19eme.

And on a similar vain, you have six parks in Paris open this summer 24/24; these are La place des Vosges (4eme) Le jardin des Grands-Explorateurs (6eme) ,Le parc Montsouris (14eme), Le parc André Citroën (15eme), Le parc des Buttes-Chaumont (19eme), Le square Séverine (20eme) .

Continue with summer activity with the open air Cinema drive in and other in Paris. Around a transat boat, on the lawn, under the stars around a pique nique you can see the classic films of today and yesterterday from July 20 to August 20 at the Terrasse du Parc de la Villette , 211 avenue Jean Jaurés, 19eme.

And the 2017 edition starts for the chapeaux de roues Friday July 7 with film and concert by the original band of the  Gardiens de la Paix. There is a chase from July 7-21 and from August 4-18 on the mayor’s office courtyard in the Jardin de la Folie Titon, 28 rue Chanzy, 11eme  More here on location;

There is a program in memory of  Alfred Hitchcock with one of his most celebrated film The Birds or Les Oiseaux, and two comedy evenings with the Dark Shadows of Tim Burton ,and Moonrise Kingdom of Wes Anderson… From 21h be there with a small pique nique before the film at 22h30. You can the long chairs but it is advise to bring your own with cushions because this is very popular. July 6-8 at the  Château de Vincennes  1, avenue de Paris – 94300 Vincennes: more here:

You will enjoy the new programming for the next edition of the Festival Silhouette  in the very nice park of the Parc de la Butte du Chapeau Rouge, film projections on fiction, clips, animation, and experimental and also concerts to dance at the apéro hour ;From August 25 to September 2 Parc de la Butte du Chapeau Rouge – 19eme. More on the location here:

 Something unique in Pigalle that houses a basketball court with the most style in Paris. After some renovation that took 2 years the founder of the brand Pigalle in collaboration with Nike has it open again. Blue, rose, yellow, and gray on the image of the unisex combo of Nikelab x Pigalle. A basketball court with futuristic vision stamp  « Pigalle » and « Duperré » awating the sports minded and the more artsy people on earth! Playground Duperré  22, rue Duperré – 9eme,  Open from 10h to 20h in Summer time. More in Facebook here:

And last for this post but not least,the wonderful story of the Tati stores is slowly coming to an end. Who searching for real bargains off the tourist traps have not come here during the years; Tati is an institution. Well no more unfortunately for many families it is up for sales. The main store is known to Parisiens as the Tati Barbés, and it will be taken over by another chain call Gifi, also,very popular here. They are negotiating for the former employees destinies and the owner of the building which guarantee is coming to an end, this will be to follow up to see what happened finally to the white and rose window store at Barbés. The Tati site here:

And Gifi stores site here:

Enjoy the rest of your week. Cheers!


June 23, 2017

Some news from Spain XLV

Here here this is Spain hot and beautiful. Temps are in heaven hot but so is the Spanish soul. this is the season and Summer is here, hear all about it, this is Spain. Some ramblings to tell you all.

Some of the best of the Valencia region: this is Alzira with its Arabic walls and part of the Route of Monasteries near the natural site  or Paraje Natural Municipal La Murta, previously known as the Valley or Valle de los Milagros.  This valley has medicinal properties due to its flora to make plant medicines. Now there is a walk path of about 9 kms that takes you to some of its better sites such as the monastery of  Santa María de la Murta, finished in 1401. More here:

You go to the fountain of the baths or Fuente de los Baños, in Montanejos, known since Arabic times. The Moorish king  Zeit-Abu-Zeit  was  aware of the medicinal properties of the waters of the river Mijares , and according to legend it ordered built the baths for the women in the harem to kept young and beautiful.  These properties of the waters keep a year round temperature of 25C and has been for centuries. Now it is part of health tourism. Up the waters at about 2,5 kms you arrive at the urban center and the dam of Arenoso, where you see one of the wonderful natural attraction of the region in the narrows or  Los Estrechos.  This is a canyon of about 25 meters wide and more than 100 meters high where you can practice the climbing and live water sports. More in Spanish here:

Reaching Vilafamés, of Arabic origins where you still find some ruins such as the foundation of the castle on top of a hill where the town rises. Even if the early remains of the town goes back to Paleothic Superior, found in the cave or Cueva Matutano.  Also, in the cave cavity of  El Tossal de la Font you find remains of Homo Sapiens of  80.000 years old, while in the basement of the castle and the rocks or  Rocas de Mallasén you find remains of rustics paintings. More in Spanish here:

You continue on towards Villena old town is to go back to the Middle Ages. The Castle of Atalaya built by the Arabs in the 12C reign over the town. It is one of the oldest construction of its type in Spain with a tower of square ground and two bodies as well as Almohades tombs. More here

At the foot of a castle of the Arabic period that still conserve almost instact its towers and walls you come to Chulilla. A small town of middle ages and stone age time at the extreme of the river Turia with a deep ravine of 160 meters deep from which a castle rises overlooking the town with several hanging bridges. In the canyon of or barranco de Falfiguera, back in 1998  it was discovered rustic paintings of the Epipaleothic period  (3500-2000 AC.) with zoomorphic and antropomorfic drawings some of them not found in other parts of the Mediterránean.  In Chulilla, you can, also find remains of the Copper and Iron age belonging to the Iberian people. More in Spanish here :

In the small coastal town of Canet d’en Berenguer just a few km from Valencia and next to Sagunto. You have some of the vestiges of the Roman period. In the 14C the town was known as Canet d’en Berenguer and went to the power of Francisco Berenguer, and his descendants from which the town takes its name. Here you find the beautiful beach of Raco de la Mar with a blue flag rating and a lighthouse of 30 meters high with a reach of 25 miles dating from 1904. The particularity of this lighthouse is that is located 300 meters inland surrounded by orange trees.  More here in Spanish:

And the beach here !

Moving on the other side of Spain, to Galicia; we have in Ferrol of the finest and whitest beaches such as DoniñosEsmelleFragata , and San Jorge all rated blue flag safe and clean. From Ferrol you take the route in the direction of Cariño to reach Doniños.  Here you find all kinds of services such as small restos or chiringuitos, and bars, even Children playground, parkings, bus stop, showers, emergency post with 2 kms of fine sand , golden dunes and a great lake with great fauna. A paradise for surfers that for the second consecutive year host the national surfing championship or  Campeonato Nacional de Surf  from June 26 to July 2nd organized  by the Spanish surfing federation or Federación Española de Surf. More on the beach here:

On the other hand the beach at Doñinos is a historic beach as this is the point the English navy pick to attack Ferrol in 1800 when it was made impossible to entered thru the harbor one of the best protected in the world with three castles and a huge underground chain amongst them.  The difficulty of the landing due to bad seas, the heavily guarded beach and the lake made it possible for the English defeat. You can reach it by Balon at 2 kms taken the route towards the beach of Doñinos.  It has two access one at  Outeiro, on the north with ample parking and the other at Punta Penencia,  to the south and less service.

Moving onwards to O-Vilar Cobas, this beach is in the form of a shell in a rural surrounding with some summer chalets.  To the right of the chalets there is a rocky entrance only on low tide to the beach of  Playa Os Botes (also known as beach playa Mourella). It is near the bus stop to Beceiro. More on the beaches in Spanish here:

Between the beaches of  O Vilar and Esmelle, next to San Xurxo  that together form the natural bay of  San Xurxo, you find the beach of playa Fragata, known also by the name of  Porto Bello. A bit smaller than Esmelle. A bit more here in Spanish;

Continuing on our beach round of Galicia, and passing by the city center/downtown of Cobas in the direction of A Pedreira you reach to a magical spot where you have a chapel in the island or isla de Santa Comba (legend the image of the saint with her son arrive here by a stone boat and in its honor the romance chapel of Santa Comba was done in the 12C). Next to it you find the beach of the same name with white sands with some black gravel stone which is really magnetite a mineral derive from iron. The beach is isolated so need to reach it by car, worth the ride. From here along the littoral you have the protected areas  (EU) of the network Red Natura 2000. A bit more here:

We finished in the nearby town of  Valdoviño, on the beach or Playa de Pantín, to enjoy the Pantin Classic Galicia Pro along the world championship of surfing from August 28 to September 2nd next ; along its numerous surfing schools. A bit more here:

We finished the beaches and go inland to historic and vibrant Pamplona.

The old town is party time especially along the streets of Estafeta, San Nicolás, Calderería ,and Navarrería.  However, there is another historic area where you have artists shops  and designers next to bars such as the streets of  Curia, Compañía, Merced ,and  Dormitalería with its own bohemian style on the shadow of the gothic Cathedral of Pamplona. The fluvial park of Arga next to the old ramparts with green spaces such as those of  Vuelta del Castillo,and  Taconera,surrounding the defensive walls in the time of king Felipe II.  These spaces are the scene for the Marathon of San Fermin and the running of the popular running of the ramparts or  Las Murallas . More on tourism in Pamplona here:

Closing out with the ongoing Madrid Orgullo or World Pride 2017 with the LGBTIQ Pride festival ; the hotels are booked, the restos packed and the party is just beginning; so you either have it or just come in for a walk: More in English here:

Cheers and enjoy your weekend wherever you are in our world.




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June 21, 2017

Some news from France CLVIIII

And I am back in milder weather at last. Today got up to 30C only…. and sunny. We had an open air picnic in our employer’s vast park (work in  a castle in ruins with a vast modern buildings in the forest).  So, it is time to tell you more about my belle France and especially eternal Paris.

Right off the bat, today is 36th Fête de la Musique or music festival all over France; its a tradition that is taken roots really fast.

Over in Paris; the biggest and all over, we used to have even in the metro riding lol! Now the nicest one me think is by the Palais Royal. Starting at 14h the orchestra of the school of Buissonnets of Rueil-Malmaison will kick off the day. 16-17h Vilorio a former singer and trompist of metal fusion that mixes in the pop, funk, and Latin. Then ,the group Midnight  Colors, with the Camerounaise Nelly W and the  pianist composer Arnaud Fournier around jazz and blues. Continuing at 18-19h you will see “KaraRocké” a karaoke version XXL with volunteers going on stage to take over the songs of rock, of various artists. By 20h the Belgian singer Coely with Rap, and hip-hop as well as soul and R’nB. At 21h the batterist Tony Allen of Nigeria one of the pioneers of the afrobeat mixing traditional Nigerian music with jazz, funk etc. He has worked with Charlotte Gainsbourg here in France already.  You will hear the 20syl of Nantes with the electronic touch and the American rapper Mr J Medeiros from 22h. Lastly, the duo AllttA will close out the night.  More in English here:

Moving over to my beloved Versailles , you will have electro music at the Place de l’Europe with the group Ostud & Soundmotion ,and the pop rock of the 50’s will be by the Place des Manéges. Several groups will be around town  such as by the Cathédrale Saint-Louis, Cour des Senteurs, Cour de la Grande Ecurie , and the jardin des Etangs Gobert. More in French here:

And of course my nice Pluvigner, will have it by the  Place Saint-Michel  from 21h30 -23h tonite with the local group Dan Ar Draz and Clarisse Lavanant, and at the Place du Marché from 23h to 01h the presentation of the group YP’s with pop.rock music and later a huge Breton party or Fest-noz with the group Arvest to close the party. More in French here:

Dealing also with delights and food, some of the best summer tables in Paris all tried by yours truly.

Balagan, 9 rue d’Alger (1st) Tel +33 (0) 1 40 20 72 14; everyday more here:

Roberta, 5bis rue La Vieuville (18st) Tel +33 (0) 1 42 59 33 32 , everyday. more here.

Polissons, 35 rue Ramey (18) tel +33 (0) 6 46 63 57 59 everyday except Sundays. more here:

Maison Maison, facing the 16 quai du Louvre (1st) no tel, open everyday. More here:

The roofstop of Monsieur Mouche, port de la Conférence, pont de l’Alma (8th) ; more in Facebook here:

Racines des Prés, 1 rue de Gribeauval (7th) tel +33 (0) 1 45 48 14 16, everyday except Saturdays only lunch and Sundays all day. More here:

Détour, 15 rue de la Tour-des-Dames (9th) tel +33 (0) 1 45 26 21 48 everyday except Sundays and Mondays. More here:

Crabe Royal 19 place de la Madeleine (8) tel +33 (0) 1 81 69 96 70; everyday except Sundays. More here:

Drugstore Publicis, 133 avenue des Champs-Elysées (8) tel +33 (0) 1 44 43 75 07; more here:

Sea Bar Ostrea, 60 rue de l’Arbre-Sec (1st) tel +33 (0) 1 85 81 11 11  ;only evenings Closed Sundays and Mondays. More here:

A historic icon of Paris is ready to open on July 5th, on the Place de la Concorde, this is the Hotel de Crillon. An architecture marvel of the 18C done by the Ange-Jacques Gabriel a symbol of luxury French style is to open again after extensive renovations.  It will be managed by the group Rosewood Hotels and Resorts with Saudi ownerwhip; this the former residence of the counts of Crillon that was turned into a hotel or Hotel des Voyageurs in 1909. It will have 124 rooms vs 147 before with 33 suites, 10 suites Signature and done by the best in the business such as Karl Lagerfeld for the decorations. Aline d’Amman the artistic director will be invited with 3 decorators designers such as Tristan Auer, Chahan Minassian and Cyril Vergniol (previously collaborated with Alberto Pinto). It will have a hair saloon and brasserie a spa and pool done by the arts decoratif experts of Minassian. And the kitchen by Christopher Hache previously experiences at Briffard, Senderens, Frecho, etc. Hôtel de Crillon 10 place de la Concorde (8) tel +33 (0) 1 44 71 15 00. More here:

There is a new exposition at the Cité des Sciences et de l’Industrie, . until January 14, 2018. Inspirations, hommage by artists to great men of our times with their productions. From Darwin to Jackson Pollock appearing in L’ordre des Pierres (2007) Orson Welles and Michel-Ange in Par des temps incertains (2001) and many more to discover. Valerian et Laureline en mission pour la Cité. 30 avenue Corentin-Cariou (19) open every day except Mondays from 10h to 18h and Sundays from 10h to 19h. admission 9€-12€:more here:

Here all about it here Paris mayor is at it again!!! From tomorrow Thursday June 22nd there will be ticket to purchase for 3,80€ for all polluting modes of transport coming into Paris; this is by the regional govt more here:

Then, the city of Paris on October 1st 2017 Paris will be completely traffic free with only the boulevard périphérique , the  bois de Boulogne, and of  Vincennes open to traffic. More in French from the city here:

Something wonderful in Seine-et-Marne, at Provins back again. The lights, the flamboyant decorations, the banners and flags resembling the middle ages are back June 24 and 25 weekend.  These are the médiévales de Provins. Costumes and spectacles from the period come to meet Dame Garance and her husband Enguerrand that will explain the fabrication of pigments on cloths. Saturday the evenings will be high in colors with a Bal, concert of medieval music and to close the 34th edition, an illumination at 22h and spectacle of fireworks at 22h30. The festivities will be Saturday from 10h to 22h30 and Sunday from 10h to 17h30. admission is 11€ and 15€ for the two days.More info at

And something to celebrate the coming to Versailles of the tsar  Peter the Great of Russia we have many things going on in my old dept 78 Yvelines. From the La Machine de Marly to Marly-le-Roi, the Datcha of Russian writer  Ivan Tourgueniev at Bougival, the Skit du Saint-Esprit at Mesnil-Saint-Denis where the hermitage founded by orthodox monks is one of the emblematic sites of Russia in the department . For this occasion there is an exposition at different sites such as Bougival, Versailles, Marly-le-Roi, Saint-Arnoult-en-Yvelines, Le Mesnil-Saint-Denis, and Rueil-Malmaison (dept Hauts-de-Seine 92)  to discover the great Russian personalities of the time from the tsar to artists, writers etc that have marked the history of Bougival , and the surrounding towns. More info at email: or tel +33 (0) 1 39 69 21 23.  More here and do print the pdf file communiqué de presse:

Enjoy the end of week as always looking forward to that weekend.  Enjoy the music y’all, Cheers

PS. Do not want to wait to next post because this is wonderful and just going on in Paris; La Fête Foraine des Tuileries; right in the jardin des tuileries; going on now until August 27th. You have over 60 attractions with 20 carrousels of wooden horses, ice skating, crazy cars, phantom trains, shooting galleries, fishing, trampoline, toboggan, climbing, the great wheel is the most popular. It is open every day from 11h to 23h45 in the week and from 11h to 00h45 Fridays, Saturdays, and eves of Holidays. More in the Paris tourist office in English here:





June 16, 2017

Some news from Spain XLIIII

On a hot day here and announcing 32C for the weekend , of course nothing to compare to the 40C been register in Madrid, we are moving on Friday, TGIF is here and the weekend is looking good.

Now for some of the latest from my beloved Spain, España, Espagne, here are the favorites places in Madrid to have a vermus that wonderful summer drink drank by all as with friends and family. A tradition of Madrid:

El Anciano Rey de los Vinos Calle Bailén, 19 , Metro: Ópera , Tel +34 91 559 53 32; open from 9h to 24h , closed Tuesdays. The magnificent across from the Cathedral or Catedral de la Almudena, and nearby the Royal Palace or Palacio Real. Many stories here since 1909, one of them is that King Alfonso XIII  arrived here by a secret tunnel that connect it to the Royal Palace.  Here the vermù is serve by draft and with hose serve on a short legged cup and with a tapa.  If you want something more hearty go for the regalito de torito ( a brick paste filled with oxtails of the toro and piquillo pimentos), ohh yummy! More here :

La Ardosa ,Calle Colón, 13, Metro: Tribunal, Tel +34 91 521 49 79 ; open from 8h to 02H. (Saturdays and Sundays from 11h) ,it never closes! It opened it’s doors in 1892 as a wine store. Finally, in the 1870’s that it was a tasca or tavern. Here we have the vermù in draft of Reus served in a narrow glass. More here:

Bodegas Ricla , calle Cuchilleros, 6, Metro La Latina , tel +34 91 365 20 69; from 12h30 to 15h30 and 19h to 24h closed Sundays nights and Tuesdays.  A bit narrow spaces and closed to the Plaza Mayor has a beautiful bar counter in Tin and drafts handles of  yellow brass   ; it opened the doors in 1867 .  Here you can try the wonderful  callos a la madrileña,  boquerones en vinagre, and  bacalao en aceite con pimientos; check out what they are ::) More here:

Camacho  Calle San Andrés, 4; Metro: Tribunal, Tel +34 91 531 35 98 ; open from 12h to 02H, closed Sundays.  The tavern is handle by three brothers who took over the business in 1980, when the family  Camacho  retired without descendants.  The vermú  draft as an iris served on a short glass and narrow with  cubes of ice, slice of orange, and straw.  You can have a media combinación this is with a gin and sprite type soda; to eat try the skew of tuna in tomato sauce. More here in the yelp recommended site on my blog:

Muñiz, Calle Calatrava, 3 , Metro  Puerta de Toledo; tel +34 91 365 66 47; open from 7h to 24h always open.  This is a good idea before going to the Rastro , the aperitif bar to be in. The vermù is from the barrel served in elongated glass, wider in the mouth. You munch away on small sardines or boquerones en vinagre,,,,croquettes and skews of  chitterslings. More here:

Stop Madrid Calle  Hortaleza, 11 , Metro Gran Vía; Tel +34 91 521 88 87 ; opened from 12h to 02h, always open. It has three locations in Madrid at  Atocha, Alberto Alcocer ,and León, but this one is the original ,opened from 1929.  It is loud and corner centro Madrid with a beautiful floor of mosaics ceramics and a bar counter is of marbre. The vermù from draft, reserve of the house and served on glass with short leg ice cubes and orange. Also, try the white drink in a bottle Nordesía. To munch try the hams, anchovies etc.. More here:

Taberna de Antonio Sànchez , Mesón de Paredes, 13 ; Metro  Tirso de Molina ; Tel +34 91 539 78 26; open from 12h to 16h and 20h to 24h.  Closed Sunday nights.  It is named after the bullfighter that founded the tavern in 1830. It is decorated with heads of bulls and a wooden counter cover in zinc. At the extreme of the bar counter the brass drafts runs the vermù  a bit sweet taken with a tapa of anchovies  or sausages , croquette or oxtails bulls meats. More here:

The mythical and come back favorite Café Comercial  ,Glorieta de Bilbao, 7; Metro  Bilbao ; tel +34  91 088 25 25 ; from 8h to 02h always open.  This was the oldest café in Madrid and last March reopened the doors with new ownership.  The mythical bar counter in marbre stays here to try the vermù in draft done in Reus with ice cubes in an old fashioned glass; you can take a bottle home for 18€.  To munch potatoes in garlic sauce, olives, mussels, croquettes of ham ,salads and iberian ham sandwiches..More here:

La Carmencita, Calle Libertad ,16, Metro Chueca, Tel +34 91 531 09 11 ; open 9h to 01H always open. A bar opened in 1854 and renovated recently . The vermù has about 20 different offers like the Virgen de Loreto, Valdepablo, Arlini, Perucchi, Luna Reserva, Carpano, Punt e Mes, and  Casa Mariol.  There are four ways to serve it, artesano, traditional, Americano with Campari and soda , the manhattan sweet or dry with bourbon or negroni with campari and gin. More here:

Donde Sànchez Calle Santa Isabel, 5 (inside the Mercado de Antón Martín) ; Metro  Antón Martín ; tel +34 639 12 64 07 , open from 12h to 21h, Saturdays until 16H; Closed Saturday nights, Sundays and Mondays. The bar counter is a tasting place and offers a nice vermù served in martini glass with Burlador, Miró, San Bernabé, Amillo Reserva or  Petroni.  You can add a montadito sandwich of sardines in olive oil. More here:

Latazo, Calle Santa Isabel, 5 (inside Mercado de Antón Martín) ; Metro Antón martin ; tel +34 655 12 73 00; open from 9h to 21h, Saturdays until 23h, closed Sundays. This is a modern one and not visited but heard by my family there that is a good one too. The vermù of the Casa Mariol, Lacuesta Reserva, Domingo or Espinaler  while you enjoy a chunk of  red tuna in olive oil , mussels in hot tomato sauce or razor shells au naturel. More here:

La Hora del Vermut Plaza San Miguel, s/n (inside Mercado de San Miguel) ; Metro Sol ; Tel +34  91 758 81 23 ; open from 10h to 24h, always open. Here you will find about 70 references of Vermus in draft, red, white, and rosé that rotates every week.  You can munch on the brochettes of cold cuts on the next side counter; you pay on the spot ; it has a branch at  Platea , Calle Goya, 5. More here:

And out of food into theater work, the famous Carmen will be in the Teatros del Canal until June 25. A Spanish legend, created by the French with arrangement by a Russian, choreography by a Swedish that lives in Sevilla; this is Carmen : choreograph by  Johann Inger, music by  Marc Álvarez and arrangements of the Opera of Bizet of Rodion Shchedrin, produce for the version of Alberto Alonso of 1967, that started his wife Maya Plisetskaya.  More here:

Music Festival of summer is here: See these!

Noches del Botànico, from June 22 to the 29Th, with Tony Bennett, Bryan Ferry,  Franco Battiato and Giorgio Moroder. Others are here too Rubén Blades, Ub40, Jamie Cullum, Pablo Milanés, Anastacia, Madeleine Peyroux, and José James etc. In the Real Jardin Botànico Alfonso XIII, admission 33-132€: more here:

Rock Fest Bcn, from June 30th to July 2nd, with artists such as Aerosmith, and Alice Cooper. Others here too Europe, Sepultura, Wasp, Saxon, Paradise Lost, Rosendo, Rage, Gotthard, Metalfall, Blue Öyster Cult, Airbourne, and Avantasia. At Santa Coloma de Gramanet, Barcelona (Can Zam) ;  daily admission from 110-130 euros. More here:

BBK in July 6-8 Bilbao, with artists such as  Depeche Mode, Phoenix, and The Killers. Others will be : Justice, Fleet Foxes, Die Antwoord, Two Door Cinema Club, The 1975, Austra, Brian Wilson, Cage The Elephant, Primal Scream,  and Austra. At Kobetamendi, Bilbao  admission 55 euros. More here:

Starlite from July 13 to August 26 , main features will be Elton John, Joaquín Sabina, Miguel Bosé, and  Eros Ramazzotti. Others will be Juan Magán, Anastacia, Art Garfunkel, Juan Luis Guerra, Manuel Carrasco, Pretenders, Luis Fonsi, Ben Harper, Malú, and The Cranberries. At  Marbella, Malaga, Auditorio la Cantera de Nagüeles; Admission from 25-1,155 euros. More here:

One of my spots for this coming  summer will be at the Chateau or Castillo de Belmonte ; it is said that it took its name from the beauty of the countryside; for many years it was named Bellomonte,or beautiful forest. Here Don Juan Manuel, nephew of king Alfonso X El Sabio,ordered built in the 14C a palace and the first ramparts walls of the city.  It is right in the Route of Quijote and birthplace of the poet Fray Luis de León. At the extreme of the city you have the other important spot the Church collegiale of Colegiata de San Bartolomé  and the castle or Castillo de Belmonte. In between you have the nice architecture of the old town. Many movies were done here in the Castle such as El Cid, with Sophia Loren and Charlton Heston in 1961. More on the castle here:

The Colegiata de San Bartolomé, was built in the mid 15C on the site of a Visigoth parrish of the 5C in the style mostly gothic. It has two gates or puertas ;one of the Sun or Sol  oriented towards the midday and flanks by gothic peaks and that of the Pardon or Perdones to the orient and has a figure of the Saint or San Bartolomé.  Inside you will find the pulpits of Coro, that belongs to the Cathedral at Cuenca, the chapel of the assomption, chapel of St Peter, St Paul and the Main Altar chapel ; that of St James, and St John the Baptist (that preserves the baptismal stone of Fray Luis de León).  There are concerts of sacred arts held here with an organ from the 18C.  Inside you have also the tombs of the family of the Marquis or Marqués de Villena. Admission is 2€ . More in Spanish here:

From the Church in about 500 meters you will find the windmill or Molino de El Puntal, an impressive example that preserves all its machinery and open to the public with exhibitions of its work, and tiles . For visits call here Tel +34 635 41 10 43. From the windmill you can see wonderful views of Belmonte.

Aspalgatas shoes in Madrid, tradition obliges to go to my family all time favorite at Casa Hernanz, Calle Toledo, 18 ; Metro La Latina; Tel +34  91 366 54 50. The family here has been producing alpargatas for over 150 years! a Madrid tradition a must to visit even if not buying. You can choose from 50+ different colors done with cotton, linen, natural skin or velour in all kinds of sizes up to 50 and different heights until 15 cms ;also , do laces for shoes. More here:

Another coming along just fine is Calzados Lobo, Calle Toledo  ,30 Metro La latina ;; Tel +34 91 366 40 17. It was founded in 1897. It has a nice façade in red and inside there is the 4th generation of family. All kinds from flat to pointed with laces or not, many colors and from 6€. it has stores in Tenerife and Valladolid as well. More here:

Something unique to finish this post on my beloved Spain.

The museum or Museo Arqueologico Nacional (MAN) has revealed its secrets finally! The museum preserves four momies, three Egiptians and one Guanche (Tenerife my people!!!). They have undergone a strict studious tomographic that has allow to discovered more of them.  The main discovery is that one of the momies that of Nespamedu was indeed a  priest of Imhotep and doctor of the pharaoh that ruled in Saqqara or Alexandria and had about 50 yrs old when he died. The real surprise was what It had in the wrapping, it was shown to have decorations like collars, bracelets, pulses, and up to 16 plaques of charms that have been identify as sets of plaques of four sons of Horus  one of the most significant ancient Egyptian deities ; thise momie came to Madrid from the Cairo museum in 1925 donated and was initially identify as a women. It was ,also ,reveal two other momies were women. The first one arrived in 1887, and it was a young women between 20-35 yrs old of the intermediate third period between the 9C and 7C BC. The other momie a women too was given in the same year of a women around 40 yrs old of the ptolemic period  who had Arthrosis and a bad dental health as well as remains of the heart, as the old Egyptians conserve the heart inside the momies as for them it was the organ where the  mind and feelings lie.

The Guanche momie is one of the best preserve of the ones still existing from the period. It comes from a funeral cave in the canyon or  Barranco de Herques in  Tenerife. It arrived in Madrid in 1764 and the new analysis have reveal that the Guanches did not extract the organs n the process of embalment of the dead as the Egyptians did. The Guanche momie preserve all its organs as well as a perfect denture. See them here

You all have a great weekend and until next time by Paris1972-Versailles2003 ::)





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June 14, 2017

Some news from France CLVIII

Well here I am again and temps in the glorious 32C or about 90F sunny hot this is Summer already.  And already almost half way in June moving to vacation time next month and August, the big one lol!

Some info on attendance on the museums of our World, some paid and some free, the most visited according to this organisation TEA/AECOM Theme Index and Museum Index are:

June 9, 2017

Some news from Spain XLIII

And back to my beloved Spain. Fresh from that great Champions win of my beloved Real Madrid vs Juventus of Turin Italy 1×4!!! Our 12th Champions and first time repeat winner under the new format We have won 3 out of last 4 Champions !!! Hala Madrid!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Now what is going on in Spain and Madrid in particular. Here are the latest buzz news

How about a trip on the North, by  Galicia and Cantabria in my Spain. Driving a car of course ::)

Monforte de Lemos, capital of the Ribeira Sacra.  You see from afar the Torre del Homenaje, medieval tower. You go by the Roman bridge over the river  Cabe  as one of the symbols of the city together with the convent of the Clarisas , and the college of  Padres Escolapios, known as the El Escorial of Galicia Here ,it is grown the grapes mencía and godello very much appreciated since the time of the Romans.  You can get a mouthful at the bodega Regina Viarum, and call for the visit here +34  619 00 99 77; more here:

Santiago de Compostela as a base to see the five denominations of wines of Galicia here. The most known is Rías Baixas of the Ribeira Sacra. To know it better go the town of  Salnés, by the Pontevedra coast and the municipality of  El Grove, known for its beaches and seafood as well. We cross the bridge that joins El Grove with the island of  Isla de La Toja, until you reach the ermite covered with shells of St James.  As you continue the trip you reach the town of Cambados, birthplace of the wine of Albariño the grape of excellence for the D.O Rías Baixas. You can get your mouthful at  Mar de Frades  one of the most popular bodegas of the area . It is located next to the beginning of a forest in front of the river Arosa. Mar de Frades you can reserve your visit here tel +34  986 68 09 11; more here:

Walking the streets of downtown/city center  Oviedo in Asturias you can arrive at the street Calle Gascona known as the boulevard of Cider.  Here you find the most emblematic of the town.  Only 36 km away you find the main bodega of the cider Trabanco .  You can visit and taste here and get to know all the different ciders  Driving a further 10 km you arrive in Gijón.  Take a walk on the quaint neighborhood of  Cimavilla, and the gardens of jardines de La Reina,  to finally admire the Cantabrian fury or furia del Cantábrico  walking by the promenade of the beach at  playa de San Lorenzo. Then, we set our car towards Covadonga, in the Natural Park of the peaks of Europe or  Picos de Europa.  You can visit the sanctuary of the monte Auseva  and the holy cave or Santa Cueva, where the Virgin patron saint of Asturias is since moorish times.  A few km away you come to the lake or Lagos de Covadonga, where the views are spectacular.  A bit of a half an hour driving and you reach the quaint Ribadesella. You can walk the beachfront boulevard climbing to the chapel of the  ermita de La Guía, to see a panorama of the town below. The  Casa Trabanco for info on visit is Tel +34 658 81 37 34. More info here:

Bilbao  is one city that is cross by the route of  txacolí, the local wine that guides the visitor back to this area. You come to the area of the two denomination of it, the Txacolí de Álava , and the D.O Bizkaia.  As you continue walking you will find the city/town hall and nearby the theater or teatro Arriaga, next to it you will be in the old town or casco Viejo one of the best areas to taste the local gastronomy with the favorites pinxos and txacolí.  The local go from bar to bar in what is locally known as the «ir de poteo».  Under the beams of the square or Plaza Nueva you will find some of the bar of pinxhos best known and visit a bodega of Txacolí. The closest one to town is  Magalarte  and it is in the municipality of  Lezama offering guided tours and tastings while looking at the valley or valle de Asúa. For information of Magalarte Txacolina tel +34 636 62 14 55. More here:

To go back to Madrid and enjoy the night and summer drinks in style, this is my kind of town. Some notables and visited here:

Amén Canalla at  calle Agustín de Foxá, s/n. Sundays from 15h to 24h.  The prices are 6-8 euros More info here:

Atico 11  at the  6+1  of  Hotel Iberostar Las Letras de Gran Vía here you have  Marco Llorente, one of the most popular DJ and has every Sunday from 19h to 23h in calle Gran Vía, 11. Every other day is open from 18h to 02h; drinks from 10-14€ More info here:

Casa Corona  at calle Fortuny, 53 .Every Wednesdays and Thursdays from 18h to 24h ; Fridays from 15h to 24h and Saturdays/Sundays from 12h to 24h; beers from 2,50€ , drinks from 4€ sodas from 3€ and cocktails from 7,50€ . More info here:

La Casa Encendida  at the  Ronda de Valencia, 2.  From Wednesdays to Sundays and from 17h30 to 21h30.  Drinks from 2€ the sodas, more info here:

Dray martini in the  Meliá Fénix ,Plaza de Colón, with citric and fruity options without alcohol call the mocktail.  Very nice ambiance and lively. Located at Calle Hermosilla, 2. From Mondays to Sundays from 10h to 02h; cocktails from 4,50€.  The first hotel I stayed with my then girlfriend today wife just wonderful place still lol! More info here:

Florida Retiro (my place since early teen and now reopen again)  This is a great place for a happy hour ,after works, apéro or the first drinks of the night It has several terraces and one in the upper level ! with great cocktail presentation. It is inside the Retiro park by street or Paseo República de Panamá, 1. Open from 20h30 to 24h and drinks cost from 10-12€ . La Terraza. Located in the roofstop of El Pabellón, lower roof and surrounded by garden where one can enjoy the sunrise with drinks and the shades of the trees in the Retiro park. More info here:

The Hat, really baggy cocktails presented to you in a bag! like the  Mojitown or the Yellow Submarine. It is in calle Imperial, 9.From Fridays at  18h to 24h,and Saturdays/Sundays from 13h to 24h. Cocktails from 10€. More information here:

Me Roofstop bar  in the Hotel ME Madrid Reina Victoria has a great ludic space with shows in direct and thematic nights of rock, jazz and Caribbean music seven days a week.  Located at the Plaza Santa Ana, 14. From Mondays to Thursdays from 17h to 01h30 ,Fridays until 03h30 Saturdays from 12h to 03h30 and Sundays from 11h to 01h30. Cocktails between 15-18€. More info here:

Sunset lookers  in the Plaza de Santo Domingo, 13. EVeryday from 20h to 02h, cost cocktails from 10-15€. More info here:

Back to the arts, to see until July 9 in Granada ,Centro Cultural Caja, Puerta Real the show Maestros de la Pintura; or master painters.the jewels of the late renaissance and baroque of the historic collection of the family Lladro will be shown.  Some of the artists represented will be from the 16C to 17C such as Juan de Juanes, Alonso de Berruguete, El Greco, Herrera el Viejo, Sanchéz Cotàn, Juan Ribalta, Zurbaran, José de Ribera, Rubens, Valdés Leal ,and Claudio Coello. More on it in Spanish here:

The Pablo Picasso diferente, or a different Pablo Picasso will be shown in the Fundacion Canal on the exposition  Picasso y el Mediterràneo that allows to appreciate the influence of the sea from his childhood.  There are about 91 portraits coming from the Fundacion Picasso-Museo Casa Natal de Málaga  One example is the painting  El taller de Picasso (1955),  a lithograph of his working place in Cannes where you can see the palms thru windows that reminds him of his native Malaga and his youth in Barcelona, it has engraving done between December 1945 and January 1946 such as  El Toro or  Página de toros  . This shows the great international project of Picasso-Mediterràneo a wide network of expos where more than 60 museums from South Europe to the North of Africa promoted by the museum or Musée Picasso of París in which it has been added the Fundación Canal. Showing until August 15  More in Spanish here:

The museum of  Prado has added to its showing the work  ‘Retrato de Felipe III’, a portrait of Philip III recently credited to  Velázquez. The portrait was donated William Jordan to the institution American Friends of the Prado Museum ,and can be seen on a temporary collection with extention. This is a portrait in preparation of the corps of king Felipe III  that the artist did on the composition of the expulsion of the moors or  ‘La expulsión de los moriscos’, dated in 1627 , and that was destroyed in the fire on the  Real Alcázar de Madrid in 1734, only the written description was known  Again Velazquez  will be exhibit next to the painting of  Tiziano ‘Felipe II offering the heaven to the infant Don Fernando’,that was recently restored. More here:

Carlos Saura: España. Años 50, is about hundred photos that the filmmaker did to showcase the mosaic of the villages and people of that period. Photos done by him in the 50’s while traveling in the country Under PhotoEspaña2017  until September 3 2017 in the museum or Museo Cerralbo, calle Ventura Rodriguez 17 . More here:

Something nice historical and seldom seen, in Toledo. The convent or Convento de Caballeros de Calatrava next to the synagogue or Sinagoga del Trànsito houses the Jewish history in Spain; the Museo Sefardî .The permanent exposition contains about 1253 works illustrating the origins of the Jewish people, its historical  and geographical context in the old Middle East as well as cultural items. You can see mesophotamic objects, coins, marriage contracts, judeo Arabic jewelry, coffins such as that of Pileta Trilingue of Tarragona, the box of Torah and items in gold ans silver. Also, an excavation in the patio of the convent . Opening hours in winter are varied so check the webpage.Admission is a very good 3€ adults. Located in the calle Samuel Levî, s/n, More here:

Enjoy Spain ,everything under the sun ::) Cheers and have a great weekend. I will see what I do lol!


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June 8, 2017

Some news from France CLVII

Back to the routine of living in wonderful Morbihan , Brittany, France. Today we had cloudy day with some shots of sunshine and temps in the 60’sF or 14-19C thereabouts. Paris is hotter now at 81F or about 27C .

Giving some good news about what is happening in France and keeping eye on election in the UK with France legislatives election coming up Sunday June 11 with a second round in June 18, which is Father’s Day here!

Vinexpo in Bordeaux, the 19th edition will open June 18 as well , the greatest gathering of wine connoisseurs and amateurs etc the works.  Four days and 45000 professionals will be there. ALso, 2300 stands coming from 40 countries mostly from France, Italy,and Spain . And one of the novelties is the showcase of Bio wine with 150 producers! China will be here with 22 stands from two on the last edition coming strong.  The house of Möet Hennessy will be there with its 21 houses offering their full line of Champagne, spirits, and wines. More here:

The primeurs of wine from a region very dear to me, Médoc and more precisely St Julien all in Bordeaux. The 2016 are coming up superb according to article in Le Figaro newspaper. Some of the best producers are here with score from the journal staff: I would highlight those I like the most, of course, over the years I have tried them all ::)

Château Gloria 2016, 16.5/20; Red fruit nose, black berries, Zan, vanilla. Fresh juice, beautiful mash, tonic, soft tannins, gourmet wine.
Château Langoa-Barton 2016, 17/20; Nose of small notes prunes, bramble, violet. Ample mouth, tannins a little tight, beautiful elongation.
Château Saint-Pierre 2016, 17/20; Intense red fruits, red plum, small black berries. Fresh mouth, small, mature tip, free attack, ample tannin, long final.
Château Gruaud-LaRose 2016, 18/20; Black fruit nose, graphite tip. Fresh, fruity, supple and elegant tannins, fresh finale.
Château Talbot 2016, 18/20; Dense nose, black fruits, red plum. Ample mouth, beautiful acidity, ample tannin, elegant, final very long, wine digestible.
Château Brane-Ducru 2016, 18.5/20; Small black fruits, fresh fruit. Ample mouth, fresh, silky tannins, medium intense, graphite tip, beautiful stretch, nice wine.
Château Lagrange 2016, 18.5/20; Intense red fruits, bramble, Zan, Black cherry. Fresh, elegant mouth, lots of pep, soft tannins, beautiful material, superb elongation. Nice.
Château Léoville Barton 2016, 19/20: Nose of pretty red fruits, cherry, floral, deep. Ample mouth, beautiful attack, elegant tannins, superb finale. Very good success.
Château Léoville Poyferré 2016, 19.5/20; Very fresh red fruit nose, Zan, vanilla. Ample mouth, fruity, ample, greedy, very nice touch of mouth, elegant tannins and coated. Final Sapid. Very big wine.
Moving on away from the wonderful wine of France, the best YES!  I have other news to tell you
The SNCF  is going to renovate the gare du Nord, the biggest in Europe. It will have the first section of work in the period ending in 2018. If  things goes according to plan , there will be a second phase before the opening of the Olympic Games of  2024… if Paris gets the nod. There is a new way of working teaming up with private companies. If all goes well, there will be renovations like it on the stations of  Toulouse-Matabiau, Marseille Saint-Charles ,and the gare de Lyon in Paris. Source: Les Echos business journal
About telling you about those wonderful places where you can have a cup of coffee in a nice garden within a wonderful museum of Paris! These are some of my favorites:

Café Branly,  in the Musée du quai Branly-Jacques Chirac, 37 quai Branly, (7eme). Tel +33 (0)  1 47 53 68 01. Average price of entrée-main meal or main meal and dessert is  35€. More here:

Café Renoir,in the musée de Montmartre, a secret place that you will love to keep for yourself but I couldn’t .  At the foot of the house of the shop of  Suzanne Valadon, located at  12-14 rue Cortot,(18eme). Tél. +33 (0) 1 49 25 89 39. Lunch for about 14€. More here:

A temple of sculpture in the hôtel Biron  where Rodin came in 1908  for never leave. It has a wonderful garden with 3 hectares of garden in the French style and works of art of the master Rodin. You go from an alley to the amphitheater of bower in the basin that you can see the clouds ,rosary, and the great lawn ,also walk in the promenade with shades of trees by the wall of the fence. Here you have the Café du Musée ;Musée Rodin, 77 Rue de Varenne (7eme) Tel +33 (0) 1 45 55 84 39.  average price with entrée-main meal or main meal and dessert is 35€. More here:

In the museum , the café in the Petit Palais is our best. Le Jardin du Petit Palais  is a dream niche in the center of the dome on a long courtyard with beautiful exposition salons, given to an luxurious garden with palmiers, banana trees, maniocs trees bamboos on a basin bordered with mosaics . The ceilings painted in al fresco with rose granite columns and golden flees around it and a terra cotta floor just a Proustian charm.  Le Jardin du Petit Palais, musée des Beaux-arts de la Ville de Paris. Avenue Winston Churchill, (8eme). Tél. +33 (0) 1 40 07 11 41.  menu of the day with main meal and dessert just 16,90€. More here:

You have the small coffee shop in the mansion of Ary Scheffer,  painter of history and portrait maker of amongst others  George Sand, Chopin, Ernest Renan, etc. It is a heaven of peace, a tea in this garden of the musée de la Vie romantique. Hôtel Scheffer-Renan, 16 rue Chaptal, (9eme), Tél. +33 (0) 1 55 31 95 67. Garden formula menu of tarte salée, dessert,and drink for 15,90€. More here:

More on the Americans in Paris trail, the Mona Bismarck American Center  has a wonderful weekend to start the season of pop culture.  The place renamed the  « Summer House » for the occasion welcome the concerts in open air and film projections by the cinéma Christine 21.  Without forgetting the Texan BBQ , with bar and cocktails.  All this until September 2017.

The Forum des Halles  welcomes you for the second year of the Festival Rock en Seine to show you the event « Unexpected Festival», 3 days of discovery of rock and pop music such as Barbagallo et Peter Peter ,Friday, Findlay et Her Saturday, and the  Papooz Sunday. More here:

The 14th meeting of the jardin des  Tuileries  has for theme the « La ville nature». You will discover ephemeral gardens created by expert gardeners with the idea to show in evidence the terraces and balconies all with over 100 shops exposing their trade. This is over with but a good idea to jotted down for next year.  More here and in English in pdf file;

Dedicated to SubSaharan AFrica and the Caribbean the musée Dapper  will closed its doors on June 18 unfortunately. This is the last day of the exhibition “Masterpieces of Africa” . You have about a week to admire it at 35 bis rue Paul-Valéry (16eme), its collection of remarkable art.  The foundation will remain on its work thru cultural events beyond its current walls especially in Senegal and the Caribbean. Enjoy while you can here:

An update on previous post on it; the last sections of the old railroad line around Paris long of 32 kms will be given back to the walkers and pedestrian traffic by 2020. This is on the 20eme south of the rue de la Mare, in the 14eme between the promenade Broussais  and the avenue du Général-Leclerc, in the 17eme along the boulevard Pereire ,and the rue Saussure ,and early by 2019, in the 12eme between the villa du Bel-Air ,and the rue des Meuniers. The petite ceinture is back! More in French here:

Well the local take is not so good on the new café on top of the Arch de la Défense but here it is for info; as not been back since it reopen. The food is not so good and very expensive with four radishes , salt butter etc they propose a menu with entrée-main meal and -dessert for  50€,! The opening was well waited for on the top June 1st after 8 years closed. The lunch at 110 meters high is an experience.  The main advantage when you reserve a table is the ticket to the top is included with the meal so you save 15€  ,which in itself is pretty expensive just to climb to the top terrace. There on top you come to see and enjoy ..the  Les Jardins de Joséphine . No webpage just call the restaurant for reservations at  restaurant Joséphine Chez Dumonet Tel +33 (0)

Curly wigs and bodice dresses are back in the alleys of the Château de Vaux-le-Vicomte (Seine-et-Marne). This coming Sunday, the time of a costumed day, “The Grand Siécle Experience” the home of Nicolas Fouquet, superintendent of Finance of Louis XIV, reconnects with the splendour of the Great century.  Courtiers, Marquises and gentlemen have an appointment in the garden of 33 hectares imagined by Andre Le Nôtre. Lace parasols, ribbon-decorated shoes, taffeta scarves … all the details count to win the best costume prize. Awarded at the end of the day, it will reward the most successful dresses in men, women and children, as well as the best fancy costume. At Chateau de Vaux-le-Vicomte, Maincy (77) Sunday from 10h to 17h, admission 15,50€ to 17,50€ and only 11,50€ for those coming with costumes. You can rent one on site for 35€: more here:
The coronation Mass and Mozart’s Requiem, you know? These two major works by Mozart Open the 37th Festival of Auvers this Friday, June 9. Until July 7, the events take place under the vaults of the Church of Notre-Dame of Auvers, dear to Van Gogh, or the Château de Méry-sur-Oise, a stone’s walk away; You will love Saturday Karine Deshayes, winner of several victories of classical music and Delphine Haiden. These two mezzo-sopranos have prepared a repertoire full of humour from the 19C and Mendelssohn’s songs to the operettas of Offenbach.  On Sunday, with his show “The Pianist with 50 fingers”, Pascal Amoyel will pay homage to the undisputed master of the instrument Georges Cziffra, guest of the festival just 30 years ago, just before his death. Among the inescapable: the great Mass in C of Mozart, on June 25th, relocated to the musical scene of the Ile Seguin in Boulogne (92) directed in Baroque version by the famous chef Laurence Equilbey. Finally, a great accustomed, Natalie Dessay, the immense singer who never takes herself seriously will perform for the closing of the Arias of Schubert, Debussy or Gonod. She will be in duet with pianist Philippe Cassard.  See the Festival of Auvers, Opus 37. Friday, Saturday Sunday and until 7 July. Complete on June 14th. at the Church of Auvers and Château de Méry-sur-Oise. Prices from 20€  to 95€.   Reservations at +33 (0) 1 30 36 77 77. more here :
And last ,but not least in my beloved Versailles:Chez ReminiSens, located in the heart of  Versailles,  the lady Caroline Masselin wanted to create the ambiance of the court in the 17C and 18C at the time of a meal where the food served to the kings of France was appreciated accompany by baroque music such as  « Le Nôtre et les secrets des jardins », « Louis XV et ses liaisons dangereuses » or « Les scandales à la cour du Roi Soleil ». Many emblematic stories told at the table with playing actors that do all this without disturbing the guests. The lady was inspired by recipe books of the time like « Le cuisinier royal et bourgeois », edition of  1729. For the dinner spectacle you will pay between 100€  and 195€  menus.  However, for those not reaching these prices you can have a formule like the « Les petits soupers du régent », going from 12€ to 20€ ,which includes gourmand dishes that you accompany with a glass of Champagne or Rose water. All this located at  20, rue Baillet-Reviron. Tuesdays to Sundays from  19h30 to 23h. Information and reservation at +33 (0) or Cell +33 (0)  More here in pdf file and French:

Easy to come to the above restaurant, just walk out of castle museum on your left hand side take avenue Saint Cloud (past the Grande Ecurie) turn right here; continue walking until Rue du Maréchale Foch passed the market at Notre Dame square, the street before the boulevard de la Reine on your left hand side turn into rue Baillet-Reviron, and the theater restaurant is on your left hand side on what was before the Table of Agadir resto.

Enjoy France as much as I do every day. Cheers!

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