My new home of Pluvigner in the Morbihan Breton XVII

This is Sunday in the Morbihan, with a special day on a grand weekend. The weather was typically cloudy and cool, and we got some light rain on the way back home. However, very nice vibrant town center indeed.

Today, May 7th is the second and final tour of the Presidential elections pitting Emmanuel Macron, center left and Marine Le Pen, far right candidates. I did my civic duty this morning at the salle (center)  Marie J Le Borgne on my district 6 of the town of Pluvigner. The voting was lively and we got 89% voting last time and expected at least the same this time, great voter turnout in town.

We left our house walking into the voting place and as usual took advantage to take pictures of the town and give you a look of daily life in my belle France. As told to many, living and visiting or expats is not the same thing ::)

Passing on our way by the place St Michel you can see the belltower of our Church St Guigner and the several restaurants in this square.  Many of these already tried and good as well as businesses such our selling real estate agency.

You can see the side of the Church St Guigner on a bend on the road that continues on the road D102 direction Malachap and Languidic.  Finally, we reach the voting place on the center expo events of the town the Marie J Le Borgne where I voted. Funny ,right next to the voting place there is Rivallin SARL which is a wholesale distributor of liquors, wines,and beers !

Doing the duty, we came back walking again, and past the Gendarmerie or national police with a far shot of the belltower of the Church St Guigner again.  The Gendarmerie is a plain white building you see in the picture.

Coming back on rue St Michel, we passed our optician eyeglass maker Optic 2000 in town as I told you yesterday we had our exams done and only one needed to have frames done ! great we see good as a whole!

You will see La Croix Blanche a fine restaurant/bar with hotel rooms great for an emergency in town on any visiting friend or family.  Moving along, we passed by the Stadium bar, the center of sports watching karaoke in summer, and good cheers right across from the place St Michel and our market or marché square.

Moving right along on our way back home ,we passed by our city/town hall or Hôtel de Ville /Mairie which is a nice modern building with Breton decoration.  Right across is the Maison de la Presse or news stand where my father plays the euro million lotto religiously and we sometimes.

You will take a look at the gare routiére or bus terminal space where the boys take their bus no 5 TIM to move into the bigger towns around us. Right across the street, is our Poste or post office building; very good for us that mail a lot abroad.

Passing this, you see the Proxi supermarket where we get our farm roast chicken and sundry items as well as last minute groceries necessaries. And just before the traffic circle on the road D768 corner with road D16 going home you see the photo of Annie Coiffures we the family gets their haircuts!

In all, a nice quiet town with all the necessaries of life and well place between crossroads leading everywhere.  Now winding down at home and ready for another day off tomorrow as Victory Day 1945 is a holiday here, the end of WWII. We plan on going out eat and do the groceries lol:::!

Have a great Sunday you all, and happy travels. Cheers

Well had Monday off, and after so many errands with the family finally decided to try a restaurant we know the owner , very nice and helpful fellow. As I will be away for quite some time traveling to Poland and then to Brazil, I figure to put this wonderful restaurant here.

This is the La Barcarella, brasserie, pizzeria and créperie all into one right by the Church St Guigner. All decorated with pirates and corsairs portraits trinkets and memorabilia that the owner has collected over time and purchase in flea markets! You have a dining room with the bar area and kitchen and then to the right as you entered another dining room. We had chorizo pizza and ham and cabbage, then galettes of chorizo, cheese and egg all wash down with La Goudale  local Breton draft beer, and desserts from banana splits to peach melba to coconuts shell etc. all for less than 16€! Great! So if you ever in town ,need to try it for the good food, prices and friendly chat. More here:

Hope you enjoy the ride in my town of Pluvigner. And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all!!!

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2 Comments to “My new home of Pluvigner in the Morbihan Breton XVII”

  1. I am glad you did your civic duty. So did I last Thursday, as we had local elections. I am even happier that Macron won the elections. I wish him and France every success: we’ll be there soon enough. Vive La France!


    • Thanks, yes we need to vote.So we can speak later ::) we had a divided country, record number of abstentions and blank votes and higher than ever far right. He has to be very careful as legislatives local elections are in June here and he needs a majority or else. Cheers

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