My travels in the Morbihan ,XXXIII

This is an unusual day , Friday night. I am happy to tell you had a day off today and then on Monday we have a Holiday in France, Victory Day 1945 for the end of WWII so so a nice 4 days weekend. Thinking thinking as to where to go, again it is hard to do around here.

We took today to do one of our duties, get our eyes checked. Seeing a ophthalmologist or eye doctor here is not easy, even thus we have ours for the last 6 years, the appointments are far in between.  We had our appointment a couple of months ago, and today finally we went ,all of us at 16h30 or 4:30pm in Auray, only about 12 kms from home.

In my continuing effort to bring to you daily life in our belle France rather than always tourist information ,that we ,also, have a lot here.

At the business park or Zone Artisanale Porte Océane, Auray; you have many businesses. These include Ti Hanok Cinema, La Vie Claire bio store, Feu Vert auto store, Distri Center clothing store, centre aquatique Alre’O, pharmacies, La Pataterie resto , La Bucherie resto, Kyriad Hotel, Super U supermarket, Brico Marché home building store, Darty electronic store, B&B hotel, V&B liquor store bar and many others.

Namely on this side not only we go to our eye doctor but do patronize the restaurants and the V&B, and two particular ones.

The Ti Hanok Cinéma, a great modern movie theater with 5 movie showing houses. All is very modern and with a Breton motif, rather nice. Also, theater and concerts pre recorded are shown. General prices are 6,50€ a good deal here, and easy to reach with the Auray bus service call Auraybus line rouge or red from the train station stops right in front of the cinema, cost 1€. The name Ti Hanok reflects the owners Breton and Korean, with Ti ,Breton for house ,and Hanok , Korean for the traditional Korean houses name. More here:

Another great site we go especially the boys is the Centre Aquatique Alre’O, this is an indoor pool and swimming balneo center with all the trimming of comfort and modernity. It has a pool of 25 meters by 10 meters with lanes and a depth of 1,30 to 2,50 meters. Also, pool with banquets and floaters with depths of 0,80 meters to 1,10 meters, a pool of waves, toboggan of 70 meters, and a  learning pool of 80 cm to 1,10 meter deep. (For those not using the metric system, one meter is about 3,3 feet).

The balnéo space has a sauna, hamman, spa, and massaging showers. Many activities are done here from aqua gym courses to aquabike, children garden, beginners swim, as well as bike rentals,etc. A whole nice universe for the whole family. More here:

A nice way to kill a day and see your eye doctor indeed as with him we finished by 18H or 6 pm! and now the real planning begins, where are we going this weekend? Stay tune for more.

Enjoy your weekend and be calm for those in earlier hours of our time zones. Cheers!!!

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  1. I like the sound of the Balneo! Can’t wait for my summer holidays, as we missed out on our Easter trip.

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