My travels in the Morbihan ,XXXII

Yesterday was Labor Day here, the international one, and we had the day off. Thinking what to do on a general Holiday, last minute,is a tough issue. The temps was not good lots of rains, cloudy, cold, so so what to do…

We could not stay home as it is not us, so we went out somewhere along the road. It took me from my town on road D102 to the great religious town of Sainte Anne d’Auray and see that beautiful Basilique de Sante Anne again is always a pleasure ,just for starters. Of course, I have written in details on it before, see the photo, and just to give you the official link here in French:

We rode down to the coast and beach town of Larmor Baden, on the road D101 ,then D316, this is best known for the boat ride to see the Cairn de Gavrinis a huge stone monument that they have not figure the date on it yet, and it sits right on an island of the same name off the town. I have written on them so will give you the official links here in French :

and more in French from the official webpage Cairn de Gavrinis:

Unfortunately, on this holiday ,there was hardly there ,then a few diehard venturing out to see the Cairn by boat on a windy, cold, and rainy day. Restos were closed!

So hungry and nowhere to go as our head were blank, we came back home. However, we thought of the always reliable Auray and the Saint Goustan harbor district full of restos and bars, and the river Auray and the castle ruins, and oh well , again written much about it so will give you their tourist page here in French:

And the dept Morbihan here in French:

And just for an apéro or friendly drink to appease our sorry sort of going out we stop at old reliable L’Armoric, the best ambiance bar in Auray right by the river and next to the old stone bridge. Here we had some beers like the Breton Duchesse Anne (in honor of queen and duchess of Brittany Anne) and of course my gang had other beers and some croque-monsieur and croque-madame sandwiches of ham and cheese toasted. Just great for the home arrival, soft landing, easy living, after all this is France, la vie est belle, the joie de vivre, la vie en rose!!! yes indeed it is;Cheers and have a great week. ok ok here is the link for the bar, and we had about 9 euros per person ::)  Facebook page:

Of course, you can always ride the little train or petit train at St Goustan !

Short one for me as off Friday,and holiday again Monday so another great four days weekend coming up lol!!! Life is beautiful. Cheers folks! oh yes tonite the Champions league, the greatest Real Madrid vs the wall of Atletico de Madrid, the Spanish derby in Europe, we rule !!!! Again…..

Enjoy your day, cheers!!!

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