My new home of Pluvigner in the Morbihan Breton XVI

And yes this is family Sunday in lovely Morbihan Breton department 56 of Brittany or Bretagne or Breizh in la belle France. Today cool and sunny, a great walk in town indeed.

We had our usual errands from yesterday, we had to stop by upon returning from our escapes in the neighborly Finistére, to pick up some plants in our favorite garden shop, the Pepiniére de Penhouet, in Ploeren near Vannes. Right off the expressway N165 Nantes-Brest.


It is huge, all along the expressway, and great friendly expert service. We buy all our plants, trees, dirt from them and very good results so says my other half…. I just the transport guy lol!

We got Three more plants, to cover our desert Breton style garden with lots of stone gravel tiny like stones. We just found our house when it was for sale, and wow looking at it now we sure done a lot work ,yes we did,do, but to see the old picture and compare it to now is awesome. I will put the old picture here.ok.

Then, today it is Sunday April 23rd 2017. This is the first round of the  French presidential elections pitting 11 candidates from all sorts of thinking. I did my civic duty and voted, will see the results. There is a second round with the two top winners from today, and the 2nd round will be Sunday May 7th. Just before another great 3 day weekend on May 8 is Victory 1945 Day here.

My place of voting is on the other side of town about 18 minutes walking from our house which we enjoy doing and did walk over to vote. The place is the Salle Marie-Josèphe LE BORGNE, a big complex for events and sports as well, a picture and more here:

Of course, we could not go into city center/downtown without picking something like the Euro Millions lotto ticket and a good smelling looking roasted farm chicken from our local supermarket Proxi. Sunday meal is been prepared ::) They are one of the brands of Carrefour on small towns off the beaten path.  webpage:

There is, also, some of the local newspaper take on the elections too. The local newspapers Telegramme, France Ouest. We won’t know the results until about 20h and later tonite. See you around Pluvigner ! Enjoy your Sunday wherever you are! Cheers

And me will be off the waves for a week until the next holiday period of Labor Day May 1st. I can’t wait to be back in my lovely Spain and especially a day in Madrid. Hasta pronto !

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