You know the Vendée, Noirmoutier island, part I

SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURESThis is the beginning of several posts on the Vendée old region of France , historically proud and independent not a fan of the French revolution.   It is today in the region of Pays de la Loire; but it was the historical province of Poitou, specifically the department correspond to the old Bas-Poitou.

I have passed by here many times , but as always in my belle France, there is so much to see and do ,little time , will need a lifetime ::) However, this Sunday I took a decision to go and visit in the island of Noirmoutier and it was a pleasant surprise or rather I knew it would be beautiful !

the department tourist office is here in English:

And the island of Noirmoutier tourist office is here n English:

We rode by car of course, the best way to travel in country. taking the N165 down from me is about 2h45 and 207 kms. We cut by Pont Chateau D773 to the N171 and then , the Pont de Saint Nazaire on the D213 or Route Bleue towards Bourneuf -en-Retz, to Bouin on the D758  onwards to Beauvoir sur Mer ,then get on the D22 to Fromentine, and there take the D38 at La Barre de Monts ,and on the bridge or pont de Noirmoustier.  The ride was wonderfully good and easy with great sites along the ocean and marine terminals and the marais Breton or Breton marshes!

We passed once on the island the town of Barbâtre and its windmills or moulins. The nice intermarché supermarket at La Guériniére. Here there is a nice monument stone to a fallen B17 US crew in WWII; and the beach or Plage de la Cantine (more in other posts see one photo here).

All the way to the bus station or gare routiére  in Noirmoustier, with the bus 13 that makes runs of about 2hrs to Nantes as well as 171 to La-Roche-sur-Yon. You see a small aquarium or Sealand, a bit smallish for 13€ is a bit expensive but it is right in the digue or canal out to sea. There is a nice petit train or small train ride out from Place d’Armes.

And the historical home of the Oratoire de Sainte Marie de Euphrasie Pelletier.  The Saint was born here in 1796 with the name Rose Virginie Pelletier and was canonize in 1940. She left us in 1868 at the age of 72. It now houses the religious order of the Bon Pasteur  for the retirement periods which they purchased in 1951.  The order joined with those of Notre Dame  de Charité in 2004. This house is the birthplace of the Saint.

There is ,also, a petit train or little train rides from the Place d’Armes by the castle. As well as a nice Hôtel de Ville or city hall building on the Place de l’hôtel de ville. You see an interesting stone by the digues on the canal of the anchor stone of the boat that brought St James or Santiago de Compostela to Padron, and both cities are twin so the gift to this island.

Then, there is the Les Salorges, old salt storage buildings now use as a cultural center for theater plays, concerts etc facing the canal out to sea.

In all a wonderful day sunny nice and full of visitors! The first day of tourist season and it was packed, things look rosy in the coming weeks and months for Noirmoutier island or Noirmoutier-en-île.

Barbâtre and its beaches here:

And its windmills here:

traffic on the bridge or Pont de Saint Nazaire here :

The bridge or pont de Noirmoutier here :

The great and handy Intermarché supermarket at La Guériniére here:

The monument to the fallen crew of the US B17 here: (great photos) !

Plage de la Cantine or Cantine Beach in La Guériniére and other beaches on the island here:

Gare Routiére or bus terminal at Noirmoutier here:

the aquarium SeaLand here:

The founders of the order included Sainte Marie here in French:

On the Oratoire more here in French:

The city of Noirmoutier city hall here:

And the petit train or Noirmut’train  site here:—balades-en-petit-train

On the stone of St James from Padron to Noirmoustier in French here:

The Salorges cultural center more here:

 Noirmoustier  Noirmoustier  Noirmoustier  Noirmoustier  Noirmoustier  Noirmoustier  Noirmoustier

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