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March 31, 2017

Some news from France CXLXVIII

Hi, here is Friday, weekend coming, and end of month March is gone !!! and temps are sunny but cool now at 11C or about 55F in my neck of the Morbihan Breton.

Let’t talk about some of the museums and galleries and nice events coming up that in my opinion are worth seeing if around the Belle France.

First, you might have read here, the Chateau Vaux-le-Vicomte in the village of Maincy , Seine et Marne dept 77 is going thru a vast renovation project even if still remains open.For example, the ceiling painting “Le Triomphe de la Fidelité” in the room or chambre de Muses is going for a nice redo ,first one after 250 years! This room is famous because in 1661 it held the presentation of the work of Moliére “L’école des Maris” in the presence of the King and Queen Louis XIV ,and Marie-Thérese. The painting ceiling  fabrics weights 150 kg (about 331 lbs) and it is 4×4 meters (about 13 x 13 feet); the ceiling has about 175 M2 or about 1883 Sq Feet).  And this is a castle that only gets 150K euros from the State and the rest is by the partner family of Vogûé and donations! This costs can go to 1M € per season! Great private enterprise at its best to preserve a beauty of France and the World. More here:

If you are in Paris on May 30 at 9h45 go to the newspaper kiosque à journaux , 35 avenue de Suffren and get a ticket to a guided tour of the Tour Eiffel and lunch at the restaurant Jules Verne all by a guide for 275€ per person. You read it here first…

Also, at the Salle Gaveau, 45-47 rue La Boétie 8eme for 25€ you will be able to listen to Jean-Christophe Rufin on April 12 at 20h. This is the adventurer, writer, and diplomat descendant of Chateaubriand. More here:

At the Musée d’Orsay running on June 22,23,28, all at 14h15, and 29 (18h15); you will see an exhibition of Portraits de Cézanne. He painted about 200 paintings in his lifetime with 26 self-portraits and 29 of his wife ,Hortense Fiquet. More here:

Then, you have the wonderful exhibition at the Grand Palais, “Des Grands Moghols aux Maharandjas-Joyaux de la collection Al Thani”.  This is on from April 14 to June 1 on certain dates and hours each day. You will see 230 pieces of the collection Al Thani telling you about the history of Indian jewelry from the Mogols time to today. More details here:

At the Musée de l’Orangerie on April 5 to August 21, you will see the works of art of the collection from the Museum Bridgestone coming from the dynasty of Ishibashi. As their museum is undergoing renovation the entire collection will be shown at the Orangerie, that will give you the chance to see their collection of impressionists paintings. More here:

You can see the exhibition on the clothing of famous French singer Dalida on the 30th anniversary of her passing.  More than 50 dresses will be on display going from names like Carven,Loris Azzaro, Balmain, and YSL etc. April 27 to August 13 2017 and 12€ admission ,this will be at the fashion museum Palais Galliera, 10 avenue Pierre-1er-de-Serbie 16eme. More here:

See something different, the Musée d’Art Moderne de la Ville de Paris, 11 avenue du Président Wilson 16eme; you will see three artists on their best time: Derain, Balthus, and Giacometti.  Almost 100 paintings, graphic arts, sculptures from the 20’s to the 60’s; from June 2 to October 29, nice, and more here:

A tour around the cemetery Pére-Lachaise showing you the works of art of Sculptures there. The dates are in May 11 ,18 , June 15 ,22, at 13h50, at the principal entrance on 8,boulevard de Ménilmontant 20éme. Cost is 30€ for the guided tour of this great cementary created in 1804 by Napoléon.  More here on all details by calling ahead here :cimetière du Père-Lachaise, Direction des espaces verts, telephone +33 (0) 1 49 57 94 37. More in French on description on the Mayor’s office of the 20eme here:

To see Art Déco in Paris, head for the Palais de la Porte Dorée at 293 avenue Daumesnil 12eme. Here from April 28 you will the best works. The palace was done for the 1931 Universal exposition to serve as a permanent museum of the Colonies. See the entrance in stone, hall d’honneur with a huge mosaique, the iron grill door, the rooms of Lyautey and Reynaud, and paintings of the civilisations of Africa, and Asia. more on the visit here:

And come to one of my favorites seldom mention but worth a visit, La Cité Universitaire, 17 boulevard Jourdan 14eme , coming out from the exit of the RER B Cité Universitaire. This complex of building was created after WWI to welcome students from 130 nationalities, to contribute to world peace and knowledge. It has 37 resident buildings which are an open air architectural museums. Of course, my favorites that I have visited are Collége d’Espagne (Spain), and the Fondation Abreu de Grancher (Cuba). More here on the house residents:

We move away from Paris, first to Compiegne to see the Imperial Palace, done in 1751 under king Louis XV,and the wonderful carriage museum there now and the wonderful restaurant, of course,see the apartments of the emperor and emperatrice, prince and king of Rome, and the Theater Louis-Philippe. More on this wonderful place that you need to see not far from Paris out from Gare du Nord train station, and then 10 minutes walking to the palace or take the bus line 1 or 2 stop at Saint Jacques, run from Monday to Saturday. More info here:

Come closer to my old hangout and visit the famous and wonderful Chateau de Monte Cristo of the Camelias and Dumas fame at Le Port Marly ,Yvelines dept 78. Alexandre Dumas died here in 1847 and it is as he did it, very nice castle. More here:

And of course, in my beloved Yvelines dept 78, do stop by to this literary gem, the Chateau de Médan, open after many years of restoration. You see the views as seen by Paul Cézanne,and the souvenirs of Ronsard, as well as the poets of the Pléiade.  More here:

You do take the road as I do or the train from Paris,and visit wonderful Auxerre at the entrance to Burgundy/Bourgogne. Do see the wonderful  Saint Germain abbey , and St Etienne Cathedral (St Stephen, and the clock district. You can come from gare de Lyon or gare de Bercy in Paris to Auxerre St Gervais train station. More on this nice town and worth a visit here on the tourist office on monuments:

Go to the Centre Pompidou but not in Paris, see it at Metz in Lorraine , see the exposition on Fernand Léger and the contemporary arts movement, September 28-30 2017. You can come to Metz from Paris Gare de l’Est (Paris Est) train station.  This can be seen on a guided tour so inquire at the centre Pompidou email: . More on the center here:

And do go south to Lyon to see the wonderful Musée des Confluences (at the joining of two river Rhône and Saône) and see the vineyards from October 5-17 2017 on a special guided tour. Contact ahead for more info here:

And closer to my heart, from May 30 to September 24 at the Chateau de Versailles-Grand Trianon, see the expo on Peter the Great tsar of Russia on the collection of his visit here in 1717. More here:

At the Chateau de Versailles  from October 24 2017 to February 25, 2018 ,you can come to see the exposition on the visitors and guests of yesteryear to the Chateau de Versailles. From the ambassador of Siam in 1686 to the ambassador of Mysore, India in 1788 many have come to pay tribute to the kings of France here. With more than 300 works of art,this expo ,the first of its kind will showcase all the visitors of the second half of the 17C until the French revolution. It will show paintings and sculptures, costumes of the times, travel guides, tapestries, porcelains of Sévres and Meissen, parade weapons, and show what was expected of them upon arrival here. The gifts and souvenirs left to the king as well.  More here:

France is a state of mind, la vie est belle, the joie de vivre, and a lot of cachet ::) Cheers

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