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March 28, 2017

Some news from France CXLXVII

Hello folks, here I am again on a Tuesday found out will be in Paris early April ::) Here temps are mild but breezy feels cooler at 16C or 61F no rain so good.  For those going to Paris the temps there are the same, and tomorrow will be higher at 67F and no rain cloudy thus.

There is always something happening in my belle France and eternal Paris is the biggest light on Earth!

Talk again on the Grand Paris Express, where is we? On the side of the Metro the project has started even from 2014 when the line 14 was extended and will become the vertebral line of the Grand Paris project. By September 2015 the first tunnel in the direction of Mairie de saint-Ouen was started. The line 15 is on preparatory work, and started digging in early 2017, and by 2016 the works had begun in the Gare de Fort d’Issy-Vanves-Clamart and engineering work in the gare of Noisy-Champs; by 2018 all the station on the line will be in construction.

The lines 14 south and 16 works continue as I write. The line 18 the paperwork requirement has been met, and the line 4 extension south towards Bagneux had begun in 2015, the line will be ready by 2020. The line 12 will, also, be extended towards the north to Aubervilliers by end 2019, and the line 11 towards Rosny-Bois Perrier by end 2022. The work has begun also on lines 11 extension and line 12

On the side of the RER; the line extending the RER E Eole will soon begin and the work should be done by 2022. There is already a new station baptized Rosa Parks opened in December 2015 in Paris that will serve the line between Magenta and Pantin. The work of improvements continues on the lines RER A, B, C and D.

Over the Tramways, the line T5 between Saint-Denis and Sarcelles has opened since 2013, the T6 between Châtillon and Vélizy opened in 2014 (again extended to Viroflay in 2016). The real estate land acquisition is ongoing for the extension of line T1 towards Colombes and the T7 towards Juvisy. The financing of the line T9 between Choisy and Orly are in process of feasibility study.

More info in French here:

And the wine Muscadet costing between 15 and 20 US Dollars or about half the cost of an imported wine in the USA has made a comeback. For its size, the USA is the major drinking wine country in the world! This wine from the Loire not far from me made from white grapes of the melon de Bourgogne variety. Again, the USA remains the biggest market for this type of wine with an export value of 7M€ according to the Fédération des vins de Nantes, and where it represent 17% of the export values of Muscadet. The wine is sold there twice more expensive than here; And 3 States such as Illinois, New York, and California represent 80% of sales. The UK is the first market, Canada the 3rd while the USA is 2nd; more here in French at the Federation site:

The company Protourisme did its survey again of what are the favorite spots for vacation of the French for 2017. First about 42 million of us will go on vacation this year! And of course, we tend to stay in France, bien sûr when you have it oh well (not me I go to Spain lol! The areas of vacation are the Vendée to Pays Basque on the Atlantic coast, all the sud-ouest or southwest; as far as towns Bordeaux is on top follow by the La Rochelle, Carcassonne, and Toulouse. Also, Corsica as far as region with my own Bretagne and the Pyrénées; the basin d’Arcachon as well. As far as beaches the most research are Biarritz, Arcachon, Saint Jean de Luz , Collioure, Saint Tropez, and Cannes.

For a brunch in the 9eme de Paris, try the Café Marlette, 51, rue des Martyrs. Tél. +33(0) 1 48 74 89 73. More here:

For the sweets and things try the all-time favorite Rose Bakery, 46, rue des Martyrs (9eme). Tél +33 (0) 1 42 82 12 80. More here:

For a wonderful pizzas try the Le Bookie 15, rue de Trévise (9eme). Tél +33 (0) 1 47 70 53 38. More here:

And why not a bit of comedy while in the area, at the Le Comedy Club, 42, bd de Bonne-Nouvelle (10eme). Tél. +33(0) 1 73 54 17 00. More here:

The jubilee of “Demoiselles de Rochefort” at the biggest cinema in Europe, the Grand Rex celebrating 50 years of the coming out of the work by Jacques Demy and a concert by Michel Legrand. Grand Rex, (2eme) September 30th and October 1st 2017; 20h and 16h admissions from 39, 50€. More here:

And during the month of April come to the Le Crazy Horse for a selection of great shows of 65 years of glamour in 90 minutes with works by Decouflé, Louboutin, Chantal Thomass, Dita Von Teese, and more. Crazy Horse (8eme) all April 2017. More here:

And there you have it the burger is won by a Parisian! The sandwich with the flavors of Japan can be tasted from April 1 at Goku Asian Canteen (3eme) and W for Wok (10eme) all done with bread on vegetable carbon and white sesame, sauce BBQ with Whisky, mayonnaise, spicy yuzu and Japanese herbs; this is the Black O.G. of Vincent Boccara, winner of the Cup of France of burgers in 2017!. More on the above on culinary sites here:

And the works at the Hôtel de la Marine in the place de la Concorde (8eme) continues. On the 12000 M2 available, half will be preserve for office space and the other half will be open to the public. The building opened in 1774 before a furniture keeper of the crown and for 226 years the site of the French navy HQ. The rooms in renovation will be from the 19C and especially those from the 18C housing the cabinet of mirrors and makeup room of Marie Antoinette never before seen by the general public. A café will open in rdc or street level presenting products of the times such as coffee, tea, chocolates, and wines. At the same level, a restaurant with average prices showcasing the recipes of the French cuisine of the times. On the 1st level or 2nd it will have a room or salon de thé with pastries from the 18C. It is schedule to be open by end 2019. More here:

And too bad for the times we live in but it is catching up to the Tour Eiffel which will be protected. A wall will be installed by the 2nd trimester of 2018 with a bullet proof glass on the two sides given to the Seine River and the avenue Gustave Eiffel. The other two sides where the entries to the tower will be will be dotted with metallic grills doors reproducing the image of the tower and high security. There will be a high security protection with heavy military vehicles on the side of the quai Branly and the avenue Gustave-Eiffel as well as a video protection eyes on the parvis and inside the tower. Info from the mayor’s office of Paris. More here on le Parisian newspaper of Paris just hot off the press:

A personal library of Marcelle Benoît specialist on the French music of the 17C and 18C has given her personal collection of a thousand books to the city of Versailles! The collection will now be house in the Centre de musique baroque de Versailles (CMBV), that is in charge of keeping and teach the musical heritage of the 17C and 18C.  It, also, include a rare Pleyel piano from 1908 completely restored; and a music dictionary by Sébastien de Brossard from 1705 another find, as well as one from Jean-Jacques Rousseau from 1768. Wonderful. It is at this building that the estates generals of France met to write the French constitution, a hugely historical building many times missed by visitors just going to the palace. More here:

And the history of the building Hôtel des Menus Plaisirs is told here in French:

A nice attraction my boys enjoyed while younger is reopening again this season. This is the Attraction park of Mer de Sable (sea of sands). You do well to start your visit by the « Willy West show », the newest spectacle of the park. Admission 22€ this weekend instead of 25€ and less for kids open April 1st to October 31st, more info at official site here:

One nice one that needs to be seen in the chic city by the Seine; the Musée de la Grenouillère – Espace Chanorier, 12 Grande Rue, Croissy sur Seine tel +33 (0) 1 30 53 61 02. Admission 4€ adults. Until December 2017 you see the exposition, ” La Grenouillére aux temps des Impressionnistes” . More on the building   that traces the period of La Grenouillére a floating boat today gone that was in the island or îlot du Camembert. Very popular in the 19C with an countryside, festive ambiance ; it had un guinguette on water or dancing, café, games and cold baths. The artists like Monet and Renoir came here to relax and paint. Today you see engraving, paintings, and object of arts of the period. The boat burned in 1889 and was reopened in 1928. You can take a promenade on the island that has been restored in 1999. More info here:

To end, I almost lived in Croissy sur Seine, had an apartment approved but settle for Versailles instead to be closer to the Royals and the Palace lol! Enjoy the week, yours, mine, ours, end March. Cheers.


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