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March 25, 2017

Day and Night in Vannes!

So we reach another weekend and it is great at 18C sunny a bit windy but clear with no rain. Just lovely day to start a good Spring weekend and ready for the change of hour tonite we move one hour ahead.

I ,as usual try to pin my blog on my daily life here in my belle France as much as I have the courage to print it here hehehe! Well , night outing with colleagues from work and then fast food lunch with the family..

Friday to finish our week in style and the load becoming less, we went out from work with our co workers men and women to a nice bar in Vannes by the ramparts ,that is very popular here and with our company colleagues too.

The bar is here from the Morbihan tourist office in French as they have no webpage but a facebook page in the link as well.

This is the Les Valseuses, the name derives from a hotty French movie of 1974 with Gerard Depardieu Patrick Dewaere, Jeanne Moreau ,and Miou-Miou ;on the first  grand role of Isabelle Huppert. This was a film someone might call it porno but not classified as such with only a under 12 audience here: a bit of here in youtube :

The bar has posters of the film all over , there is a front entrance room and the bar on your left, then another room and a bigger room in the back. All around dotted with medium size screen TV’s showing sports events. The outside or right hand side of the building ,there is an outdoor terrace with live music shows as well as inside in the back big room. The crowd has all kinds of ages showing up but adults.  The facebook page is here:

I had a great beer call the Bruges Triplet of 9% in a pint, great taste ,had a couple and still standing lol! Great cheers and good times on a Friday night by the ramparts of Vannes ,porte Poterne  ,the bar is very near that and the Constable tower or tour du connétable.

Then, this afternoon doing our errands as usual at Conforama for my boys table, the micromania for their games, Buro 56 for their computer pad, and E Leclerc for our major groceries, we had lunch in the brand new Burger King !!

Now, if you have read my posts before, you know my boys were born in Florida USA. The headquarters of Burger King is there in Miami so it’s a natural for us to be fans of BK and the Whopper. Yes even in France ,they are popular, the place was pack. You can beat here a good chunk of double beef (whopper double) , onion rings, desserts ice cream with kit kat chocolate, and big sprite soda for less than 11 euros.

The Burger King franchises coming back to France are handle by main franchisee Groupe Bertrand, and they are slowly but surely taking over the Quick fast food restaurants, at least most of them that are of Belgian origins. We have two one in Ploeren next to Vannes and another a bit further at Théix. So far, the ones at Ploeren, Vannes is done. And we try it!

For GPS lovers the resto is at 32 Rue Edgar Touffreau, 56880. Ploeren. It will be open every day from 11h to 23h and the drive by until midnight Fridays and Saturdays.

You have menus from 6,90€, burgers of the moment are the double steakhouse, fries, onion rings , salads, snacks, desserts like smoothies, shakes etc King box for the little ones, and sodas, water, orange juice, coffees. But, more here:

The restaurant is just over the expressway N165 from city of Vannes limits along over the road on avenue du marne into the traffic circle you see it, on the left of the Buffalo Grill resto. bus no 5 of Vannes takes you there too, direction Luscanen stop at de Cadoudal ,and walk about five minutes to resto. More here at KICEO,

So now we have our favorite fast food resto near us too lol!!! In fact we have everything under the sun here from many places, you will be surprise. Stay tune for the Morbihan dept 56 and Vannes (where I work!).

Enjoy your weekend wherever you are; cheers.



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