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March 20, 2017

Some news from Spain ,XXXVIIII

The week starts and my enthusiasm for the blog grows , here I am again ::)  In Madrid it is about 71F or 20C in evening and tomorrow it is expected sun going up sort of and 66F or about 15C.  You have a nice week ahead .

As usual many things happening in Madrid and other cities; I am so excited to tell you about the movement now Fallas in Valencia and the great painter native of Valencia Joaquin Sorolla.

Joaquín Sorolla  love so much his native land that end up creating a small Valencia on the street Calle Martínez Campos in Madrid, today ,it is his museum. More on that museum here :

By the city hall square or Plaza del Ayuntamiento, is the heart of the Falla festivities and open to all ; the  Fallera Mayor, who is in charge of given order so it begins the Cremà or burnings.  This is the place as well where you see the loud and explosive mascletás; concert of firecrackers! Just to make a point , I am a bit late this year on it as it is over this past weekend. The official page for this event is here in English :

While in the above square see the splendid Palacio del Marqués de Dos Aguas ; that today is the museum of Museo Nacional de Céramica Gonzalez Martî. More on the museum in Spanish here:

Close by you see the Church or Iglesia de San Martín , where he married Clotilde. You cross the street of calle San Vicente Mártir,and you are by the street calle Mantas. Here at No 8 there is a plaque indicating where he was born. He was baptized in the Church or Iglesia de Santa Catalina, just behind the nice round square or Plaza Redonda.  When his parents died in 1865, he is left orphan and there are folks who took him and his sister ,uncles that lived in street or  calle Don Juan de Austria,20; today it is the house of the region of Aragon or Casa de Aragón ; close by the school or Escuela de Artesanos de Valencia , where he began to paint.  His first studio was closer to the hotel at  calle San Martín, 9. Here he began to paint his city, Valencia.

One of the first to be painted was the Cathedral , discovering inside renaissance paintings that he did not even knew as well as mysterious crypts and underground tunnels that had access by the museum. More on the Cathedral here:

The house of a Saint very closely linked to Vannes in the Morbihan Breton where I live as he evangelise this area by 1419 thereabout and his body lies in the Cathedral St Pierre et St Paul at Vannes , France. Here we talk about the La Casa de San Vicente Ferrer, where it has works by Sorolla such as the  Ex voto y Pouet; you come across the building call Lonja where you will see further paintings of the master at the door, and stairs. He, also painted the Church or Iglesia de los Santos Juanes, whose interior damaged during the Civil War still can be seen ; better faith took the Church of Iglesia de  San Nicolás  that only needed to be clean to show all it’s splendor as we see it today. More on the house of Saint Vicente Ferrer here in Spanish:

You continue tracing his footsteps at the College or Colegio del Arte Mayor de la Seda, one of the most emblematic buildings of Valencia from its golden age. More on it here:

Near the college is worth visiting the center or Centro de la Artesania de la Comunidad Valenciana that is the guardian of old traditions and its personages.  All agree that Sorolla  wanted to teach at the school or Escuela de Bellas Artes where he studied, and today it is the Center or Centro de Exposiciones del Carmen, in a wonderful district that has not change at all.  More of it in Spanish here:

You should not missed the new IVAM or Instituto Valenciano de Arte Moderno dedicated to the maestro Ignacio Pinazo, in the room where the remains of the medieval ramparts were found. More of it here:

Close by to the above you will find the house or museum of a friend of Sorolla, José Benliure, maybe the best kept secret of Valencia.  Here is a bust that made the friendship of his friend by  Mariano Benliure in the city museum or Museo de la Ciudad  that occupies the old palace or Palacio del Marqués de Campo, or the ninot indultado that represent it on the museum or Museo Fallero that occupies the old convent of the house of  San Vicente de Paül.  To see more of his works you need to cross the river by the bridge or Puente del Mar that you can see in one of his paintings at the museum or Museo de Bellas Artes. Here, it is recreated a museum within a museum showing 57 of his works.

Some links for the above in order here:

It is worth seeing the nice collection of sculptures in the Vale Mariano Benliure.  More here:

A visit to the beach or playa de la Malvarrosa en el Cabanyal is wonderful. More here:

From this beach came out the best works and was the last he saw on this trip after suffering from an attack of apoplexy in 1920.  Close by is the square or Plaza de la Armada Española you have the monument that the city has erected on his honor.  A nice webpage here on Valencia and the bust here:

You won’t be far from the museum of another great friend of Sorolla, this is Vicente Blasco Ibañez, that this year we are celebrating 150 years of his birth; more info here:

At the beach hotel of Hotel Las Arenas  opened in 1838  that he knew very well and it shows one of his original paintings in the main dining room. More here:

And we reach the end of this wonderful trip on Joaquin Sorolla, one of my favorite painters and had visited his museum in Madrid as well as walk and or visit some of the places above on my visits to Valencia; you are encourage to do the same.

Now some tips on bars tabernas to have a glass of Sherry or Jerez in Madrid; of course only my favorites. These are:

Casa Baranda , Calle Colón, 11 , Tel +34  615 374 999 , it does not closed and no credit cards accepted.

Lambuzo  ,Calle Conchas, 9; Calle Ponzano, 8 ,and Calle  Alonso Cano, 10; Tel +34 91 143 48 62, 91 513 80 59/ 810 520 818. Closed Sundays nights and Mondays.

Palo Cortado , Calle Unión, 5; tel +34 91 547 25 00. Closed Sundays and Mondays.

El Quinto Vino , Calle Hernani, 48 ; Tel +34 91 553 66 00. Closed Sunday nights and Mondays.

Zahara de Osborne,  Plaza de Santa Ana, 1. Tel +34 91 522 63 64; does not closed.

La Venencia , Calle Echegaray, 7 . Tel +34 91 429 73 13. Does not closed.  One of the classic taverns of Madrid with a great selection of  fino, amontillado, palo cortado, etc. No web but a nice write up on this site:

Bodega and club Los Generosos , located inside the wine store  Reserva y Cata (Calle Conde de Xiquena, 13), this is an association of 12 persons that are aficionados of Jerez . If you have time contact  Luis Vida ;Tel +34  617 737 967 for a trip. Their blog is here:

And the wine store Reserva y Cata ,one of my favorites in Madrid is here:

You have a family and visiting Madrid then you must visit Parque Warner. Already open for business and celebrating 15 years to have parties with all the family and many nice rides. You will be met by Bugs Bunny and Pato Lucas (duck lucas) with music and dance routines. Here the musical Rock of Ages like a broadway show with rock’n’roll and the wild west awaits you with ballerinas of Can Can show style; and the kiddies will chose the winner of the dance of the Looney tunes. Big dance festival and choreograph routines on the streets of the park. There is the big Hollywood boulevard with the wildest gangsters of the west in the Warner Bros Studios showing 3-D movies such as  «La LEGO film» , and «San Andrés». You will see spectacles such as the Loca Academia de Policia, with new vehicles and acrobats and the Gotham City Streetmosphere Show, that shows a fight between Batman and the Joker.

You will see stars of more than 30 personages where Parque Warner is the only one in Europe where you can get to know them and share moments. The superheroes such as Superman, Batman, green flashlight, Flash ,and Wonder Woman, as the justice league or La liga de la Justicia, and the Joker, Robin ,and Catwoman, that will be in the streets of Gotham City. As well as cartoons such as Bugs and Lola Bunny, Pato Lucas, Piolín,and  Silvestre, Oso Yogui (yogy bear)  Boo-Boo, Coyote,and Correcaminos, Sam Bigotes, Los Picapiedra (flinstones), Scooby Doo, etc etc. The end of the party is with the Celebration Parade 15th Anniversary, an impressive parade to celebrate the 15 anniversary of the park with all its personages, vehicles, and theme carriages on the streets. More here:

The Council of Ministers of the government has named the replacement for the director of the Prado museum. The new director will be Miguel Falomir Faus (Valencia, 1966),is a  doctor of History of Arts and Professor of the University of Valencia was since 1997 department head of the Italian paintings of the renaissance and from 2015 adjoint director of conservation and investigation of the museum. He is internationally recognize as been from 2008 to 2010, as Andrew Mellon Professor of CASVA (Center on Advanced Studies in the Visual Arts de la National Gallery de Washington). He is now finishing the catalog edition of  Tiziano en el Prado ,and for the last two years he directed the conservation areas of the museum located in the Centro de Estudios of the Casón del Buen Retiro. More here in Spanish:

You can see the theatrical musical of the film Dirty Dancing  playing until June 4 2017 at the Nuevo Teatro Alcalà, Sala 1, at Calle Jorge Juan, 62. Playing Fridays , Saturdays, Sundays from 18h to 22h. Mondays at 18hn Wednesdays and Thursdays 20h30; admission 18€. Been played by  Amanda Digón, Christian Sánchez, and Fanny Corral. More here:

Great concert by an up and coming Spanish singer from Malaga that I like a lot. Showcasing her latest release “Munay”, Vanesa Martin will be September 16 2017 at the plaza de Toros Monumental de las Ventas, Calle Alcalà 337; 22h admissions from 20-35€. More here !

You got it , it’s Spain ,everything under the Sun. Have a great week y’all. Cheers


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