Some news from France , CXLXV

Finished Sunday and nice mild weather of 12C or about 55F in Breton lands and about the same in Paris with no rain in sight. Just picking up some nice things to see and do coming up in France and especially in Paris.

At the route de Suresnes (16éme),my previous passing route into the town of Suresnes and Paris by the Bois de Boulogne you find the domaine de Longchamp, a white castle building that many people would ask what is it? Well ,it does not matter, the truth is it has become after a long renovation the home of the fondation GoodPlanet.  Led by  Yann Arthus-Bertrand, from May 13-14 all the weekends they will have talks and exhibits on ecology, environment, and generosity with the great photographer. On its first exposition it will be presented the inedict images of Human, a video portrait of humanity done in 60 countries. More here in English:

Already since today Sunday 19 March, the department store le Bon Marché (and its Grande Epicerie) will open 7/7 ! After doing so the BHV ,and the Galeries Lafayette,it’s the turn of the le Bon Marché. This ,already has created 150 jobs both permanent and temporary!! Good going; see the stores here:

The recently designated “ ZTI” zones or  zones touristiques internationals in Paris. They are in 12 areas such as the Champs-Elysées Montaigne, Haussmann, Le Marais, les Halles, Maillot-Ternes, Montmartre, Olympiades, Rennes/Saint-Sulpice, Saint-Emilion-Bibliothèque, Saint-Honoré/Vendôme, Saint-Germain, and Beaugrenelle.  Also, they are in Cannes, Nice, and Deauville. More here in French from govt source ; where it says “Cartes des 12 ZTI à Paris, you can click and a map of the areas will show.

The famous passe Navigo is evolving a lot since I used to use it while working in Paris. Already from January you can use the navette on the river Seine, such as Batobus:

Also, from mid April you will be able to use the Navigo Pass for auto rental libre service as  Autolib’ at :

It ,also, will serve to use on the Vélib bike service and on the electronic tickets for the train Thalys.    ; and

The impressionist painter Camille Pissarro has a nice museum that has recently been renovated in Pontoise. After 6 months of work, it has reopened with new rooms of exposition in the street level floor to allow works of arts to be shown in 250 sq meters of space.  The museum was opened in 1980, and now it is more accessable and practical.  You are , also, able to see works from his sons  Lucien, Georges ,and Ludovic-Rodo, but ,also, of Daubigny, Guillaumin, Signac, Hayet, Piette, Cézanne, Caillebotte, Goenette, and Luce. From today to June 11 you will be able to see an exposition on Camille Pissarro of old and new works shown.  The location is 17, rue du Château, 95300 Pontoise . From Paris you can take the RER C to Pontoise and the museum is walking distance from the station,also in regular trains from Gare du Nord and Saint Lazare stations. More here:|MoCulturePatrimoine|CulturePatrimoine|ComPlusAlpha||-TT&tfo[page]=54#.WM7bFVU1_IU

For something unique and historical of France, go see the Société Faure at La  Croix-Saint-Ouen to see the horseshoe making history of the only remaining maker in France today. The firm was established in 1910, and you can reach it by train from Paris Gare du Nord station to Compiegne station than taxi to the firm only about 5 kms. More here:

I come back to the arts, on American painter Joe Bradley. Since the Biennal of Whitney in 2008, he does not stop breaking prices record reaching sometimes the million USDollars. The Fundacion Almine y Bernard Ruiz-Picasso para el Arte (Faba), will open the château de Boisgeloup for the first time to the public in April and May to invite the painter born in Maine in 1975 to expose his work in the sculpture shops of Picasso!! A great gift to this graduate of the Rhode Island School of Design of Providence. At this place about 100 years after the meeting of Minotaure and the ballerina Olga Khokhlova,celebrated at the Musée Picasso. More info here:

More on the castle of Boisgeloup and Picasso, here:

You can reach Gisors from gare Saint Lazare in Paris by train and then taxi to the castle above mentioned or the car of course, but I put public transport as most folks coming here use it instead of the car, which to me is always better but… If you need driving guidance to any of these places let me know.

The wonderful Musée d’Orsay is coming back for the night owls lovers. For the 4th time this old train station will revert on the fall of night into a promenade where paintings, music,and poetry will be mix. You have Thursday March 23 from 18h to 23h to do this. You will be in the middle of the exposition “Au delà des étoiles. Le paysage mystique de Monet à Kandinsky” And ” Curieuse nocturne Au delà des étoiles”.  night owl admission price of 9€ and free for those under 26. Info at tel +33 (0) 1 53 63 04 63 of course the exposition will regularly run to June 11. More general info here:

And a great event , great year on Rodin, his greatest work the Le Penseur in 1906 was put in front of the Panthéon, later transferred in 1922 to the Hôtel Biron that itself was opened in 1919.The majority of his work was shown here. However, walking the streets of Paris you can find many of his work.  Please ,note this event, ” Rodin, l’exposition du centenaire au Grand Palais”, until July 31 2017. Wednesdays to Mondays from 10h to 20h, night times on Wednesdays, Fridays,and Saturdays until 22h. More here:

Now, I will tell you where you can find some of his work in Paris.

You come to the Théâtre des Gobelins at 73 avenue des Gobelins (13éme) that now houses the Fondation Jerome Seydoux-Pathé. The bas-reliefs of the théâtre des Champs-Elysées (8éme) were done by Antoine Bourdelle. The group of cariatides in the Théâtre de la Renaissance (10éme) are the work of Albert-Ernest Carrier-Belleuse. At the metro station Varenne, line 13 where there is the Musée Rodin, located at 79 rue de Varenne (7éme). The work of the  L’Âge d’Airain at Place Rodin (16éme); the bronze made a scandal in 1877 because Rodin had insinuated the mold was that of his face. Another mold is at the courtyard of the high school or Lycée Rodin (13éme). The work the  Ève, L’Ombre et La Méditation  is at the Jardin des Tuileries all three statues near the Musée de l’Orangerie. The statue of Honoré de Balzac at Boulevard Raspail since 1939, this monument to Balzac is on the spot by boulevard Raspail near the Carrefour Vavin. Another version of it is seen in the garden of the Musée Rodin.  The statue of  Victor Hugo , is at the angle of avenue Henri-Martin and Victor Hugo (16éme), this was initially ordered for the Panthéon. Instead another one was chosen by Rodin where the writer is surrounded by three muses. The stele block of César Franck was done for his grave at the Cementary of Montparnasse, the musician dead in 1890 was honored by Auguste Rodin with a medallion in haut relief.

Some links for the above places here:

Theater of the Gobelins no longer exist but the work is still there:

Indeed gorgeous to visit even just for the theater of Champs-Elysées :

The theater of the Renaissance here:

metro Varenne and Musée Rodin,

high school or Lycée Rodin here :

Jardin des Tuileries statues of Rodin, good site:

Rodin of Balzac,

Rodin of Victor Hugo, (French) ;

tomb César Franck, in French cementary of Montparnasse:

Enjoy your week, y’all ::)  and remember life is beautiful; la vie est belle, or la vida es chula or even la dolce vita !!!


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