31st Salon de l’Habitat Viving ,Vannes

On a nice sunny Sunday , we headed to the 31st Salon de l’Habitat Viving of Vannes in the Parc Chorus Expo halls A and B. This was on March 18-20 2017.

You have under one roofs all the experts on home renovation, decoration, construction, enlargement, and rearranging homes. All the tendencies on living better, easier and efficient were on the program during these 3 days.

We came for ideas for our home, as we are planning to have it all done before retirement in x years ::)

There is an admission of 5 euros per person but since we were invited by participating in other events here, we got in for free!  The Parc Chorus Expo park is nice and with all amenities including a nice restaurant for sit in dining and terrace.

The event info is here in French : http://vivingbrest2016.salons.seiya.gl-events.com/viving-vanes

And the parc chorus official site is here in French on how to get there : http://www.lechorus.com/infos-pratiques

It is located for English info, on the Parc du Golfe a wonderful area we like to go a lot as there is a bowling alley, restos, aquarium and butterfly museums as well as the Expo park. Here we go to the islands in the Gulf of Morbihan by boat ferries on the Gare Maritime.

At the habitat salon we had about 220 businesses on two halls ,and 20 new this year.  Saturday, the show started at 11h30 with a shop on  “Evolve its habitat” , then at 15H the “The extension of the home”  by 16h the next shop atelier of “Settle on a small plot”. Sunday at 11h30 the shop ” High performance homes”  , 15h the “Extension of home”, and 16h  “Tips on how to succeed the renovation of the house” . Tomorrow Monday at 15h “The extension of the home”. For the first time to the salon, visitors will have the opportunity to prepare their visit by getting their tickets printed and appointments with the pros done online  by going here (those like us already with free admission just needed to go online to active with a code) : http://ouest.viving.fr/vannes/billetterie-vanes

Many ideas and appointments made for the rest of the month to get some pricing and information on getting tax credits for work done on the house with savings in heating and cooling that be 30% as credit d’impot and additional 10% for visiting the show. So we will see our budget once we get the quotes.

We have a nice simple lunch on site with ham and cheese sandwiches, lemon tart and blueberry muffins, orangina soda and Heineken beers for 9€ per person.  Now ease on at cozy home and mentally prepare for another week of work lol!!!

Enjoy your Sunday wherever you are. Cheers

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