My new home of Pluvigner in the Morbihan Breton XV

Today we got early because even if living we try not to be tourist lol! so pictures are few in between and it’s time we do more of our little town in the Morbihan. It has been a new experience for us, this is the smallest town we have ever lived in, even myself. The town claims to have about 7K inhabitants but it looks as it has less than that. This is Pluvigner. So a bit more for the newcomers to my blog.

As we just finished celebrating St Patrick’s day, a bit more on that. Pluvigner is a parrish founded in the 5C by Saint Guigner and his companions who came from Ireland to Christiniase the Armorique (Today’s Brittany). Saint Guigner was born in Ireland and was known there with the name of Fingar. He was a son of king Saint Patrick who Christianise Ireland (today it’s Patron Saint).  His father upset that he left his native parrish chase him to the point of having to leave Ireland. In Armorique  he takes the name of Saint Guigner. According to legend he disembark in Pluvigner and found a monastery at Moustoir in around 445AD. By 450AD, his father died, he comes back to Ireland to renounce his heritage and the crown of his father. In Great Britain he tried to Christiniase the invading Jutes, Anglos, and Saxons that occupied a vast pagan territory; and he reunites an expedition to arrive in Cornouaille around 455AD with 770 men.  The Jutes and Anglos commanded by chef Hengist massacre Saint Guigner and his troops. Over the years it change a bit on the name but finally takes its current name of Pluvigner in French or Pleuwigner in Breton language. Plu from the Breton roots of Plo or parish and vigner from Guigner the Saint; therefore it literally translates as the parrish of Saint Guigner=Pluvigner!

Voilà, and now I live here since August of 2013;after lived before in Brec’h just 11 kms from Pluvigner since May 2011. All in the Morbihan Breton!

Today ,was our market day or jour du marché and we come here often, just took some pictures today.  Coming walking from our house to the city center market, at Place St Michel. We walked by our hairdresser Annie, and the post office, our mayor office, into the market itself to buy our usual goodies: cheeses, meats, vegetables/fruits from the producer’s direct to us, the best of France! The market is held every Saturday from 8h to 13h( 1pm). More on our city official page here:

We, then stop by the Le Relais to drop some used clothing for the poor. Behind the post office at 10 rue Général de Gaulle; more here:

We continue on to our favorite beer store, V&B in Auray to return some used bottles and get new ones loaded ,and ready for the last VI Nations rugby match between France and Wales. More on the store here:

Finally, on the way back home, we did our other groceries at the E Leclerc hypermarché in Auray ZA de Kerbois.  More here:

We try to enjoy the best of France, and do our non food ,miscellaneous  groceries in the supermarkets and the real stuff in the markets here and elsewhere. We buy the beer and wine at specialize stores, and we go into farms to buy some goodies like eggs, strawberries, pork meat etc. La Belle France!

Now we are back home with a nice lunch from the goodies we just purchase fresh and nice ,and ready for the big match. Tomorrow Sunday ,we are planning a trip to a housing expo for ideas on housing and decoration in Vannes. Stay tune.

Enjoy your weekend wherever you are, and remember La vie est belle, la vida es chula, life is beautiful or even you heard of the Dolce Vita lol!

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