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March 11, 2017

My travels in the Morbihan XXX

Today was another nice day, it started foggy in the early morning but then it clear up to 18C or 64F and sunny, to come back later in the afternoon evening to cloudy gray and 13C or 58F about.

We just saw France beat Italy in the VI Nations rugby championship of the Northern Hemisphere  from Rome 18-40. They have one game remaining vs Wales Saturday March 18. Now watching England vs Scotland with England going over all over 20×0 in the 27th minute.

Before that we did our errands on our daily life here, nothing like the travel guides but just the real life of the French.

We did our ideas and purchases in another of our favorite stores for building materials Leroy Merlin in Theix near Vannes. Here they are:

We are looking into work to make our home top shape into our retirement and we had look at prices for velux window, garage door, ceiling fans, parquet floor, etc. You have to plan ahead to we look at what’s available and prices to put into our budget.

There we had some lunch in a burger join that is been slowly replace by Burger King, the one in Vannes is already with the sign waiting the official opening as BK. However, in many and the one here in Théix is still a Quick chain with origins in Belgium.  So we had our bacon supreme, long bacon, etc burgers here with fries and coca cola as well as strawberry milkshake etc. The Quick chain site here is at

Then, running to see the France rugby game we came rushing to the Pépinière de Penhôet where my other half got her four plants to replace in our garden. This is a family business nursery with an extensive selection, good advise, and good prices all along the N165 in Ploeren on the village attach to it of Penhôet. More on it here:

We normally try to avoid personal photos but my boys are good to show helping in the nursery and we are so proud of them ,been so good and family bond boys. The oldest just became 25 on the 9th of March and the other are identical twins (the heavy and the light we can tell lol! )of 23.

And continue watching that rugby match with some beers from Germany and Belgium lol!!! now England is still winning 30×7 at the 39 minute! Enjoy your weekend y’all. Cheers!!

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