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March 10, 2017

Birthday of my oldest 25 and still a great relationship, Vannes it was!

Today was the day we celebrated my oldest 25th year birthday on a wonderful sunny day with temps as high as 18C or about 64F. The birthday was yesterday ,but I took a day off today so can hook up a long weekend.

We started out from home early by 9H or 9am to get my car wash at the dealer for free ::) This is in Vannes Ford  Mustiére dealer. From here we went to Micromania for the game gift and more goodies for the gang as they are very active players ,and big customers there lol!!!

Finally, on the morning run, we stop by Armand Thiery our favorite men’s clothing store. I pickup a business shirt, pullover and spring jacket just for the run of spring! More on this wonderful stores here:

We came back to do our lunch for the birthday at his favorite restaurant been a good humble young men, we ate at Tablapizza, also in Vannes. This is in the Atlanville shopping/resto Parc Lann area; more here:

I took my father too and he was happily came along for his coca cola! We had for apéro or entry drink an oranger, bananier fraise, fizz pamplemous , whisky lanson, martini rosso, and coca cola for my father; then the main dish were Espagnole with chorizos pizza for 3, carré camembert, Roulaide chévre miel rolls for 2 , we all had the meal with a bottle of Fitou Chateau la Grange 2015 red for 3 as well as Monaco rose beer, grimbergen blonde beer, and more coca cola for Dad. The desserts were café chocolat gourmand for 4, profiterole with strawberry ice cream, and coupe tout chocolate. All came out for 28.90€, nice.

We, then walk over to Electro Depot to buy more gadgets for the kitchen , electronics, and computer external drive Maxtor. Finally, went back to Micromania to pick up a free T-shirt and stop at Carrefour for my father to do some of his groceries.

We ,then ,made it back home for some rest before we figure out what to do in the weekend. We will do some research today on preparation for our trip to Spain this coming summer. I am set for Poland and Brazil in May, possible back to Spain in late April on business…. Life is beautiful in France, la vie est belle en France or La vida es chula en Francia!!!

TGIF enjoy it wherever you are;cheers.

Vannes Vannes Vannes


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