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March 6, 2017

Salon des Vins et de la Gastronomie , Vannes 2017

Here I just came back in time on Sunday to go to this wonderful event in my area and in many other places…in France. The Salon des Vins et de la Gastronomie is wonderful with the best real producer of the la vie en France.

I wrote on it back on the 2014 edition, here:

The latest one it shows the salon has grown and is full of success.  This year it was held on March 3-6, and at the same spot on the Parc Expo Chorus in our Parc du Golfe, Vannes.  this is it with all the events and how to get there;

There were many activities schedule from March 4 like tasting a tarte au citron meringuée, or a lemon tart with meringue. Crêpes, vegetables cooking, and recipes by Alain Chartier the chocolat men here. It showcase the first site for vegan or vegetarians call VegOresto and the site is

There were a big space for a food court to try the oysters, cold cuts, crêpes, mushrooms omelettes, and the Gambrinus restaurant. Also, big chalets on how to better cook and eat with cutlery stands, plastics containers, and the Ets Radigue on pots and pans and utensils we purchase; one pot and one pan with cover all French made both for 140 euros. Genuine stuff for the real cooker in you ::) You can only find them in fairs like this one, they are at 1, Lot. De la Ratonnerie – Le Bignon 45210 FERRIERES FRANCE Tél : +33 238909630.

On the gastronomie side we were pleasantly surprise to find our favorite Basques here! the Maison Castellou from Saint Jean Pied du Port were here! and we got it all, and gifts given to us too. Not to leave out the Les Saveurs Catalans for their wonderful sausages, the L’Oliveraie with its olives and tapenades , the local honeys and soaps from honey of the Miellerie de Huelgoat with 18 different kinds of honey! ,Atout Fruit Sec with all fruits in dry form or gelly, and of course many many more.

There were cocktails, spirits presentation of many kinds including the local Chouchen honey base drink.  Then, you had the wines oh la la la!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

There were producers from Alsace such as Domaine Fleischer, Beaujolais (where we met a wonderful couple of Le Bourlay Patrick and Odile) we purchase Juliénas and Brouilly. The big daddy Bordeaux from Chateau Dillon,and La Rose Pauillac(!had it) Chateau Mercier, etc. Moving on to Bourgogne, with the same couple as above and several more stands, Champagne was here with some local producers such as Robert-Allait, and Godmé Sabine (we had!); Charentes region with its cognacs, Languedoc-Roussillon with the Banyuls and Mas Amiel and many others.

We went down to Provence and Corse, with the Bandol of L’Oliveraie. My favorite Sud-Ouest region with Domaine Lamothe wonderful Gaillac (we had and on my wife’s father side home turf); the Vallée du Rhône had its many with the Condrieu and Côte Rotie of Domaine de Boisseyt-Chol,and the Châteauneuf du pape of Clos Val Seille.

And we end up in our now backyard with the wines of the Vallée de la Loire. You have the Vouvrays of the Caves Rougebec Vouvray (we had), and Earl Bergers Fréres with the wonderful whites of Montlouis-sur-Loire ,and by now our friends of Earl Cousseau Boireau vignobles de la Roudaie and its Saint-Nicolas-de-Bourgueil reds and rosés! All magical.

More on this one and the others coming up all over France check it out here in French bien sûr ::)

You should come by ,they are back in November this year same place. check it out, its all worth it.

Enjoy it ,la vie est belle en France ::) Salut!

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