Honfleur ,Normandy.

I do not need to say more of this quaint little town. Just that is was my summer trips with my parents here,and my mother love it. She passed away 9 yrs ago ,and this month it was here birthdate on the 13. So I look at my posts as even when go here not in the mood to take pictures.

With a seafaring tradition and one of the best equipped SNSM lifesavers volunteers in the French coasts (I am a supporter) , this is a must for any visitor. Besides, been the most visited already in Normandy behind MSM.

Honfleur is magical and my mom rest at sea here, with the braves and those who decided to laid there, the boat Notre Dame du port of the SNSM took her out. And  we come often. See it here: https://station-honfleur.snsm.org/

Two events you should not missed if any in coming here is the Passionnement Jardin or passion about gardens. April 29-30 2017. All about gardens and with expert advise on site, just bring your plans and they will tell you . In addition to flowers, plants, trees on display and ready for purchase, right by the public garden overlooking the bay entrance to the city. More here :  https://www.passionnementjardin.fr/

The other is a must for us ,and we all love it. The story of fisherman and marine people in this town goes way back ,and the La Fête des Marins will be held this year in June 3,4,5, 2017, along the bay coming into the canal to town, and you can see all along the wall of the canal on the before mentioned public park.  They carried the Virgin on shoulder and put it in a boat to go out at sea for the blessing. The Sunday is the Benediction at sea and honor to those perish at sea as well as the blessing of the boats . Then, we all climb the pilgrimage up the Côte de Grâce until the little chapel of Notre Dame de Grâce, where a great open air Mass is held. This festivity has been done since 1861 ! more on the city of Honfleur here:  https://www.ville-honfleur.com/fete-des-marins/

And keep an eye on the Honfleur tourist office for events: https://www.honfleur-tourism.co.uk/

Read my previous posts above, it has plenty of info and photos ;so much to enjoy here at Honfleur, artists, shops, restos all around the basin de l’est  in the harbor. If by car  parked over the canal in the entrance to the town for like a 4 euros. Up the road by the butterflies museum ,Naturospace, you can park for free but the walk is more.

Enjoy Honfleur, Normandy!


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2 Comments to “Honfleur ,Normandy.”

  1. We love Honfleur and the Pont de Brotonne. It really is a quaint little place, even on a February afternoon was still sunny and warm. We enjoyed the walk in the park too with little recesses with busts of various famous people. Would love to go back. 👍


    • well back from A Coruña , Porto and Lisbon ::) thanks for stopping by, yes we love Honfleur and its artists, the parc public by the bat is where the boats in the Fête des Marine passes by,gorgeous sight. the other is a huge bridge we used to go to both le Havre and Rouen when live closer, and Rouen was and is one of our favorite cities here. Cheers enjoy your Sunday.

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