La Roche Bernard, boating, history and quaint city center!

I could not missed the rugby match with France vs Ireland later on and now watching a great match where Scotland beat Wales 29×13 in the VI Nations tournament. The day was cloudy with sun ups sometimes, and weather in the 10’s C or 50’s F no rain. It was time to use the best of the morning for a short ride to a town in the Morbihan I like too even if smallish.

The trip is about 53 minutes from my house and La Roche Bernard is a nice boater’s heaven full of history as well. The tourist office is here :

In addition, I had written on it back in November 2011 :

As well as in November 2013 :

Well ,this time it is not November but February 2017 and it was time to re visit. Again , so many places to see in Brittany ,sometimes I find myself surprise of how far back was my last visit to a place.

La Roche Bernard you reach it by the N165 to it, and once on the D765 you entered by the bridge or Pont de La Roche Bernard over the river Vilaine. The bridge was built in 1839,and it has 349 meters long of which 193 meters are hanging over the river with 6 meters wide. This bridge suffered the storms damaging it and it was replaced by a wooden passarelle until 1911.  Of which time a new steel bridge was built  measuring 350 meters long with 192 meters over water and 7 meters wide; the height over water level is 41 meters. After damaged during WWII a new bridge is built finally finished in 1960  . The current bridge is 407 meters with 245 meters over water and 84 meters over the river Vilaine . Once  over the bridge you entered the town and just follow Centre Ville and the parking La Vôute to go into the harbor where the big rocks are ,from where the town gets it’s name Roche=stone.

We took a long walk along the cale on the river right underneath the bridge , and then a walk in city center to its wonderful history of Catholic and Protestant history, and the guillotine during the French Revolution in the main square place du Bouffay. Here you have the Michelin wonderful Auberge des Deux Magots and hotel; more here :

We saw the complex of the mayor’s office and library as well as shops such as Guyodo Lehebel Deco full of home deco with sea motifs and others, gourmet local delicacies, and clothings. More here:

right there is the Créperie La Sarrasine just on the square to the left Place du marchix . Again closed now for vacation but in better weather it is not to missed for eating here is more :

One place not to miss other than seeing the boats and the artists on the trail from the 16C, that is marked by many of them is the Maison de l’Abeille or bee’s house; even if now is closed, opens again in April. All about honey which I love and get mine there all the time it is open !!! More here:

Another site I recommend when open from June is the museum maritime ;more here:

The museum is divided into floors with the first one is dedicated to the history of the bridges, the Street level is dedicated to Breton traditions on the Gulf of Morbihan, and the inferior level sort of second floor is dedicated to the boat La Couronne built here in 1629 on orders of Cardinal Richelieu to improve the naval defenses of France and participated in many battles including the best known as the Battle of Cardinals in 1759. It is also open from June to September with 3€ admission.

The harbor history and facilities are here :

And anything on the river Vilaine in French is here :

You can see some nice architecture and history on the House of the Canon (16C, timbered house of the 15C, the oldest in the city, district Tower ‘ Isle which was refuge for Protestants, and later the Notre – Dame 16C. One I always stop by is the church of Saint Michael or St Michel. This Church was built in 1633. In 1878, almost in ruins, the old Church is replaced by a new one with more space. The Church is of course in the square or Place Saint Michel.

We were there when the circus RITZ was announcing performances today and tomorrow, more here:—La-Roche-Bernard-

The tourist office put out a nice video on YouTube for La Roche Bernard here:

We came back to eat at home as was also doing our groceries in Vannes at Carrefour and needed to be home for the rugby ::) so far France 6×7 Ireland  at halftime.

Enjoy the photos and find out about another interesting town of the Morbihan Breton. Have a great weekend. Cheers

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2 Comments to “La Roche Bernard, boating, history and quaint city center!”

  1. It looks really lovely. Thanks for video and photos. Loved that paella!
    We’ve just come back from our visit to my in-laws in Portiragnes, Herault, so I I’ve been busy. Must catch up with other blogs. 👍

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