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February 19, 2017

The Opéra Garnier of Paris

This is one of the most emblematic icons of Paris, and had written on it way back in 2011 in my blog; here it is

The one point is that I used to worked just across the street and had this beauty all by myself to marvel from our mezzanine level floor , of course coming to work walking by it every day. It stuck on you, like anything in Paris does.

TO built it and finished it by 1875 it took some demolition of a good part of the neighborhood of Chaussée d’Antin that saw many mansions from the 18C disappeared. So need to give you a bit more on its history.

The Opéra has two semi circular buildings on each end. It was done to host emperor Napoléon III in the pavillon de l’Empereur giving to the street rue auber and the place Charles Garnier.  Decorated with eagles in bronze preceeded by two ramps to load furniture’s ,etc ; this pavilion d’honneur is today the Museum Library of the Opéra .

It has a great hall à l’Italienne, with red and gold tones and five levels of windows that makes it at level with the street rue Lepeletier de Debret raised in 1821, beforehand the salon of the street rue de Richelieu from the 18C.  You see the sun and the symbol of Louis XIV on top of the scene recalling the foundation of the Académie Royale de musique in 1669.  A composition painted of Chagall replaces since 1964 the ceilings painted by  Lenepveu.

The wonderful grand salon or grand foyer  was inspired by the  Palace of the Doges in Venice on the ceiling evoking  the music, mythology and Christianism. The influence of the Galeria Farnèse des Carrache, on the ceiling by the galerie des glaces of Versailles, and the Bibliothéque or library of the Palais-Bourbon of Delacroix  can be noted.  The paintings of  Delaunay (Apolo receiving the lyre, Orpheus , and Eurydice…), of Barrias ,and Clairin, completes the ensemble. The abundant golden decoration contribute to the lighting on the columns, chimneys and caryatids.

All in front of the Place de l’Opéra built before the Opéra Garnier. It was done taken some portions of the boulevard des Capucines and Grands Boulevards. From it ,the streets ride out in star formation such as the avenue de l’opéra, rue Auber, rue Halevy, rue du Quatre-Septembre, and rue de la Paix that takes you to the Place Vendome.

You have interesting places such as Paris Story, telling about the history of Paris; musée du parfum Fragonard, the Café de la Paix (under my supervision, and historical monument of France) as well as the Le Grand Intercontinental Hotel (also under my supervision, and see photo salon opera historical monument of France) ; the metro line 3,7 , and 8, as well as the stop by the Roissybus from CDG airport (rue scribe/auber).

And do not leave without trying the Opéra restaurant , you go in by the  place Jacques Rouché to the right facing the façade of the opera. More info here:

As Paris, all is sublime, the Opéra Garnier is a masterpiece of France. Enjoy it.

Paris Paris Paris Paris Paris Paris Paris Paris

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February 19, 2017

My travels in the Morbihan XXIX

And finally Sunday, quiet on the city and mild temperatures in the 50’sF 10-12C bit cloudy sun wants to but can’t; and leisure time awaiting some football/soccer games.

I was out yesterday, our working horse day with the family as more travel abroad looms and our summer house in Spain is booked. We have so much nearby it will take more than a blog to tell you, and we are quasi middle distance from it all. Just found out maybe have visitor friends from the USA coming in July! just to check out my area I know, they will be surprise as usually won’t venture out of Paris and the south of France.

The last time I see wrote about the area of Lorient and Guidel was back in 2016, for Lorient alone was back in 2013! yet these are about 30 minutes from my house; goes to show you how much there is to see around here.

For confirmation on what to see, here is the tourist office of Lorient

And some in English from the city homepage here:

For confirmation on what to see, here is the tourist office of Guidel

And some from the city homepage of Guidel famous for it’s surfing mecca :

You can reach Lorient to Guidel on bus line 60, takes about 36-40 minutes here:

We of course, took a leisure car ride along the D16 into the D33 to connect with the expressway N165 direction Lorient.

We came here to do some shopping with my other half Frenchie who loves a particular store here call Damart, going back to grandma habits lol! so she finally got her shoes. Always nice to walk around the square Place Alsace-Lorraine even with construction going on around it and see the big branch of Galeries Lafayette as well as the modern Church of Notre Dame de la Victoire built in 1955 after WWII had destroyed the one there from 1810.  There is a nice carrousel and kiddie rides as well as an important bus terminal .

Oh yes Damart is here:

then, we continue for a leisure ride back into the N165 direction Guidel and its beaches. Taking exit 45 at Guidel road D306 direction Guidel you are in town in 15 minutes! We pass by the town to see our old hangouts by car and continue to Guidel Plage or beach along the same road D306 here we stop for lunch at a picturesque stop on the bay along the road D152 several restaurants overlooking the shallow waters of the bay coming in from the ocean. We ate at La  Plage , ::) or The Beach a resto pizzeria place with a nice fish and chips , Britt Breton blonde beers, coffee and sweets combination or café gourmand , and the other had from chorizo and mussels to four cheese pizza to more fish and chips all with the same beer or desperados and the same café gourmand coming to 22.50€ per person reasonable for a beach town with a view overlooking a nice terrace. It is by the beach Le Bas Pouldu. no webpage some reference for location:

In Guidel town, you have a nice Church Saint Pierre et Saint Paul in place Polignac city center,  surrounded by shops ,restos, and parking !

For the beaches this is a site I use here that is pretty good info for them before arrival for orientation, facilities and safety: have on Guidel :

They are better known to surfers but good for the whole family with shallow water and playground for kiddies; two big section of games and restos ,one by Le Bas Pouldu and the other by plage de la Falaise.(cliffs beach).

Along the beach boulevard road D152 you arrive at Fort Bloqué, a nice stretch of sandy beach and the great fortress built in 1748,  that like yesterday in low tide you can walk to it! Can’t go in thus, it is a private property! This is already part of the adjacent town of Ploemeur, more info the beach here that is public,

and this is the regional TV France 3 in French but a nice video on the Fort , trying last time for sale in 2015.

On the way back, well, we did our groceries right there in Guidel at the Super U supermarket. Just coming back up on road D306 direction Lorient. Nice clean store, and friendly service all ready for beachgoers and al. more here:

Another nice, fast, inexpensive family outing in our lovely Morbihan. You are welcome, Degemer Mat ::)

Cheers and enjoy your Sunday!

Guidel Guidel Guidel plage Guidel plage Guidel plage Guidel plage Guidel plage Guidel plage Guidel plage Guidel plage Guidel plage Guidel plage Guidel plage Lorient


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