My travels in the Morbihan XXVIII

And we are on Saturday, and the day is gray as in winter time. Temps around Vannes and Lorient areas where I work and live is cool, a bit breezy, temps came down to 0C or 32F and now it is up to 2C or 38F. Anyway , life goes on and we need to go out and do our daily living duties.

We took a swing by the Lorient side, it is about 35 kms and can be done in 30 minutes on the N165. We took a visit to Lanester, this is really a shopper’s town. It has a huge area where stores are clustered like ants.  A bit on the tourism around is found in the area tourist office here in English:

The stores here are like I said clustered around one shopping center , call, La Galerie, here is the link

It’s smallish for my habits but it does the work with video games ,clothing, and eating places to spend a good afternoon or more.

An older name for it was the centre commercial deux riviéres, and since renovated and change to La Galerie now with 52 stores anchored by a big hypermarket Geant Casino. Which for a quick trip will do all in shopping site; the webpage is here:

We found bargains as much as 70% in the Inter Sport store, and fail to find a good pair of sports shoes. Here is the link to the InterSport store :

Anyway ,we did our groceries at the Geant with plenty of good prices.  However, before heading home we had our meal of the day. This was at the cafeteria A la Bonne Heure of Casino supermarkets. 16€ per person with a main dish, entrée, dessert, bottle water, half bottle of red Bordeaux wine, and all you can eat entrée and desserts !!! This is the one :

And you can find others all over France ,here:

In time to come home and now watching as I write the Rugby VI Nations match between England and Wales, ,8×15 so far at halftime. Cheers and have a great weekend everyone!

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2 Comments to “My travels in the Morbihan XXVIII”

  1. France and Scotland playing as I write. Score right now is 16-16!


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