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February 10, 2017

Montparnasse Paris to from Vannes ,and the bus 82

Well this has been a humid cool week and temps going down to minus Zero and up to 9C , slight rain and foggy nights and mornings, but again this is our mild winter, just nice.

I had one of those occasions where it takes me to Paris, the city of lights, love and all included. After seen so many bloggers write about Paris, I can only feel lucky to have worked in it, lived nearby, and be able to visit every month. Because ,Paris once bites you it’s an eternal love affairs.

I took the train ,TGV, this time from Vannes, found myself a free parking area on rue de Strasbourg behind the Station so decided to give it a try and it was wonderful. The TGV or trains in general are very punctual here and mine left exactly at 6h23 (6:23 am). Direction the wonderful gracious train station of Montparnasse in Paris, of course.

If you read my blog, you know I am not a fan of public transport, but on a business trip ,they will do just fine and free. Rather than take the metro or subway or tube, I rather stay above ground and soak in the city. Why take the underground when you are in Paris for enjoyment take the bus instead. It’s easy.

Right by blvd Montparnasse in the place 18 juin 1940 you take the bus 82 across the street direction hospital Americain and the way back its the Luxembourg. The bus 82 route map is here:

I took it round trip and it was easy, nice with available seat and near to where I was going and coming; besides saw above ground the beautiful Paris for a metro/bus ticket T; a lot cheaper than the tourist buses.

The weather was clear cool but nice no rain and just wonderful to walk and take the ride by bus.  This bus 82 takes you into the Invalides, and pass you in front of St Louis church, and then the monument to peace and the Eiffel just in front of you. You go behind the école militaire and into avenue de Suffren. Great!!!

You, also, past wonderful less known churches such as Saint Françis-Xavier Blvd des Invalides, more here:

As well as one of my cinemas near my old office in rue d’Odessa in Montparnasse, the Gaumont Pathé, more here:

Here I saw two of my favorite eating places; La Terrace by 7 a wonderful restaurant in the Place de l’école Militaire, more here to read about it ,recommended:

And a nostalgic one where I have taken many friends visitors to Paris on avenue de Suffren, the 7Vin resto; more about it here in my favorite site see my blogroll below my main page for more too:

Of course, I had my lunch at a nice business lunch in the 7th floor of a building nearby, with wonderful views of  Paris. The return by bus as well it took me right in front of another of my favorite restos Pizza Pino in blvd Montparnasse with the tour Montparnasse in view. More here and a great place upstairs to meet you friends ::)

Once back IN Vannes, got around the station to reach my parking and go home in 35 minutes, nice and easy. Of course, some shots of my main train station ,Vannes.  Another wonderful day in Paris, always good to be back anytime. And already looking forward to the next time.

You too can come and one day meet, in our Paris. Cheers and have a great weekend. I am in my Breton lands.

Paris Paris Paris Paris Paris Paris Paris Paris Paris Paris




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