Plaza Mayor of Madrid

When coming to Madrid and lucky enough to do often after leaving the city many years ago, one of the places I go immediately is the Plaza Mayor. I have written before on it and this is just an update from my many other posts in my blog.

The Plaza Mayor, the center of it all rivaling the Puerta del Sol. Mayor is older and wonderfully decorated on its façades with a great equestrian statue of king Felipe III done in 1616 but place here since 1848; the square measures 129 meters by 94 meters.It dates from the 1580 until finished by 1619.  Some other things to look up here is the  Casa de la Panaderia with the shield of arms of Carlos II,and the very famous Arco de Cuchilleros or arch of cutleries street. The tourist office has more in English here;

Many public transports takes you here from many sites in Madrid. The more popular are by metro lines 1,2,and 3 at Sol and even better by bus as above you see more are the lines  17 ,18,23,31,35, and 65.

One of the favorite of mine for year is the store La Favorita for its hats, could not leave there without fitting one for my paternal grandfather an avid hat wearer and he love it when I came back with one lol! Another favorite that came years later with what is now my wife is Las Cuevas de Luis Candelas resto in calle Cuchilleros just past the Arco de Cuchicheros arch. This is a typical Castilian restaurant a bit overrun over the years with tourists but still hanging on to the past.

The Casa de la Panaderia is the house of bread because in the 15C  bread was left on the ground floor , in the basement it had the stables for the breadmakers and on the first floor was reserved for the enjoyment of the Royal family. It is now the tourist office of the Plaza Mayor of Madrid.

La Favorita hats store has more info in the tourist office here :

And Luis Candelas has its own webpage here :

Another favorite for hats, umbrellas , caps etc is Casa Yustas another legendary store in the square; webpage here:

The Lanas El Gato Negro store with laine fabric items of great quality, my family shops there still today. more here:

There is a great Christmas market there for several years now, and the adjoining streets of Toledo, Mayor, and Atocha are full of shops and restos to last a lifetime tastings.  And of course nearby is the Mercado de San Miguel; more here :

And to eat in the square, or Plaza Mayor, you have the famous Museo del Jamon there ,super ,more here:

and the Cerveceria Plaza Mayor or brasserie restaurant wonderful, more here:

Of course , plenty more around the adjacent streets to last you a lifetime of tapear and eat and drink ; this is Madrid at Plaza Mayor. Do come in you will be glad you did. Cheers

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