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February 4, 2017

My travels in the Morbihan XXVII

Well an off day humid, sun in then out, cool about 8C or 49F , we just did a bit of tour in our area nothing special just routine living in the Belle France.

In this case, wonderful living in the historically beautiful Brittany and on the only Département or state or province as you call it in France that is not name French but Breton. Again for new readers of my blog, Mor=sea bihan=small or small sea or in French petite mer.

Tourism in the Morbihan here :

In our routine, the day started by going to our friendly store for building materials Castorama and get some more stuff;not to be done right away but stacking away for when better weather comes in we attack the basement. This store is at Vannes.

Then , we stop by another emblematic store of ours Norauto for car maintenance shop but this time to check on their scooters as one of my son’s is looking to buy one. Shop around but these are made in China and the talk in the forums is not good;brand RIDE ….

Then ,on the way back home we had lunch in one of our favorite home restaurant here at the town of Plescop , Les Trois Soleils, a complete menu of entrée, main dish, dessert, 33cl Pelforth beer and coffee expresso all for 16€ per person, great deal of real food. We had lasagna, brandade de morue or codfish in a potato purée, steaks and fries, mousse de chocolate, buffet all you can eat entrée with cold cuts, pate, salads, etc, the expresso coffee etc.

Here you have a sports bar with a mural posting all the local and national scores; the bar is even open Sunday evening. The resto is open Mondays to Saturdays from 7h30 to 20h; Sundays open with reservation for groups only.  No webpage it is located in the city of Plescop on the boundaries of Vannes on the road D779E in the center Zone Artisanale Trehuinec ,Plescop 56890

We came on the D779 so stop by Grand Champ to get some last minute groceries and gas/petrol. The reliable Carrefour Market that is even open on Sunday mornings is a good choice.

And of course, we made it on time to see the beginning of the VI Nations rugby championship pitting the best of the North Hemisphere. Scotland just surprisingly beat Ireland, the favorite to win it all , 27×22. Now I am leisurely awaiting the great match from Twickenham of England vs France!! just beginning now with the national anthem, and La Marseillaise is playing excuse me…. Ok!

Enjoy the VI Nations a new sport for me that caught up fire when taken by collegues at work in Paris to the Au Metro bar to see a France vs Ireland in the VI Nations of 2008. Stay tune. And if want to read more on this sport, tournament see it here :

Cheers and enjoy your weekend!!!

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