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February 3, 2017

Some news from France CXLX

We are back to ok weather not cold at all but rainy and humid now  at 9C or 46F. And we are getting some bad action in Paris and we should know better by now that the free flow of people has to be regulated for the safety of many more.

At the Carrousel shopping center that communicates with the Louvre museum there was a terrorist today and wounded some soldiers before he was wounded seriously with gun shot in the abdomen. This ,part of operation Sentinel going on in the Vigipirate anti terrorist alert in France. Glad they were there or it would had been worse.  Providing assistance to the population we have avoided a major calamity, more in French here:

In the meantime, life goes on and so does the expositions at the Louvre. You will be able to see the expo Vermeer et les maîtres de la peinture de genre; looking back of what the Dutch painters did in France. All going from the Sphinx de Delft to now, many works of art will be shown including the La Laitérie and  portraits from painters from the Golden age on the Dutch will be display at the Sully wing to see the exposition of the Chefs-d’œuvre of the collection of Leiden, in the Dutch golden century. You will see as well the French painters Valentin de Boulogne in the Réinventer Caravage, all of the above will be on from February 22 to May 22 2017.

And the ever present photomaton photo machines around France, well in Paris they have installed some golden metal structures with curtain and the crowning ornament where you can take photos in black and white ,4 photos for 3€!  This is fotoautomat and these are at the 53bis rue des Francs Bourgeois (4eme), Palais de Tokyo (16eme), rue des Trois-Frères (18eme) and on the Centquatre (19éme). The webpage is at

Another outfit is doing the same but in numerique photos call Tabobine ; 4 photos for 2€. They have 28 cabins already in Paris. They are in chic branché sites; and the webpage is at

The overcrowding in Paris continue even more now with the automobile restrictions and the lack of planning and money. The metro line 14 between Saint Lazare and Mairie de Saint Ouen is late in it’s construction. IT was supposed to be in service by 2019 but now that is even doubtful.  This extension would have been for 5,4 kms and 4 additional stations. This in order to decongest the line 13 already saturated. The biggest problem have been water found in the Porte de Clichy even at 50 meters  when the platform was to be at 26 meters deep due to a leak in the Phreatic nape  and as the tunnel building machine  Magaly has stopped it cannot continue to drill towards Clichy-Saint-Ouen, as long as the waterproofing is not seal. The city hopefully keeps its hope to finish it by 2019 even with the drawbacks mentioned. The line 12 is to be extended from the Front Populaire to the mairie d’Aubervilliers and done by 2019 as well.  However, it has been extended finish to 2020 as well. This is all according to the transport site for the île de France region, Stif.

Due in time for the Valentine month of February we have the Maison de Victor Hugo, Place des Vosges putting on one of his famous poems in an exposition call La Pente de la rêverie until April 30th.  You will be able to see the works of Piranèse, John Martin, François de Nome and the poet himself.

Another famous house that of the Maison de Balzac is showing until April the paintings inspired from the writer in Une Passion dans le Désert. Telling the story of a soldier and a panther that also inspired other artists like Gilles Aillaud, Eduardo Arroyo and Antonio Recalcati.

A great exposition call  Sérénissime ! Venise en fête, de Tiepolo à Guardi at the museum Cognac-Jay until June 25th. Reviving the great parties and carnivals of the city of the Doges thru about 60 works of the great masters of the city of Venice.

You run to see the wonderful portraits of Walasse Ting, and American artist of Chinese origin. It will be shown in the Museum Cernuschi until February 26. The  Walasse Ting, Le voleur de fleurs; bring about 70 works of the painter including the monumental compositions of the women in vegetal corps, charge and color of erotism at its finest

It you are into orchids then run to the Jardin des Plantes and see thousands of them in Mille et une Orchidées.  Until May 14 2017; more here :

Come to the great event of Grand Musée du parfum that open last December in a mansion at 73 rue du Faubourg Saint Honoré and previously mentioned in my blog.  An unique olfative experience; a perfume museum.  More here:

And for the music incline, com to see the Romantique Authentique in the auditorium of the museum of Orsay from February 21 to June 13 2017 . Four concerts to discover the romantic repertoire for instrument of the times.

Come back to the 19C at the museum Marmottan-Monet and meet the honorable impressionists representing one of the most importants in Camille Pissarro. The expo Le premier des impressionnistes ; from February 23 to July 2 2017 showing the work of the artist thru 75 of his works.

Get on February 26 at place Gambetta for the Carnaval de Paris. Promenade in costumes and its great parade of floats of high color and a warming entry to winter. More here:

And for the lovers of Opera there is plenty in Paris. The works of Mozart to the honor this month, first , La Flûte enchantée at the Opéra Bastille until February 23rd.

And at the Opéra Palais Garnier , see the Cosi fan tutte until February 19.

And just tomorrow we start with the VI Nations rugby tournament. Starts tomorrow and there is a France vs. England match 16h50 hot in England. It will be at the Stade de France near Paris for the match France vs Scotland on February 12. More info here :

A wonderful Church of Paris has been renovated beautifully done. The Church Notre Dame de Lorette from the 19C renovates its baptism chapel and its paintings !!!  The Church  Notre-Dame-de-Lorette was built between 1823 and 1836 You must not miss the Chapel of the Virgin, and it lateral chapels such as Chapel of Marriage, Chapel of Baptism, chapel of communion, chapel Sainte Thérése, Chapel Saint Etienne , and Chapel Saint Hippolyte.  All places keeping wonderful paintings , sculptures and bordering. It is at  8 Rue Choron (9eme) near metro Le Péletier line 7.  More in French here:

Paris is eternal, there is always something to do. And you know you will be safe ,the best protection in the world, Sentinel. Cheers


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