Some news from France CXLVIIII

Ok never to far from the happenings in my belle France here are the latest. Today was foggy and rainy here in Vannes , as we expect the week to be but temps in the 10C or 50F. In the Paris region, they expect a mix cloudy and or rainy days with temps in the 50’s F.

Let’s talk about those wonderful passageways in Paris. The passages; one is the passage des Panoramas entering by bvld Montmartre ; the first one to show up the sky with glass ceilings in 1805. It is a wonderful relic of Paris joining the Bourse with blvd Montmartre to go near the Théatre des Variétés. 20 years later in 1826 the Galerie Vivienne opens; gorgeously decorated housing relics of great name and taste such as the  librairie Siroux (1828), and the  caves Legrand (1880).  The passage Verdeau ,passage Jouffroy, and passage Bercy . You can see and read all their story at the association that cares for them to preserve what was over 60 and now only 19 remains. Take care of them ok. The association is here:

The Paris transformation is going on, with new lanes ,trying to eliminate the car hopefully elections are near. The wonderful Boulevard Périphérique is 35 kms long, with about 1,2 millions vehicles each day, at a maximum speed of 70 kph (already reduce from 80) and an average speed of 38,9 kph due to traffic jams. The beltway road was finished in 1973 and still has about 100 000 folks living just off it. It has 99 radar cameras link directly to the control center by fiber optics. The goal is to change it for the better by 2030…. The Eco terrorists wants to lower the speed even to 50 kph which will be terribly ridiculous (they better go after the factories to and lower employment) .  They are proposing to reserve two lanes to bus ,taxis, electric cars,and the auto sharing or covoiturage. The traffic lights will have tricolors or other panels to regulate the traffic flow and will have green areas (of course) along the boulevard concrete. Hey another great idea but like I said way until May….

The wonderful Centre Pompidou is celebrating 40 years and some suggestions for improvement are flying off its top too. For one the restaurant on top George (in honor of G Pompidou) is very expensive even with the panoramic view terrace in top floor. The simple sample menu has Badoit water at  8€ ,Cesar salad at  24€ , An omelette as you wish cost you 15,50€  the raw meat tartare or the tuna a la plancha is 39€ ; well that is why we have many tourists lol! For fun ,there is a new gallery for kids below the boutique, dedicated for the 13-16 years old and in the basement or  sous-sol, ready to smile for the little ones opens Wednesdays Saturdays and Sundays from 14h to 18h only. Some anecdotes on the centre was that it took 681 presentation to show the winning architect  Renzo Piano and Richard Rogers, the opening was January 1977. It had  5 000 invited person on a private opening at 21h. Amongst those that came for the grand opening were the Princess Grace of Monaco, Queen Fabiola of Belgium, the president of Senegal, and the poet Léopold Sédar Senghor as well as the dictator Mobutu of Zaire.  The Republican guard welcome them as well as president Giscard d’Estaing.  Today ,you go in by one door that of piazza but at the beginning it was a ant place to come in by four doors south, north, east and west. Salvador Dalí is the superstar of the Centre Pompidou. His two expos were the most visited still today ;840 000 visitors in 1979-1980, and 790 000 in 2012-2013.  The first time the personnel was on strike and even Dali could not get in! Salvador Dalí  is the only artist to have open admission in the center for 24/24  for 3 straight nights in March 2013. In the top 10 of most visits we find two Frenchmen ,Pierre Bonnard (1867-1947), in 1984, and Pierre Soulages, 97 years old today in 2009-2010 as well as the one sought by foreigners with more than 500 000 visitors.  The musée national d’Art moderne, is in the  4e and 5e floor housing about  120 000 works dating from 1905 to 1965, where much is housed in the reserves of the museum for lack of space.  The MNAM  is the biggest museum of modern and contemporary art in Europe and the second in the world behind  MoMA in New York,USA.  However, the Beaubourg is the first loaner museum in the world. We can learn here about 250 languages or dialects from the popular English, German Spanish to also the  lapon, Zulu or navajo. Beaubourg,is a trip in our world. More here:

She has 241 years old in need of conservation who is this girl , well the statue of the Dame Fortune, quai Conti (6eme) in the court of the Monnaie de Paris, it is going thru a participation campaign to restore it and you can participate here :  . Sitting on a marble base, it is installed the sculpture of Louis-Philippe Mouchy since 1775.

Finally, the île Seguin will have its development : this is the old Renault factory island and now will have a cultural center of 24.500 m2, done by RCR Arquitectes. In other a hotel  «Arty» with works of art in each of it’s 220 rooms and 13 .000 m2, on top a pool, spa, and bar with a panoramic terrace.  heavy site to open but all is here:

Somebody send a letter to the director of the Maison de Balzac in Paris asking for an advise on the chimney that was always call in his family the chimney of Balzac. Well it is !!! and nicely found, more here:

The old guards’ room of Catherine de Médicis that was made into a boutique where the funds were consecrated to the botanic vocation has closed its door on January 6 according to the Le Figaro. After 20 years of existance as a boutique, the pretty library or librairie du jardin des Tuileries, located at the entrance of the wrough iron door has closed. The content has been send over to the Louvre library boutique where opens Wednesdays to Mondays from 9h to 19h ,night time on Wednesdays and Fridays to 21h45.  More here:

The Rétromobile from February 8-12 at the parc des expositions de la porte de Versailles (15eme)  admission 18€; free under 12. It will showcase the adventures of the secret agent Goldfinger 007 and show the Aston Martin DB5 car as well as many gadgets from the movie.

The next rendez-vous is on Cinecittà when the studio  Willy Rizzo (7eme) rends homage until April 1st in the show  «Rendez-vous à Cinecittà» , photos but also designs from the many who passed by here. Names like Sophia Loren, Claudia Cardinale, Anita Ekberg etc the best of the Italian cinema of the 1960’s. Studio located at 12, rue de Verneuil (7eme.  Monday to Saturday from 11h to 19h , admission is free.

After a great success on their first album , recognized by theirs Victoires du Jazz 2014 ,Thomas de Pourquery and Supersonic are back with ” Sons of Love” (coming out in March 2017).  To see them at the Gaîté lyrique,3 bis rue Papin (3eme)  until April 25 2017, admission 24,20€.  More here:

On February 7, 14, 21,and 28 2017 and with the resounding voice of André Malraux we honor WWII heroe Jean Moulin on the night at the Panthéon or La Nuit au Panthéon. time 18h45 admission 10€ Place du Panthéon (5eme) ;more here in French:

If you like chic Paris and who doesn’t, then you go this hotel from the 19C and great views of the hill and Paris. Hôtel Particulier, Pavillon D23,avenue Junot (18eme) . webpage:

And of course, have photos in other posts, but leave you with the amazingly beautiful  Sacré-Coeur at 35 rue du Chevalier de la Barre (18eme). The Church to see Paris and for Paris to see the Church. A must anytime.

Enjoy your week, I am back at work dohhh!




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