An American diner at Vannes and more!

Well reading my blog you know Vannes is the capital city of our department 56 Morbihan, and where I work, only about 30 minutes by car from our home. So we are always looking for something new there.

For the curiously inclined the tourist office is here :

We came from home as usual by car into city center and parked by the Place de la République , 5 hours 4 euros.  Here is more on it;

Then, we walk. However, before we got there, we stop at the intermediate town of Auray to get a gift awaiting us from the Super U supermarket, a bag of grocery goodies for our good shopping days there ! nice! The store here:

In and around the Super U, we have some of our shopping sites such as the pharmacy, the bureau vallée office supplies store, and the bakery all on photos here.

At the other end in the park Océane we stop by our friendly beers place V&B in Auray.  Of you course, you can get liquors and wines here too, but we do beers here only. Here you exchange the empty bottles for an eco 15cents and get new ones, of course always new supply.. The store is here and on photo;

We were now ready to tackle Vannes, and of course on Saturday morning, it has one of the best market days (marché)  in the whole region, my opinion. This is around the Place du Poids Public and the Place des Lices in the old town of Vannes. A wonderful place to be every Saturday morning.  The area markets and the one in Vannes for sure:

You have the wonderful buses of KICEO the bus network of Vannes, just easy nice clean and good value. There is ,also, our friendly Nicolas wine store where we load up on these goodies of France and the world.  Links for the above are here:

And then we had a late lunch, place open 12-14h and 19h-22h in the old town of Vannes and had mentioned on previous post, now again by there and spoke with the owners; recommend them to get Mountain Dew sodas like in Rennes ::)

The place is Virgin Breizh Diner, an American Diner in Vannes.  The place is nicely decorated in American paraphernalia ,even a photo of Steve McQueen! the welcome is very friendly ,and we love the car seat in the front street level room; it has an upper level and toilets. We sat in the street level or first floor with bench seat against the wall and chairs on other side of the table. We load up on Miller genuine beer at 4,40€, a bit over but it is imported from all the way Milwaukee, Wisconsin lol! our biggest bill lol!!! We had appetizers such as onion rings and beignets in cheese and mild hot peppers all very good each platter for 3,90€ . We continue on the main meal which were hamburgers and hotdogs !! yeah ok ok we are just reviving some of our old home food ::) We had two Manhattan hotdogs with a big dog and lots of bacon on a bun bread, then 2 mystic burgers and 1 Texan huge hamburgers with sauce and cheese very good. We finish with milkshakes of different flavors mine was strawberries and mandarins.. All this for 22,29€ per person; considering some were imported and the rest like the beef locally grown and process in house, this is a deal. More on it here:

Very satisfied we came back home as usual doing last minutes stops. First, back to Auray to visit Auray Motos, very well recommended by local natives as my sons are looking ahead to purchase scooters/bike this year. These folks are the best and very well explained the cost and maintenance for us. Their site is here:

And of course, the always needed  ,omnipresent in every French household, ;;;; you guess it the baguette. At our delicious Brest style breads in Pluvigner. Boulangerie Delumeau on the road D768 entering into city center/downtown. Something on the mayor’s office webpage here:

Now at home cozy and waiting for my Nescafé coffee, watching TV and of course the internet, this is a typical family day in France. Do not think we do things different here, it is the same anywhere , and I have lived in four countries as a citizen including France.

Cheers and enjoy your Saturday and weekend in general.

Vannes Vannes Vannes Vannes

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2 Comments to “An American diner at Vannes and more!”

  1. I like the sound of that bag of goodies from Super U. I love their delicatessen counter for when I don’t feel like cooking in motorhome and just want to warm something up.
    We still haven’t visited Vannes, but I am sure we will in future as we love Brittany. Glad you enjoyed your family day. 👍


    • hahaha for non food items we go there Carrefour and Leclerc depending.. but the Super U is the closest to home. Well it’s about time you guys pass by Vannes plenty of campers here even a very good dealer lol! Kenavo ::) bye bye

      Liked by 1 person

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