Some news from France CXLVIII

So here I am in a slight cold front passing by that have seen temps go down to -7C in the mornings and now it is 0C or about 32F. nice cool night and sunny day just fine thank you.

Something new is the battle in Paris and France for the rights of hotels and real estate agents to survive the avalanche of rental houses and apartments that places like AirBnb ,Abritel, and  Le Bon Coin are showing.

Hotels and agents from the following unions GNI-Synhorcat, AhTop ,  associations  of real estate agents like  Fnaim , and the SNPI, have place a demand in the tribunal to stop these practices. The apartment rental places do not have the same requirements to rent places as the professionals of the trade and this have cause some jealocies that have end up in court.  Starting January 1st 2019, the reservation sites will have the obligation of reporting to the public treasury or trésor public all the revenues received from individual:family renters.

Le Grand Véfour restaurant in the Palais Royal is celebrating the 25 years of Guy Martin extraordinary cooking skills.  More on this institution in Paris here:

Big legal battle in France on the appellation contrôlée regions for Méthode Ancestrale sparkling wines,Clairette de Die  has been given the green light to produce a rosé version, despite an ongoing battle with the appellation Bugey-Cerdon Méthode Ancestrale, which has hitherto been the only one to make a rosé. The first Clairette de Die rosés are due to be released this spring. However, this week the Syndicat des Vins du Bugey, which represents the Cerdon growers, has launched an appeal with the Conseil d’Etat, the highest administrative jurisdiction in France, against the INAO (the French body that awards appellations) and Clairette de Die.  An opinion is just about to be heard on this by the State Council or Conseil d’Etat of France.

One of the best Chinese/Oriental restaurants in Paris , my opinion, is Chez Vong, 10, rue de la Grande Truanderie, 1eme.

And one of the best Italians is Caffé Stern,47 ,Passage des Panoramas,2eme.

You want to follow fame chef star Michelin Cyril Lignac properties in Paris, well follow me:

Le Quinziéme, 14 rue Cauchy (15eme) :

Le Chardenoux, 1,rue Jules-Vallés (11eme):

Aux Prés 27, rue du Dragon (6eme) :

Le Bar des Prés  25, rue du Dragon (6eme) :

A chocolate shop à la New York where he spent two years: La Chocolaterie,  25, rue Chanzy (11eme)

And the pastries of the pâtisseries  Cyril Lignac ; 24, rue Paul-Bert (11eme) . 2, rue de Chaillot (16eme). 133, rue de Sèvres (6eme)  and  55, bd Pasteur (15eme. Tél. +33 (0) 1 55 87 21 40.

And at the famous Crypte archéologique du parvis Notre-Dame ,  7 parvis Notre-Dame – Place Jean-Paul II (4eme); you will find until May 26 , 2017 the expo L’or du pouvoir : de Jules César à Marianne. The story of money and gold coins in Paris.  More here:

And on my beloved Versailles, something wonderful on the court of Louis XIV and onwards to the French revolution, how to party! at the Chateau de Versailles

And while in the city , just walk a bit further from the famous potager du roi and you will come to the wonderful Parc Balbi in Versailles; done for the Countess of Balbi mistress of the Count of Provence, brother of king Louis XVI.  More here:!/parc-balbi-943149

And well for now that’s is all folks!


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