Some news from France CXLVII

Once again passing by lovely Paris even in the chaos of the traffic regulations and the pollution talks in fashion these days still a city to be reckoned with. Even losing 1M tourists already and rules that makes difficult to visit especially those wishing to arrive by automobile.  Now back to the drawing board to seek tools to avoid traffic and parking in Paris.

I was by there and as usual pick up some news locally to bring on here. Hope it helps.

Sadly to hear one of my favorite chains of Restaurants Chez Clement is closing ;bankrupt due to the crisis in the trade going on since 2014.  This is the chain known for it’s massive wood furniture and its pots and pans in copper hang on the walls loaded with flowers; it all started back in 1993.

The holding company still holds many memorable properties that will still be open and working fine such as the Maison Lapérouse founded in 1766, Le Saut du Loup in the Louvre, Les Jardins de Bagatelle by the Bois de Boulogne as well as le Tir aux Pigeons, also, the Café du Rond-Point in the theater of the same name and the Hôtel Ermitage in the heights of the Saint-Tropez (Var).

Not only is Chez Clement down , but other favorites are also on extention of oxygen by the courts such as the groupe Flo holding brands such as Hippopotamus (steakhouses) and Bistro Romain (Italian cuisine). According to article in the Le Monde newspaper of January 7, 2017.

Chez Clement my sentimental favorite now gone had branches in the Champs-Elysées, Maillot, Opéra, Porte de Versailles, Saint-Michel, Bougival (78), Boulogne (92), and Petit-Clamart (92). I have eaten at the Opéra (Bd des Capucines) near the Le Grand Hotel Intercontinental, and Saint-Michel( Pl Saint André des Arts ),and Bougival in the Yvelines dept 78 where had celebrated birthday parties for my sons.

The site is still on here:

The financial daily Les Echos point that the process is in reorganization under the Finance law of France similar to a Chapter 11 in the United States, and the idea is to try to save it, and the jobs, but will be a hard battle, I wish them good luck and will eat there again if staying in the area.

Other posts related to Chez Clement are here in my blog

and on my list of the best both in Opéra and Bougival, and even in Nantes affiliate (5, Square Fleuriot).

Many nice memories here for our family on what is eaten in style in France with good service, good food, and rich decorations. Hope it is saved.

Moving on in the culinary world of Paris , there are some new establishement worth looking into it me think. One not been yet is the La Réguliére , 43 rue Myrtha, (18eme) in the Goutte-d’Or district ,eating good food amongst books , Cartoons and romance novels with exposition and workshop on artists invitations. More here: , and they also, have a Facebook page here:

Another that I have been is the La Rotonde de la Muette, 12 chaussée de la Muette (16eme) now reopen after renovation was finished.  The decoration is Art Déco with wooden motifs à l’Americain, banc seats with cushions and sofa in red leather with tables in marble.  This is sublime what coming to Paris is all about! More here:

As an information news, there is a new gluten free bio market in Paris , it is simply call Edmond, 90 ,rue de Rennes (6eme); 100% bio and without gluten, fruits, vegetables, meats, cold cuts ,oils, flours, and you can make your own sandwich to order. More her on bio site:

Cut it here to tell you about two French companies that offer flights in France and even abroad. The first one does it from 6 French cities(Paris,Lille, Lyons,Marseilles, Mulhouse,Toulouse) and it’s call Aigle Azur or blue eagle.  Flying from Orly terminal sud, they flight to and from Algeria, Portugal, Mali , Guinea, Senegal, and China. site here:

The other is more known to me as it is part of the Air France/KLM group, this is Transavia.  Therefore, it has a lot more cities and destination to go to at many times lower prices. Also, base at Orly but in Nantes too, it has an option, the site is here for more info:

Another one is HOP! an affiliate low cost of Air France, and including regional airlines still trying to bring them all under HOP are Brit Air, Régional, and Airlinair.  The destinations are less than Transavia but still very good in Europe for connections and flights. I have used them often to connect from Nantes. More info here:

nighttime you got it we have it too. One that is gaining and just came from absorbing my fav place Wanderlust is the Nuits Fauves.32 quai d’Austerlitz,(13eme).It has 1500 m2 space with three clubbing rooms,and two exterior terraces; all great tecno ,and house music , admission depending who is playing goes from 10€ and up, the hours are from 23h to 6h(11PM to 6AM).  More here:

And the new nighttime foodie Paris Texas ,74 rue du Faubourg Saint-Denis, from the success of the burgers the owners have come up with barbecue Texan resto. Open from 19h to 23h30 with a bar open until 2H or 2AM. Cocktails from 9€ menus from 14€. More here:

Talking about the rue du Faubourg Saint-Denis, a great ambiance of Paris on a street full of goodies from the chic restos 52 and Paris New York, and now the above mentioned , to the Indian restaurants of the Passage Brady and the African hairstylists even at 22h!

And for jazz the legendary Caveau de la Huchette, 5 rue de la Huchette (5eme) ; Since 1946! listen to jazz until 4h or 4AM as well as the Blues… One of my favorites hangouts in Paris over the years here; more here:

The French consume about 15 000 tons of game food per year on the best period from September to February.  Wild boar, pigeons salmis, to hare they just love it and me too of course ::)   Where to eat it at modest prices go to Le Répaire de Cartouche, 8 blvd des Filles-du-Calvaire (11eme) just off place de la République menus from 19€. the deco to match. More from the tourist office of Paris in English here:

Go, run to the Musée Picasso, but you can see a glimpse if little time (tant pis) at the CDG airport in the espace  musée. The expo Picasso Plein Soleil or full sun Picasso is there now. At the museum thus, you have the largest collection of Picasso work in the world with over 200 000 pieces of archive and 5000 works of art. The expo at the airport comes from here on 22 creations from the hotel Salé in the Marais. More here at the airport :  ;and the main museum site here :

If near the museum in Paris don’t forget to visit the oldest market in Paris, the Marché des Enfants Rouges, 39 rue de Bretagne (3eme), created in 1615! you find all from food to clothing to flowers here.  The story in French from the mayor’s office Paris 3eme arrondissement ,   ;and hours and transports from the mayor’s office of Paris here:

The Institut du Monde Arabe has until February 26 the expo of the adventurous of the seas or Aventuriers des Mers. 1 rue des Fossés Saint-Bernard (5eme).  From Sinbad to Marco Polo , from the Omeyyades to Alexander the Great, the biggest Arabs explorers will be showcase with more than 200 works of art.  Nice and beautiful place indeed. More here in English:

And this show is endless because the scheme is of everyday life in France or Paris or anywhere. My good friend Olivier Giraud continues at the Théatre des Nouveautés,24 blvd Poissonniére, (9eme) not far from the gare Saint Lazare metro grands boulevards, the show “How to become Parisian in one hour?”. More here:

Many breweries springup in Paris but my favorite is the traditional one Gallia, 5 rue Méhul , Pantin (93) just outside Paris. It was the emblematic beer of Paris from 1890 to 1969 and greatly re introduce by the current owners in 2009. the Gallia lager the best, with wheat white, ale houblon and brune houblon as well. A new one is getting aged to come out in next Spring. They go on tours for 7€ lasting about 1h30 and worth it for the amateurs of historical good beers.  More here in English!

Anécdote from CDG magazine, the metro of Paris is the 9th busiest in the world and the first in Europe with 48 passengers per second! and more than 4 millions per day. !!! And here it is:

The new museum in Paris ,opened last December 2016 is the Grand  Musée du Parfum, all about perfums.  In the 8eme arrondissement with over 1400 m2 (previous the fashion house of Christian Lacroix was here), 73 rue du Faubourg Sainte Honoré .  You can smell the first perfume of Kyphi of the antique Egypt to Jicky de Guerlain a new beginning in perfumerie dating from 1889.  More here!

Paris is the world’s capital of cabarets! right: you know the Moulin Rouge( 82 blvd de Clichy), Lido( 116bis avenue des Champs-Elysées) , Paradis Latin( 28 rue du Cardinal Lemoine), and the Crazy Horse( 12 avenue George V). Should I tell you more? ::)

Try it and will make you come back for seafood lovers like me , the Au Rocher de Cancale (from Brittany of course) 78 rue Montorgueil (2eme) ,the façade is a historical monument of France, and inside is the seafood platters and the great planchas to share, another historical monument of France ::) More with menu here:

Again that shopping outlet mall for brand names not far from Paris in my beloved Yvelines dept 78; One Nation Shopping, 1 avenue du Président John Fitsgerald Kennedy, Les Clayes-sous-Bois. You have here Cacharel, Zadig & Voltaire, Armani, Courréges, and Kooples Sport and Diesel just to name a few. Over 90 stores and easy only half an hour from Paris and 10 minutes from the Chateau de Versailles by car of course. It is possible by public transport from Montparnasse and by car directions are easy take the autoroute A13 direction Rouen/Normandie than get on the autoroute A12 direction Dreux, get on the right lane to get on the N12 continue direction Dreux and from this National N12 get on exit or sortie Plaisir/centre commercial Régional, follow the signs for One Nation Paris. Prices 30-70% off ! More here:

Elsewhere, we have the wonderful Carnival de Nice coming up February 11 to 26 , almost like Rio (been to both).  This year it will celebrate the “King of Energy” with a grand finale of fireworks and the burning of the monarch as an effigy.  More here:

At Grasse, the cité des parfums where LVMH just installed the nose of its Dior and Vuitton. There is the musée international de la parfumerie and perfume houses like Fragonard, Molinard, and Galimard. More here:

Enjoy it and have a great Sunday. I am back see next post. Cheers

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  1. “We’ll always have Paris”, or will we?


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