Driving in Paris, the new and the ugly!

Well just before leaving on an Asian tour, I read in the Le Parisien newspaper about the new driving laws for Paris.

I used to worked in Paris and did it for 10 years. At first ,I took the suburban trains to Gare Saint Lazare and the Metro Concorde. As time went on , was really tired of the sardines ambiance underground and sad long passageways and people pushing around just to get in first. I ask for a way to walk, and surprise find out it took me 18 minutes on the metro rides and underground walks and the same time just walking straight out of Saint Lazare.

And of course, what better way to go to work than passing by the Grand Magasins and the church of the Madeleine and going around it and forward into rue Faubourg Sainte Honoré /rue Sainte Honoré ! and into  rue Cambron and then ,rue de Mont-Thabor and into rue Castiglione ,just glorious route on foot; never again underground.

The, had to come to Paris for meeting friends and others zombies of the night scene and darn those public transport quit at 12h47 so how to get back home!!!  The car, always the old reliable car, and a friend remind me about we are use to drive coming from America. So tried the car to Chatelet to meet some friends at a brasserie; and that was the last time came on public transport to Paris, almost 5 years of car driving. And now visiting by car and love it as well.

The mayor of Paris, Anne (Ana) Hidalgo a native of Cadiz Spain is trying to overhaul all that is Paris with these laws supported by the Eco terrorists  in France and Europe. First came the fines that I reported on the last post on Some News from France, and I am ok with the much older cars but to give someone a sticker and ask to pay 4,18€ to determine which day they can come to Paris is ridiculous .

These stickers or vignettes you can purchase it by internet from the government here: https://www.certificat-air.gouv.fr/

Any day in weekday or working days from 8h to 20h you have to see the year of your car and when can you come to Paris. This rules start on January 15, and are part of the Zone de circulation restreinte (ZCR). Or restrained driving zones including the boulevard périphérique. And it will be tougher later on from July 1st 2017,  the vignettes or sticker No 5 (diesel vehicles registered before Dec 31 2000) will not be able to drive in Paris at all on weekdays.

For now the vignettes will be only given a verbal warning when driving with the wrong number in Paris while 2016 ended . however, in 2017, it will have a fine for  68€  for cars and up to 135€  for trucks driving inside Paris between the hours of 8h and 20H during the weekday without been eligible for a sticker or  vignette.

And if the city designate a day with high pollution even vehicles with sticker may not be allowed to come in , the police prefectural will have the final word on who can come in inside Paris, from inside the A86 in not including the expressway, of course.

I am a member of this organization ,40millionsdautomobilistes ,that is trying to make sense of the traffic laws here and helping a bit the automobile user, it is 40 millions because that is roughly the amount of autos license individuals in France; their webpage is here: http://www.40millionsdautomobilistes.com/

And the Paris tourist office tells you of all means of transport including the car with the usual exclamation that is difficult to drive and find parking in Paris,nonsense. Where did you learn to drive?


Of course, this will not have much of a different to visitors who use public transport most of the time, it will  just diminish eventually the activity of locals around Paris and will just move to other more friendlier cities. The exodus has begun to cities like Bordeaux and the countryside like around my area ,more and more Parisiens around here lol!

I am a diehard so will probably find me a way to get in and limit my days with the car there and go to Versailles instead taking the REC C into Paris. You stay tune as Paris is changing in many ways hopefully not to be destroyed by politicians. See the picture table of vignettes by categories and the map on speed zones now allow in Paris.

Enjoy your weekend, I will be busy getting ready for my trip so see you in a while. Stay healthy and be good ::)



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2 Comments to “Driving in Paris, the new and the ugly!”

  1. That sounds rather tough, but I am an environmentlist and I can understand the reasons behind it and something drastic needs to be done about air pollution. Nevertheless, we do not like driving through cities and, as a whole, we avoid them like the plague. I find in Europe in general, public transport is cheap and reliable, unlike in the UK, and we tend to use it a lot or cycle, as once we park the motorhome for the day or a few days’ break, we do not move it again. Here is to a cleaner and healthier planet in the future! 👍


    • Ahh the farthest from me. I am a city dweller and love ,driving in cities is easy like I said in the post where did you learn to drive? me in around New York City no problems ::) the laws of govt are always seems with a closer eye by me, it is just to make money, SNCF is almost bankrupt, 3B euros to renovate it, and there are always ways to raise money forcing people on the call of the environment to use public transport. I know better ::)


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