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January 11, 2017

Some news from France , CXLVI

So this is again the routine in the world of France. Here is cold then mild nice only 9C or about 49F and no rain so far. Not as well did the East where they had even some snow already. Paris about the same now 50F and cloudy  but tomorrow rain as best as the weather folks can tell.

I will be out next week on a trip to Asia for a week, so stay dry and good….I will be hot and cool ::)

For now here is what is cooking in the Belle France.

The école nationale supérieure des Beaux-Art in the rue Bonaparte (6eme) is celebrating their 200 birthday,and many works on renovation is going on.  A museum will be open to the public soon this year. It will showcase a roadmap on the alumni of the school and the entrance will be on the quai Malaquais. The visitor can walk by the Salle Melpomène, the Church of Petits-Augustins and the adjoining cloister, as well as the stained glass cover courtyard of the Palais des études and Amphithéatre d’honneur. The school was founded in January 1817 with heritage collection such as 450 000 works of paintings, molds, sculptures ,designs, photos, and stamps . You can see the whole program here

Two exotic places to eat in Paris with a Latin flair are the Uruguayan  Comptoir Montevideo, 44, rue Coquillière, Paris (Ier). Réservations required Tel +33

And the Venezuelan  Bululu Arepera, 20, rue de la Fontaine-du-But à Paris (18eme). Wednesdays to Sundays lunch and dinner ,info  Tél. +33

Le rap  is in Paris, at the Scred Festival, more than 30 groups are in show here such as the locals  Bastard Prod, with Furax , and ,also,  La Classic. Will be this weekend Fri, Sat,Sun. concerts admission 23€ or 65€ for the three days.  You can participate at La Place 10, passage de la Canopée (1eme), Théatre de Dix-Heures, 36 boulevard de Clichy (18eme) or the Le New Morning , rue des Petites Ecuries (10eme). More info here:

And of course, the fines will go up , what do you think they put all those electronic radars? get more money because the death on the road continue to  rise. Starting January 1, 2018 the idea of not paying a parking fine in Paris will go up from 17€ to 50€ n the  arrondissement or districts of zone I in the 1er to the 10me and 35€ in the suburbs in zone II from the 13me to the 20eme.  Of course, they tell you that in cities like London it is 96€ , and Barcelona is 55,50€ , to soften the blow  but its here that matters. And that is not enough the parking meter will go up too from 4€ per hour in zone 1 but the more you stay the more you pay like  8€  for the third hour, 10€  for the fourth hour, 12€ on the fifth and to reach 6 hours will cost 24€  now to 50€,  so a rise of 108 % !  In the suburbs of zone II the rate will be 2,40€ , the first hour to about 9,60€  starting from the fifth hour. Almost nothing, it’s an all out war on the car. And to add the Mayor of Paris Anne (Ana) Hidalgo is Spanish born from Cadiz lol!

This year is the coming out of a movie on the life of the late singer Dalida , very much in love by all Parisiens. It comes out today. At the place Dalida (18eme), there is a bust of Dalida on a throne in the butte Montmartre she made it home and lived for 25 years, from 1962  until suicide on May 3 ,1987.  Her house was at 11, bis rue d’Orchampt ,that she purchased in 1962. Upon her death, the place was sold and made into apartments sadly. She went often to eat at the Moulin de la Galette, just steps from the house and had her usual table by the window, and on her last years she went here almost every day usually with friends.  After her death , it is at the cementary of Montmartre that was put in the 18eme division, Dalida or Yolanda Gigliotti. RIP. More here on her page and movie about to come out:

A new skyscraper will be build at La Défense, at the Jardins de l’Arche ,with about 200 meters high. It will be next to the U Arena , show hall and home of the Racing 92 rugby team that will open next October  with a view of the terraces of Nanterre.  It will have superficie of  65 000 m², where 45 500 m²  will be dedicated to hotels such as the group Intercontinental Hotels Group, presenting hotels of the gamme of  Crowne Plaza,  Holiday Inn , Staybridge Suites. The remaining 19 500 m²  will have offices, business center, spaces for co-working ,and fab-lab, a gym and shops.  All to be done by 2022.

More on La Défense, the hotel Melià, opened in February 2015 facing the pont de Neuilly, with a panoramic restaurant .  The Esplanade de la Défense will have a Sofitel and the Cnit will house a Hilton.  This year facing the  U Arena, a hotel  CitizenM  will open with 170 rooms.  In 2021, behind the Cnit in the place du Pouce de César, you will see the towers of Sisters, where one will be entirely occupied by a hotel. And my company world headquarters will move in this year too ::)

And the RER E train will go out further from Paris reaching Mantes-la-Jolie and Poissy, two royal towns of France with wonderful Cathedrals, see search and key in these names for my post on them. This will be from La Défense and do for opening by 2024, you heard it here first.

You come in 2017 to Paris do not miss Rodin at the Grand Palais , the Louvre with Rembrandt and Pissaro at Luxembourg.

Some of my favorites around Les Halles à Paris , never wrong here: Au Pied de Cochon 6, rue Coquillière,  more here

and for a splurge inside the Halles,  Champeaux, the latest from Ducasse ,Forum des Halles , La Canopée, Porte Rambuteau; more here: 

Stay healthy and happy travels ;Cheers


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