Some news from Spain XXXIIII

And the days are getting colder and foggier as today was 1C or about 33F with fog very dense in the country coming home. However, let’s bring some news on Spain, everything under the sun ::)

Some concerts coming up in Spain worth going too even if the price is high.

Aerosmith. Steven Tyler, Joe Perry, Tom Hamilton and Joey Kramer, Brad Whitford had been seven years without dropping by Spain and Madrid it has been 20 years , but Aero Vederci Baby tour with an air of farewell is well deserves a visit  . The Boston boys have extended their end (originally planned for July 5 Zurich) to finish it on July 8 in Santa Cruz de Tenerife. June 29 in Madrid (Rivas auditorium) July 2 in Santa Coloma de Gramenet, Barcelona (Parque Can Zam Rock Fest Barcelona) and July 8 Santa Cruz de Tenerife (Estadio Heliodoro Rodriguez Lopez). From 79,30€.

Bruno Mars World Tour, April 3 in Madrid (WiZink Center) and 7 April in Barcelona (Palau Sant Jordi). Tickets sold out (except the VIP, to 275 euros).

David Bisbal Hijos del Mar tour, after the concert of Almeria (june 2) have been confirmed, at the moment, performances in Valencia, Murcia, Barcelona, Tarragona, Alicante, Malaga, Puerto de Santa Maria, Sevilla, Madrid, and Bilbao (the latter, October 7). From 29,50 €.

Deep Purple. Considered a legend of the hard rock, the British band says goodbye to the scenarios after nearly a half-century of existence (formed in 1968). Ian Gillan, Roger Glover, Ian Paice (the only remaining original picture),  Steve Morse and Don Airey will come to Spain in midsummer  on their album tour , inFinite. It will come out by the beginning of 2017 (the first single will be released on 20 January)   The Long Goodbye Tour, June 30 in Barakaldo, Bilbao (Bizkaia Arena BEC), 1 July in Barcelona (Rock Fest) and 3 July in Madrid (WiZink Center). From 50€.

Guns N’ Roses. Axel Rose, Slash and Duff, founding members of the legendary rock band, returned to the stage in mid-2016. Not In This Lifetime Tour  comes to Spain. Tickets for Madrid flew in just seven hours, but it still available at San Mamés, Bilbao ; the first big rock band to play at Athletic Bilbao stadium. May 30 Bilbao (San Mames Stadium) and June 4 Madrid (Vicente Calderon stadium), From 108€.

Sting. Three years after the release of The Last Ship, the former leader of The Police , published 57th & 9th streets , which owes its name to the crossing of the streets of Manhattan that crossed on the way to the study, a more rock album. the British will only offer a performance in Spain, in Barcelona, for which entries have flown.  March 21 in Barcelona (Sant Jordi Club). Tickets sold out (except the VIP, a 292€).

And something that just passed but good to keep in mind when in town to purchase toys, the stores I like are:

Circus Kids | Argensola, 2 | Metro Alonso Martínez | Tel.+34 91 052 12 74 with webpage at

Disney Store | Avda Monforte de Lemos, 36 (CC La Vaguada) / ave de Gran Bretaña/n (CC Parque Sur-Leganés) /, 2 Moreras  (CC centro oeste-Majadahonda) | Tel +34  91 481 15 23 / 91 634 41 04 , webpage

Juguetronica | Alberto Aguilera, 1 | Metro Bilbao | Tel +34 91 447 88 08 webpage at

Horta Bazaar | Conde de Peñalver, 25 | Metro Goya | tel 91 402 43 68 Weppage, house founded in 1931 ,this store of life follows the special charm that only 85 years of history can explained.

Ciudad Real province was appointed in 2012 world heritage site by Unesco, El Almadén , which has the largest (and oldest) mercury mines in the world, the activity of the mining Park of Almadén concluded in 2002, but now it is possible to visit its installations and descend by the San Teodoro Pozo until the first floor located to 50 meters deep to discover the way that worked on them in the past and know how is It was  quarried the mercury in the 16C and 17C althrough this mine has been exploded for more than 2000 years. The surface has trains to transported visitors and continues the visit to the furnaces of Audeles from the 17C by the Puerta San Carlos IV. And the Museum of Mercury which explained the geology and history of this chemical element.

La Real Prision was the prison in Almaden in the 16C and they were required to work the mines to do their sentence.  Being the building directly connected to the mine. The prisioners did not even have to go outside. The sentence to them was to work in teh mine of Almaden until the year 1799 when the sentences ended and now houses the famous school of Engineering and Industry of Almaden. The town have the unique hexagonal square in the world. This square was built in the 1752, and was one of the first squares built in Spain. It has the peculiarity of accommodating 24 houses on its façade, and its contruction can in order to afford the Real Hospital of miners of San Rafael (Which today is the historical archive of Minas de Almaden) with its bullfights. Currenly these homes have become the only hotel in the world located in a bullring. Morehere:

The good things about Cordoba:

Jardines de la Victoria or Victory Gardens , a Beautiful park designed in the 18C amongt roman mauseleums. By 2013, the market of la Victoria, Andalusia gastronomic market was opened.  It is the perfect place to start tasting delicacies s the exotic salmorejos created by Juanjo Ruiz in his Salmoreteca, the 100 Flamenkitos flamenquines or the Iberian ham from los Pedroches of Covap. Nearby, Albeniz 16, Aldo Cabrera made the best pizzas of Córdoba and all with names of celebrities like Mick Jagger or Banksy.

By Puerta de Almodovar come to meet another world in another era of narrow streetswhere good restaurants are concentrated. As Casa Pepe de la Juderia, at Romero, 1, a classic to prove good popular Cordoba cuisine, including the rabo de toro, and with superb views from its rooftop. There are other equally great as El Churrasco,Romero 16, famous for its lamb dishes. Or Casa Mazal, Tomás Conde, 3,    epecializing in Shephardic cuisine. The district has since 2014 its own gastronomic market Los Patios de la Marquesa,calle Manríquez.

In front,the Alcázar de los Reyes Cristianos hiding excellent local restaurants as Puerta de Sevilla, in calle  postrera-, 51. A good place to test the almodrote of Eggplant with mint or andafina, a stew of lamb. Another good alternative, with almost 100 years of history, is Taberna la Viuda (San Basilio, 52), which offers innovative varieties of native dishes such as oxtail flamenquín. And for you who like the salmorejo, Juan Peña(Doctor Fleming, 1) offers 20 varieties.

Near the Mezquita cathedral Bodegas Mezquita wineries , are Corregidor Luis de la Cerda, 73, who has restaurant, but above all with a great pantry where Cordoba quality products purchased. Also adjoining Casa of Pedro Ximénez, where you can learn first hand the product. Moreover, Sojo grupo transformed the Horno deLuis at Cardenal Gonzalez , 3.  And those who prefer to combine gastronomy with flamenco, El Burlaero Calleja  de fuego 5, is perfect.

Paseo de la ribera wineries  Bodega Campos(Lineros, 32), a gastronomic institution since 1908.  Tapas , a good place with views is the tavern of the River (E. Romero de Torres, 7 or garum 21, in San Fernando, 120, the Bistronomic Tapas Bar of Jose Luis Santiago. The porridge of pistachio is unique. To finish the day few places are as pleasant as Fusion Sojo, fine seasonal cuisine. La  Copa  with views, on the terrace of the Sojo Ribera in the same ride.

Plaza Corredera, this 17C square hides the Penadonde Sanchez market before it was a hat factory. The most advisable is to the Taberna Salinas (Tundidores, 3), a century-old local where try spinach with chickpeas, pork and a pastel cordobés trotters for scrumptious.

Plaza de las Tendillas, considered the heart of the Centre of Cordoba, are the bars and taverns of tapas. From the classic El Correo Jesús Maria, 2, or the Casa del pisto, in Plaza San Miguel, 1, passing through Aguaceros in the  same square, or A Cuatro Manos, San Felipe 13 . To eat in more serious plans, the El Blazon, José Zorrilla, 1, or tavern La Montillana, in San Álvaro, 5. And in Barqueros, 2 there is the main store of Covap (Cooperativa Ganadera del Valle de los Pedroches) where you can acquire hams and other products from the area.

Where do you left me with France in Madrid. You heard of José I Bonaparte (Joseph) or Pepe Botella oldest brother of Napoleon I. Despite the fact some experts argue that he did not even taste a drop of alcohol. The nickname of ‘King of squares or Rey de Plazuelas.Since his arrival in the summer of 1808. He found a sealed city with an intricate urban layout that was stifling for the French.  Orders went out  to open spaces,  demolishing churches, convents and  complete housing blocks, resulted in squares hence his nickname ,well known as the  Oriente, opposite the Royal Palace. The squares of San Miguel, Santa Ana, Mostenses or San Martin is also the Gallic King heritage.

Palacio de Linares, originally named Palacio de Murga – by their owners, José de Murga y Osorio Raimunda; Worked started in 1877  following the style of Adolf  Ombrecht French. It is located in the plaza de Cibeles, one of the essential for every lover of architecture, because it is home to the Palacio de Buenavista . José I (Joseph) chose it as headquarters of the Museum josefino , seed of the Museum of the Prado – and the Banco de Españathat, despite the Venetian Renaissance style responds to the European model that was intended by the French monarch to Madrid. The Calle  Alcalá Street stop at corners as  spectacular as the building of the Instituto Cervantes. The old Banco Espanol del Rio de la Plata located right in front of two palaces that could perfectly be located in a city like Paris. They are the mansions of Urquijo and Fontagud 47 Alcalá and Barquillo 5, streets respectively; nowadays are seat of the National Commission of markets and competition, occupying practically the entire block until Plaza del Rey square.

The Gallic traces on the capital in one of the perfect places to learn more about France: Oh Délice!. This ’boutique  gourmet’, in plaza de Chueca, is famous for its peculiar-tasting cheeses and wines.  A temple of the craft products from the neighboring country, talks the types of how many grapes ,delicacies of French regions etc Not  rare that science, philosophy or history end up linking this kind of informal meetings. More here:

Enjoy Spain and Madrid especially, just wonderful to celebrate the 3 Wise Kings parade or Cabalgata de los Reyes Magos, those that came from different corners of the world to provide gifts of their regions to the new born Child in Bethlehem , Jesus. Thereafter, sort of, traditions hold we give our kids the toys/gifts on Epiphany day.

Enjoy Spain, we are planning to be back in summer 2017. Cheers!





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