Something I like, wines,and for 2017

Ok so let’s talk about wine shall we; this is one of my favorite topics and the entry point for me into all things French many many years ago. If you read my old posts, worked at a liquor store in Florida when a lot younger and was responsible for the wine orders, sales of it to a upper class majority in Ormond Beach.  The wine thing began way back with my maternal grandmother and the Spanish wines, and then it grew into French wines. I still drink both but France wins….::)

What we will have for 2017, well many gurus have their opinions and from different sources; I like to pick my own views tergiversate with theirs.

There is wine from many regions of the world and many new to wine popularity, more to show wine is in always will be; it is the blood of our maker if you go way into religion.

The so called scientists call 2016 the hottest year in history helping the pinot noir grapes in Canada, and Germany (bear in mind it is a French grape….).  The craft beer boutique style is up 14,1% according to Beverage Information group, and cider is up 10%, and now flavored whiskey  wine will still be going strong in 2017.  So how is the world for 2017?

Sparkling wine is going up with Prosecco the Italian newcomer but Champagne the master is up 10% in the USA! Italy’s Franciacorta to Tasmania have begun to crack the Champagne code. Last year, the English fizz went global and now has nine brands in the U.S.  Two upcoming areas are Lambrusco from Italy and Spanish cava from the Catalunia region especially with their upscale denomination Cava de Paraje Calificado .

The Loire region, my house wine, went up 10% in sales in the US last year.  The wonderful cabernet franc and the popular gamay as well as stylish, complex, dry and sweet whites from chenin blanc and lively, zingy sauvignon blanc. You may know Chinon, but lesser-known Loire areas Touraine (my favorite), Anjou, Saumur, and Vouvray are set to shine. And a better quality price ratio than Burgundy or Rhone valley regions.

Rosés were good and still are, but the light cool reds are coming strong; see the above in the Loire region. Also, look for lively frappato from Sicily, tangy schiava and lagrein from northern Italy’s Alto Adige, pinot noir from Alsace, and zweigelt from Austria to hit by-the-glass lists in restaurants in the USA ,and soon the trend will follow elsewhere.

There is a trend upward on canned wines, but this is not for me sorry, the wine is in the bottle or nothing. Also ,there are wine fountain or jugs of wines from many regions and especially from Italy and Spain ,but again these are not for me.

Next, we will have salon Vinisud  from January 29-31 2017 and already 475 producers signed up for it, with the Languedoc-Roussillon region accounting for 180 of them.

Even in popular Facebook the pages the most research are Bordeaux, Vins d’Alsace, Beaujolais Nouveau, vins du Val de Loire, AOC Fitou, Bourgueil, Crozes-Hermitage wineries, Armagnac, Floc de Gascogne, and Côstiéres de Nîmes.

Meanwhile ,another wine guide is coming out this year Let Petit Ballon by Jean-Michel Deluc , former chef of the Ritz hotel, place Vendome ,Paris.

Milleniums drink wine 28% more ,and more folks are drinking wine at home, Portuguese wines are up 25% as well as Austrian and South African reds are getting popularity. So 2017 will be a year of getting to know some other parts of the world while staying close to the old traditional ones. Glad my Loire is right up there and Bordeaux still going strong!

Cheers and enjoy wines in 2017.  In vino veritas ::)

2 Comments to “Something I like, wines,and for 2017”

  1. Well, I can’t believe it! We always buy a box of 6 bottles of Touraine when we come back to England and this time we also bought St Emilion and Gewürztraminer, as they were on special offer in Au Chan in Boulogne-sur-Mer, where we do our final big shop. We love Vouvray too and it is also a regular on our shopping list. We tend to buy cartons of 3 or 5 litters of Baron de Lestac and Corbières, which is of very good quality and works out a bit cheaper. We hardly ever go out drinking in England now, as it is too expensive and one needs to drive everywhere, therefore you cannot drink, so we enjoy our home-made food with our French wines! Here is for a very happy 2017 wine drinking: Cheers! 🍷🍷🍷


    • glad you enjoy the post hahaha and the wines! Yes the Touraine is the area I told you buy my house wines at Dutertre. The rest is fine. Unless you go to bar-à-vin wine bar hardly difficult to see one drinking wine , most here prefer beers in the bars. At restaurants yes we drink wine and beer sometimes.The wine is mostly for the house. Cheers


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