Happy New Year, Feliz Año Nuevo, Bonne Année, all from Vannes

Ok so this is the last day of 2016, and what a year it has been, ,more posts than ever, more likes and comments than ever, and just great to finish it.  Thank you to all my followers and readers!!! We took one last ride in our capital city and work city of Vannes today. Breton language we call it Gwened!

We got early to take one of our son to the Cinéville Parc Lann to meet some friends and we took advantage to do some errands in town. The movie was Assasin’s Creed, and the cinema page is here: http://vannes.cineville.fr/programmes?salle=vannes_parc

The day have been blurry foggy and cold at 2C or about 36F. The Cinéville is in an area we do a lot of shopping from groceries at E Leclerc to Decathlon, and several restaurants like Pizza del Arte, La Boucherie, Tablapizza, Brooklyn Café etc etc. So it is very central to us, a great place to meet if passing by y’all ::)

This is where the V&B bar concept store is located and we do get a lot of beers here domestic and imported mostly from Germany and Belgium. Across it ,is our Castorama home building store and we got the last of the 3 electric radiators for our heating ,up to the latest technology and now the house is fully modernized!!! We have change everything including the insulation in the laundry room in the basement and attic!

We are now having goals for 2017 to do the changeover of all front door windows and paint the entire basement which is 125 M2(about 1345 SF)….The roof windows velux have been all change to modern ones. Getting ready for retirement and easy nice life even if still about 3 years to go.

Having purchase and return home, we found out another of our sons had taken the bus to go to city center so decided to go back to Vannes and pickup both to be quicker for the end of year cooking. Of course, the went to one of their favorite store Japanim for all Japanese style manga and figurines etc. in the old town of Vannes.  More on the store here: https://beenaps.com/japanim-vannes-vannes/

We could not leave the city without the ever presence baguette bread so just behind the Cathedral St Pierre in the Place Brulée there is this wonderful bakery, boulangerie Crabot at rue Guénhaêl. We got our wonderful staple à la française here, bien sûr. no webpage, their telephone number is +33 (0) 2 97 69 12 54.

We found parking incredible as it may sound (if you drive around here) by the post next to the prefecture building or regional government building across from the ramparts; which is a rare opportunity. Doing all the above walks, which led us to some of the old part of town and photos here as well including the gardens of the préfecture, the ramparts, the Porte Prison, Musée la Cohue (across from Cathedral St Pierre) , and right on the parking shot the wonderful tour connetable or constable tower on the background! Lovely Vannes always.

In all a nice goodbye to 2016 from Vannes, and now home, ready to drop the clicking for the cooking help and of course the Réveillon!!! Bonne Année à tout le monde, Happy New Year to all, Feliz Año Nuevo para todos, Feliz Ano Nuovo para todos!!!

Cheers and see you in 2017 around the blog.!

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  1. Bonne Année! 🎊🎉🎆💞💖

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